Friday Sermon – 1st November 2019

By | November 9, 2019

Allah is the Greatest,
Allah is the Greatest
Allah is the Greatest,
Allah is the Greatest
I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah
I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah
I bear witness that Muhammad (saw)
is the Messenger of Allah.
I bear witness that Muhammad (saw)
is the Messenger of Allah.
Come to Prayer
Come to Prayer
Come to success
Come to success
Allah is the Greatest,
Allah is the Greatest.
There is none worthy of
worship except Allah.
Peace be upon you all, I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah He is alone and has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw)
is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with
Allah from Satan the accursed. In the name of Allah, the
Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah,
Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and
Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path – The path of those on whom Thou
hast bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred displeasure, and those who have not gone astray. Recently, I toured some of the European countries
and two of those countries, Holland and France, also held their Jalsa Salana
[annual conventions]. Moreover, inaugurations of mosques and other
events with non-Muslims also took place. There was an event at UNESCO
Headquarters in France, which was held with the permission of their
administration and they were also invited. In that event, I had the opportunity
to explain the Islamic teachings and to highlight the role of Muslims in the
advancement of knowledge and science. UNESCO is an agency of the
UN, which has been established for the promotion of education,
science and culture. Freedom of the press, eradication of poverty
and the conservation of world heritage etc. are also among its objectives. I informed them of the teaching of Islam,
the services of the earlier Muslims and their contribution and the role of
the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community with regards to these objectives. Likewise, [I presented] the Islamic teaching
before politicians and intellectuals in Berlin, which is the capital city of Germany. In view of this notion that exists
in the minds of Europeans and it is especially prevalent in Germany
and other European countries that Islam is not compatible with the
culture and civilisation of Europe and Islam should therefore not come to Europe and
also that Islam is a danger to Europe. I presented the Islamic
teaching with regards to this. Some prominent intellectuals and politicians as
well as some diplomats were also present there. They demonstrated and
expressed a positive reaction to it. Likewise, Allah the Almighty
granted the opportunity to introduce Islam and its
teachings in other events. All praise be to Allah, that
we were able to witness the blessings of Allah the
Almighty everywhere. Now, I will briefly mention some
of the impressions of the guests who participated in the various events, which
shows how these people were able to understand the true teachings of Islam and to
have their reservations removed. In Holland, I also had the opportunity to address
the Dutch guests on the second day of the Jalsa. 125 non-Muslim Dutch guests
participated in that event. A councillor from Nunspeet, where our centre is
currently located, while giving his impressions, stated, “A long time ago, I did
not even like to come here,” i.e. having a relationship with the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. “However, with the passage of
time, our relations improved.” When I arrived there, he was
also present to welcome me. He further states, “I have listened to the Imam
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community before “and wanted to listen to him again. “I am very impressed by everything
he has said because it seems “that it has developed a deeper
relationship between us. “You people,” i.e. the Ahmadiyya Community there)
are an active part of the society. “Attending this Jalsa has further
strengthened that relationship.” Rotterdam is a city of Holland and a guest,
Haiman Meter, who had come from there said, “I was very anxious prior to coming to the
Jalsa, thinking that Muslims are going to gather “at this convention and God knows what
may happen! However, upon arriving here, “I was greatly surprised that people
were simply discussing peace. “What I liked most about His Holiness’ address
was that he spoke with great courage.” He further stated to his Ahmadi friend, “The
pope speaks of peace in general terms “but your Khalifa has directly
addressed the powerful nations.” Then, there was a Dutch couple
who participated in this event. They said, “The atmosphere
of the Jalsa was incredible. “Everyone was showing kindness and it
appeared to be a heavenly atmosphere.” In relation to my address they said, “The
address has had a great impact on us “and we were also
impressed by the translators, “who were simultaneously
translating in an excellent manner.” This also depends on the quality of the
translation and how the translators present it. Hence, our department for translation
should make efforts in this regard; MTA is already doing so; but other
countries should also ensure the quality of the translation whenever
they organise functions and Jalsas. Another guest, Danny Harking
Sahib, participated in the event. He says, “I have an academic background. “Four years ago, I started teaching
Dutch in a Dutch institute. “There, I met a Pakistani family who
used to come to learn the language. “Our relationship strengthened and I
assured to assist them in every manner. “Their children would also meet me. “They would spend some time with me every
week and I also gained some knowledge “about the Jama’at
through these children.” Following this, he says, “I have now
come here and I am feeling very happy. “Your Khalifa speaks about
peace and mutual harmony.” He further says, “I am a Christian myself
and I am able to observe that your Jama’at “does not only treat Ahmadis kindly, “but in fact treats the adherents
of all religions with kindness. “Hearing such matters, from
a Muslim leader in particular, “has greatly impacted me because there are many
misconceptions regarding Islam these days.” He further says, “His Holiness mentioned
the turmoil that has spread across the world “and also emphasised the
need to establish peace. “We live together on the earth and we should
collectively strive to establish peace.” Then, there was the inauguration of the mosque
which was constructed in the city of Almere in Holland, which is the second
purpose-built mosque of the Jama’at. The chairman of the church in Almere,
Haiyo Witzel Sahib was in attendance. He says, “The message of your
Jama’at is a message of peace. “Your Khalifa delivered an excellent
speech on peace and religious freedom. “Previously, Catholics and
Protestants lived peacefully in Almere. “We now hope that Ahmadis will
also live peacefully with us.” As a representative of the church, he mentioned
this, but in fact the general impression of the people there is that by the grace
of Allah the Almighty, all of the Ahmadis that live there live in cohesion
and are very peaceful. An Arab guest, Zakariya
Sahib, was in attendance. He says, “I really enjoyed the event. “I listened to the address of your Khalifa
and if we desire to establish peace, “then we should act in
accordance with his address.” He further says, “As an Arab, I would also like to
say that the Holy Qur’an was recited at the start “of your event, which I really liked “because it is uncommon to hear
this at events in these countries.” Then, there was a local
guest, Diene Sahiba. She says, “This function
was very well organised. “I listened to the speech of your
Khalifa and it was very good. “Excellent arrangements had
been made for the women as well. “I have attended for the first time,
but I will come to the mosque “and meet the women of the Jama’at
again and increase our acquaintance.” There was another local guest. He says, “This was my first opportunity to attend
such a programme [organised] by Muslims. “Before I came, my neighbour
warned me to be careful. “ He said that, ‘One never knows
when and what Muslims might do.’ “However, I greatly enjoyed coming here. “The members of your Jama’at took great care
of us right from the beginning till the end.” Then, another guest was a lady
from the local area, Evelin Sahiba. She says, “It is highly unfortunate that the
world is not shown this image of Islam. “The members of your Jama’at are
very hard-working and hospitable. “I have seen this mosque
for the first time today, “however, I wish to come here in the future
again as I have found peace in your mosque.” There are countless such impressions,
however, I have only mentioned a few. Following this was the tour of France. The Jalsa was also held there and a similar
sitting with non-Ahmadi and non-Muslim guests was organised and approximately
seventy-five guests attended. One of the guests was a lady, who
is an anthropologist by profession. She says, “When the Khalifa said that he condemns
the various attacks that took place in France, “he made it clear that Islam
has no link with such attacks.” She further says, “From the true
image of Islam as presented “by the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at, it
appears that Muslims can easily integrate “into the western world.” She further said, “It is incorrect when
people say that Islam does not have a place “in the western world and that
Muslims cannot live in cohesion here. “Such people should have
listened to today’s speech.” Then, there was a non-Ahmadi
guest, Murtaza Sahib, from Iran. He says, “Today, I became aware of
the Ahmadiyya Jama’at and the status “of Khalifat-ul-Masih for the first time. “People create a lot of propaganda
in the world against Islam. “Today, your Khalifa gave all of
them an outstanding answer. “The state of the Muslims is such that they
are not even aware of their belief and faith. “These people should learn
Islam from your Khalifa.” The truth is that the reality of the
teachings of Islam can only be understood by attaching oneself to the Imam of the
time, the Promised Mahdi and Messiah (as). Until these Muslims do not realise that they have
to pledge initiation to the Promised Messiah (as), they will not be able to
learn about the true Islam. Nevertheless, he says, “Today, the Khalifa
made it clear what Jihad truly means “and how it is being misinterpreted. “The incidents presented by the Khalifa
in relation to the initial period of Islam “and account of the Holy Prophet (saw)
prove that Islam is a peaceful religion. “This is the first time in my life “that I have heard the message of
Islam explained with such wisdom.” Then, a non-Ahmadi guest from
Marrakesh, Sufyan Sahib, says, “From today’s address I realised “that you people are in fact the true
and real Muslims and those people, “who say that you are not
Muslims, are completely incorrect. “Everything the Maulvis [religious clerics] taught
me about Ahmadis from my childhood was false. “In France, people are
afraid of Islam and Muslims. “We did not know how to defend
Islam and how to address their fears. “Today, your Khalifa defended
Islam in an excellent manner.” As I mentioned before, one can only
learn about the actual Islamic teaching after taking the oath of allegiance
to the Promised Messiah (as). Jacob Sahib was another guest in attendance
and belongs to the Christian faith states, “The world needs more
events such as this one. “Your Khalifa is bringing the people of
different nations and faiths together. “He has told us that the terrorists are
working to accomplish a political objective. “Religion stands for good
and should not be feared. “His Holiness repeatedly
spoke about freedom. “All of this was something
new for the French people “as they have an utterly
different perception of Islam.” Mackseen Onfraze, was another guest
and works for a think tank stated, “Today is a wonderful day of my life. “I had the chance to directly
listen to your Caliph. “He was correct in saying that we are
currently passing through such dark times “which is filled with hate. “However, he also taught us that this not due
to faith, and that people need not fear Islam. “His Holiness is absolutely correct in
saying that the terrorists have hijacked faith “in order to fulfil their
political agenda. “I completely agree with him on this.” He then further he stated, “His Holiness explained
to us how we can leave this world a better place “for our future generations in
light of the Islamic teachings.” He further stated, “This address should
be published and shared with all of us.” This was the impression by
a member of a think tank. Then, as I mentioned earlier, there was
an event in UNESCO on 8th October which was attended by ninety-one guests. The ambassador of Mali in UNESCO, the
Ministers of French Internal and External Affairs, the Counsellor to the Ministry
of Religious Affairs in France, the Director of the Religious Department,
the President of the NATO Memorial, Members of Parliament, Counsellor, Mayors and other people connected with
different institutions of the government also participated in this event. While expressing his views, Umar Qaida sahib,
the ambassador from Mali at UNESCO, stated, “The Head of the Ahmadiyya
Community is spreading peace, “and I would like to
congratulate him in this regard. “UNESCO is an ideal place
to speak about peace.” He also spoke about how he came to learn about
so many things from this address, and he stated, “This is precisely what the
Muslim Ummah needs right now.” He is a Muslim himself and lives in Mali. He said, “The concept of universal
justice and harmony depicted “by His Holiness is a vital
need of the world today.” The President of NATO memorial, Mr Branton,
expressed his pleasure at attending this event. He stated, “This conference was
very significant and historic. “It can lead to the establishment of
peace, tolerance and brotherhood. “I wish for everyone to listen to the message of
Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.” He then stated, “His Holiness speaks about
true Islam which teaches peace and tolerance. “This message is completely different
than the actions of terrorists. “His Holiness is putting a lot of effort
into promoting this message of peace.” He then further said, “This is an essential
task, and we are also ready to support him.” He then stated, “Every single one of us should
strive towards the establishment of peace. “This work should be carried out
on all levels, and in this regard, “we should all lead by example.” Diyalo Sahib, the president of the Catholic
organisation associated with Mali, which is located in France,
also attended this event. He stated, “I knew about
Ahmadis from before. “All faiths should spread the message
that we received today to others. “After listening to this beautiful
address of His Holiness, “I now have this ardent desire to
pray for the progress of Islam.” He himself however is a Catholic. He then stated, “All of the world’s
problems would be resolved if the Islam “that His Holiness speaks about
is established in the world. “When there is respect for the feelings of others,
peace will become prevalent everywhere. “There is a dire need of
establishing mutual respect. “Each one of us follows
their respective faiths. “However, we have one common
belief, which is the existence of God.” Another guest, Bernard Sahib stated,
“The Islam presented before us today “was completely different than the
propaganda we see on the television. “This is true Islam.” He said, “Today, I acquired knowledge
about the Holy Prophet (saw) “and how he established
a great society in Medina. “Today, I found out about Islam’s
significant role in education “and spreading knowledge worldwide.” A member of a human rights’ federation
in France also attended this event. He stated, “This speech was
excellent and insightful. “The steps needed for education and its
advancement were mentioned in detail. “His Holiness also mentioned the services
rendered by Islam in the field of education. “It was fascinating to learn about this.” A city council member
also attended this event. He stated, “I am in charge of
the department in the council “that works to tackle
against issues of racism.” Then he stated: “I find what His
Holiness said today, particularly, “when he spoke about facilitating equal
opportunities for the women to attain education “and establishing mutual harmony in
religious matters extremely important. “This is vital. “Then His Holiness mentioned about the
educational and health-related projects “which the Jama’at started in
the deprived areas of Africa. “Usually, when Islam is discussed in France or
other nations, various fears are mentioned. “Islamophobia is prevalent in our society, so I
was delighted to get an opportunity to hear “positive things about Islam.” He states, “I wanted to come here to find out
more about your Community and how it works. “Hence, my wish was fulfilled.” Another guest, Alexandar sahib, Stated,
“The Caliph presented a message of peace “and his speech was full of truth. “His Holiness expressed his views
confidently and categorically. “I believe that the Ahmadiyya Community
has clearly explained the subject of slavery. “This message was magnificent, and out of all the
Muslims, Ahmadis have presented this message, “which is a small Community.” A journalist in attendance says, “I listened
to the address which was wonderful. “I was especially amazed to hear just how
much Islam has contributed in the world “towards the advancement in education, to
learn about the huge role of the Muslims “in this regard and [His Holiness]
gave numerous examples of these. “In this address, His Holiness gave
examples from the Holy Qur’an “and from the [life] of the Holy Prophet (saw)
about how they established a peaceful society.” She further says, “I have
learnt a great deal today”. A guest by the name of Mr Bezio
Waleez, a charity worker, says, “It was a very important function and the
message was wonderful and historic. “It was such a message that
the whole world needs to hear. “I have learnt so much from this address
and I have come to learn the true meaning “and importance of peace.” Then there was the opening
of the mosque in Strasbourg, which is another city in France,
near the border of Germany. Approximately 191 guests were in attendance,
among whom was a member of parliament, 5 mayors of different locations,
representatives of different religions, heads of different associations, people
from various fields and departments, and also people from all the
smaller neighbouring villages. These people came especially due to the
fact that they had reservations against Islam, rather some harboured hate, but
when they came and attended, their impressions were
completely changed. Martine, a member of parliament says, “I
am so pleased that His Holiness delivered “such an insightful speech,
addressing peace and brotherhood, “and this message was
for the whole world.” She then says, “Ahmadi Muslims are
so active, are always ready to go out “and do something and their motto
really emanates from their actions.” She then says, “I shall come visit again some
time when there are fewer people around, “so that we can freely sit and discuss. “In doing so I will have a better
understanding of your values “and this is very necessary for
the betterment of our society.” She then says, “Your Caliph
spoke about peace and tolerance “which is a very important message
for France and the French people. “The French people need to know that the Islam
we hear about in the media is very different “indeed from the true Islam. “We need to learn about the true Islam.” A Deputy President of one of the departments
from the council of Berin, attended the function. He says, “We have a Buddhist European
Centre for the Tibetans in our area. “I know a fair amount about different
religions and am fully aware “of the services of the Christians,
Jews, Judeo-Christians, Buddhists etc., “but I am so impressed after
listening to the address today, “firstly due to the
words of His Holiness, “and secondly, due to his concept
of ‘Love for all, hatred for none’. “He presented a complete image of Islam. “He spoke about Islam in a manner
which is completely different “to the way Islam is portrayed
and understood nowadays. “His words and views are in complete
accordance with one another. “He firmly believes in keeping
his doors open for everyone “and I have learnt so much from today’s
address, and this is surely the path to peace.” Mr Queba and another woman,
who perhaps is his wife, were also in attendance at the
opening of the mosque in Strasbourg. They said, “Prior to accepting
the invitation to this function, “we conducted some research on the
internet and learnt about your Community. “After learning about the
efforts of the Community, “we whole-heartedly
accepted the invitation “and the aspect which really pleased
us was the fact that inter-religious “and mutual understanding
was further developed. “Furthermore, the Islamic teachings on human
rights, in particular those of the neighbours “were really highlighted in the address.” Hence, prior to attending our events, many of
the attendees research about our Community via the internet and learn a great deal
about the true teachings of Islam. One guest said, “I find it impossible to
express my feelings at this moment. “I had no idea before of this
Community within Islam. “I met some members of the Community
who invited me to this event, “so I conducted some research on
the internet and decided to come, “and what a great decision that was! I cannot
leave without praising what I have heard today. “This is a peaceful branch of
Islam and the true image of Islam. “This is such an Islam which is
filled with humanity and love. “I am now aware that the Islam we are
presented is in fact not Islam one bit, “it is something completely different. “I have also learnt that the Islamic moral
teachings are the same as those of Christianity.” These people have no choice but to say this,
but in private sittings many also expressed that [the moral teachings of Islam] are
far greater than those of Christianity. He then says, “Having heard
what the Caliph had to say, “I am certain that this is an
extraordinary Community.” Mr. Justin, the President of the
District Council in the city says, “In the beginning I had many reservations when I
heard that a mosque was going to be built here, “but after hearing that your motto is ‘Love for
All, Hatred for None’, I thought to myself that, “how could I not accept
[the invitation] of those “who raise such a loving
slogan in this day and age? “The Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community can act like a sword “and play a vital role in fighting
terrorism and extremism. “In France, the people do not yet
know enough about the Community, “but we should look to the viewpoint of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in tackling extremism “and the current problems and
we should learn from them, “which is why you have a
great task ahead of you.” Mr Lukinsar, the Mayor of one of the cities says,
“This is the first time I have attended a mosque. “If this is what it is to enter a
mosque, as I have witnessed today, “then I shall come to the
mosque on a daily basis. “I was so pleased to come to the mosque
and I felt so much comfort and peace “that I cannot begin to describe it.” Thereafter, we travelled to Germany
and on 14th October the mosque in Wiesbaden was inaugurated. The inaugural ceremony took
place in a well-known hall there as there was limited space in the
actual precinct of the mosque. A total of 370 guests attended this function,
including the Lord Mayor, among others. There were also members
of the Provincial Assembly and government representatives
of different ministries. There were directors of different departments
of the government, police officers, priests, professors, doctors, lawyers
etc. and people of all walks of life. The Priest of a Catholic Church said, “His Holiness covered all the points
in a very comprehensive manner “and I agree 100% with all the points
mentioned by His Holiness in his address; “to love others and to pay the due
rights of God Almighty all form part “of my own beliefs and teachings as well. “Similarly, till this day I had
never heard such a broad “and comprehensive
explanation of the God of Islam, “in which not only was His Perfect Unity
mentioned, but also that He is the same One God “and Lord of all religions, nations and
civilisations and that He is All-Knowing “and distinguishes not between any of
His creation in neither creed nor nation, “when it comes to doing good to them.” He then says, “How great would it
be if all the leaders of the world “would deliver such speeches about peace. “I now wish to remain in contact with
the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community “and I will certainly come
to visit the mosque.” These people themselves have
entertained the idea that the God of Islam and the God of Christianity
are not the same, but when they are told the truth,
they have no choice but to accept it. A representative of a Church in
Mainz was also in attendance. He says, “What His Holiness said
about the rights of neighbours “and the Islamic teachings he presented was
very much new to me and very interesting. “This is the first time I have heard any
religious leader give so much emphasis “on the rights of neighbours.” A lawyer from a law firm says, “The
broadmindedness of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community “had already amazed those in my office, “but after hearing what you said
about the rights of neighbours “and the vastness of the definition of a
neighbour whereby the whole city is counted, “has left me even more astonished. “Likewise, the scope of attention and sympathy
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community “has become even wider for
those who live in this city.” Another guest, Susan, who is a teacher
says, “What I liked most of this address was “that all mankind has One Creator
and we all believe in the same God. “This is something we
should all keep in mind.” Vonnie, who belongs to the ‘Die Grüne’ party
and works in the Integration department in the Wiesbaden Parliament, says,
“This address was very inspiring. “One thing which was
really important to me “and which I shall never forget was “that all Ahmadi Muslims should
become beneficial citizens in their area. “Not only should the Ahmadis act
upon this, we should all do so. “If all the Muslim groups were
open-minded like the Ahmadi Muslims, “then it would become so
easy for us to co-exist.” Here I would like to make it clear
that although we do live together but at times there are some who tend to show
weakness [and compromise their own teachings]. Thus, you should speak to others whilst
remaining grounded within the teachings of Islam, and by staying within this sphere of moral
conduct, we can tell others about our teachings, so there is no need to fear. The meaning of integration is
to display high moral conduct whilst explaining the teachings of Islam. Nevertheless, I shall now present the impressions
of the next guest who is a school teacher. He says, “This was the first time I
came to know about your Community “and the organisation was fantastic. “I found it very important that the Caliph said
more attention needs to be given on tolerance “and that we should treat
followers of other religions, “and in fact the whole world
with love and affection. “This is rarely witnessed in our society these
days and other religions are also forgetting this. “However, you have given
importance to these values. “I will now certainly visit your mosque
and seek the answers to all the questions “that are in my mind.” A doctor from a local hospital said, “If religious figures give the
teachings that were presented today “by the Imam of the Ahmadiyya
Community in his speech, “then we would be able to establish
respect for one another in our society. “The Church must also
promote a similar message. “At present, there are many questions
that Church has failed to address.” He further says: “The Church has so far
avoided answering many of the questions “that the Imam of Ahmadiyya Community
raised and answered from many angles, “and without any hesitation he
elaborated on the Islamic teachings.” He then says: “The most pleasing aspect
is that all of His Holiness’s explanations “and commentaries are such that it
establishes peace and harmony.” Haik Bradar Sahiba, a guest
said: “His Holiness explained “that God Almighty is the
Lord of all the Worlds “and the depth of this concept
interested me greatly. “The most astonishing fact was that although
God Almighty is One and without any partner, “but He is the God of all religions and people,
Who cares for everyone without any distinction.” Thus, for the wise and those who
deliberate, they are left with no option but to accept Tauhid [the Oneness of
God] and is imperative for them to accept the One God, Who is All-Powerful. It is the responsibility of every Ahmadi to
spread this message of Tauhid to others. Bawar Sahiba says: “It was a great honour
for me to be a part of this blessed gathering. “All the reservations and
misconceptions that I had were removed “by Imam of the Ahmadiyya Community where
he explained and outlined the Islamic teachings. “I have now understood many things.” One guest remarked: “The most important
teaching to establish peace that was mentioned “in the speech was that one should always be
mindful of the values and beliefs of others. “I was aware of the fact that there
are many sects within Islam, “but I was completely unaware of this
peaceful [Ahmadiyya] Community.” Mukhtari Sahib, who works in
the Wiesbaden Police force said, “Todays program demonstrates that Muslims
wish to present a different side of Islam, “which proves that in reality
Islam is a peaceful religion. “I really liked the idea mentioned by the
Caliph that the Ahmadiyya Community “run projects in Africa.” The Baitul Hameed Mosque was also inaugurated
in Fulda and 330 guests attended the ceremony. The Lord Mayor was in attendance, however,
after welcoming us outside he then left. The Mayors of other localities were
present as well as council members, former Member of Parliaments
and chairmen of various parties. The chairman of Round Table – which is a
religious committee – was also present. The people of Fulda have many reservations
about Muslims, in fact, there is opposition there. This was an old centre for Christianity and
is famous for upholding their traditions. It is the wish of the Church
to uphold their traditions, however the people of that area are also
moving away from Christian values altogether. Owing to this fear, not all of the Church
representatives attended the event. Similarly, some Members of
Parliament did not attend the event and it was for the same reason the Lord Mayor
said that he would not like to speak at the event. Instead he said he would welcome
everyone and also sat down but owing to fear of opposition
he did not sit on the stage. The sentiments of some of the guests
that attended the event is as follows: Regarding the part of my speech where I mentioned
that all of us ought to unite on a common ground and through this we can achieve
global peace, Haral Sahib said, “Given the circumstances of the present
global climate, the [aforementioned] principle “that was outlined is
worthy of being followed “and this in fact is exactly what the
world needs at this moment in time.” He then said: “I now know that whatever
we had been informed about Islam “previously was not an accurate
representation of the true teachings of Islam. “Therefore, todays event was beneficial
and the message I take back is of peace.” A teacher of a local school said: “This message
ought to be played in school to the students “and they ought to be asked which religion
presents such a beautiful teaching?” He then said: “At the very least, I would
like to be given a copy of the proceedings “so I can share the evenings
atmosphere with my students.” A mayor of a neighbouring town said: “The Imam
of the Ahmadiyya Community addressed both “the reservations and also
explained the true teachings. “He clearly highlighted the reasons why there
is agitation in certain parts of the society “and the reasons why the peace
of the society is being destroyed. “Despite all this, he never injured the sentiments
of any other sect or faction of society, “rather he spoke whilst
explaining human values “and presented ‘food for thought’
for the entire world at large.” Doctor Kolor said: “I was greatly impressed by
how receptive the Ahmadiyya Community is, “which was explained by the Caliph when he
said that in order to uphold the rights of others, “everyone must open their hearts
and remove all misconceptions.” She goes on to say: “I also strive to ensure
that there is religious tolerance in my hospital “and that people are
content through spirituality. “I found this very peace and
contentment in this event “and I am very grateful that I had the
opportunity to come here today.” As mentioned previously, there
was a speech on the topic of Islam and Europe or the comparison
between civilisation and culture. In this event there were 27 members
of the national assembly including; 3 representatives from
the Foreign Office – among them there were
directors of religion and politics; 5 professors; Vice-President
of the Berlin University and Professor Steinbach, who is an accredited
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies in Germany. In addition to this there were political officers
of the French and United States Embassy’s, various representatives of the
government, religious figures, representatives of the church
and other communities. There were also representatives from the Press
and Media, as well as Amnesty International. Alexander Sahib, who is a member of parliament
said: “The message of peace and harmony “that was explained by His Holiness was
based on the teachings of the Holy Quran “and supported those teachings with the help of
the Quran and the example of the founder of Islam. “Although the subject of the address was
novel and dealt with contemporary issues, “however, the Caliph supported his
views with original Islamic sources. “This proves that from the outset, Islam
and the Holy Quran teaches compassion, “peace and harmony
amongst all of mankind. “In my opinion this address
ought to spread far and wide “so that people in the west would
understand the true teachings of Islam.” Neils Annen, who is the Minister of State
said: “Having listened to the explanation “and analysis in which the Imam of the
Ahmadiyya Community explained introduced “Islam and Ahmadiyyat as well as introducing
how religion as a whole plays a role in society, “I feel that the Ahmadiyya Community
strives for the rights of human values. “This not only safeguards the
rights of a certain religion or sect, “rather, it supports human
values on a global scale.” Christopher Stakes Sahib said: “I
have seldom attended a program “or seen such a program
organised by a Muslim community “where the atmosphere of the event was so
peaceful, and the speeches at the event were “so comprehensive and inclusive. “It pleased me to see that someone was able
to highlight the hidden conflicts concealed “behind the seemingly
progressing and civilised society.” He further said, “His Holiness clearly outlined
the dangers of the impending nuclear war.” Christian Bishal Sahib, who is
a Member of Parliament, said, “The Imam of the Ahmadiyya Community correctly
pointed out crux of the current problems, “and since he has correctly identified
them, therefore the remedies “he pointed out for solving the agitation
among the people are lasting.” Zakeleen Sahiba, another
Member of Parliament said, “The Imam of the Ahmadiyya Community
highlighted his beliefs from various angles “and left no ambiguities.” She then said that she agreed
with every word of the speech. Professor Herbert Hede said: “By ensuring
that their members seek education, “the Ahmadiyya Community has distinguished
itself from all other religious movements. “The outcome of a community that
places so much emphasis on education “is that they would go on to lead others,
as opposed to follow something blindly.” Axel Sahib, a Member of Parliament said: “I
will go home and read this address again. “I will spread its message
as far as I am able to.” Hispain Leden Sahiba said, “I do not
ascribe to any faith but the manner “in which the Imam of the Ahmadiyya
Community has shown compassion “for our future generations
and warned the leadership “of the consequences has
had a profound effect on me. “It is my desire to spread this message so
that humanity at large could realise this “and so that they take responsibility
for our future generations.” Professor Christopher Walikman
said: “I really enjoyed the programme “and I learnt a lot from
listening to the address. “I have also noted down many references of the
Holy Quran that were mentioned in the address. “I will now read the address
again when I reach home.” A Christian guest states, “Prior
to this event, I had never heard “how much emphasis Islam lays upon
peace and seeks for its establishment. “I am delighted that the address of the Head
of the Ahmadiyya Community was heard “by the representatives of
various political parties. “Similarly, I saw a Jewish Rabbis and
Muslims from other sects here as well.” Another guest commented, “The
attention of every individual was drawn “towards their responsibilities as
to how they can establish peace. “His Holiness explained in very simple terms
that mankind must live with one another “with a spirit of peace and love and
one of the most important factors “for this is to respect one another. “His Holiness also mentioned that there
are plentiful resources in the world “and enough for everyone if
they are utilised properly.” Another guests said, “His Holiness directed
our attention towards various aspects. “The very first thing he mentioned
was that in today’s society, “religion is not given any importance
and is seen in a negative manner. “As Christians, we also feel the same. “Aside from this, what I felt
was extremely important “in His Holiness’ address was the
importance of education and moral training. “In this regard, the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community is a model for everyone. “If people were to realise
what their Holy Book teaches, “they will be safeguarded from
many of the ills of today.” “Thus, it is the responsibility of the
Ahmadi youth to pay particular attention “towards reading and
studying the Holy Qur’an.” They should then inform others of its
teachings and they will have no choice but to ponder over it, learn of its
wisdom and act upon it and accept it. One of the guests in attendance was a
spokesperson for Amnesty International. He states, “I was extremely
pleased from what I heard today. “The explanation of civilisation
and culture with reference “to the second caliph [of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community] “and their relationship with
one another is something “that even the intellectuals
of today cannot refute.” He further states, “The
Caliph has elucidated upon “the verses of the Holy Qur’an
in an excellent manner. “These are the same verses
which the opponents of Islam “present by taking them
out from its context.” Another guest, Nahondi Sahiba, states, “By
circulating this address on a wide-scale to Europe “will help remove the reservations and
negative views people have about Islam.” The Mehdiabad Mosque was also inaugurated
and members of Germany’s National Parliament, the Lord Mayor, members of the
Provincial Assembly, speaker and deputy speaker of the Provincial
Assembly, 5 local mayors of the area and 5 chairmen of parliament and
approximately 170 guests were present. One of the guests in attendance
was the vice mayor, she said, “I will certainly go back and
spread the words of the Caliph. “Whenever anyone levels
an allegation against Islam, “I will try to defend Islam by
presenting the words of the Caliph. “His Holiness did not only address us
but also the members of his Community “and told them after building the mosque, they
must serve mankind even more than before.” A guest, Angelica Sahiba, said,
“From today’s address I learnt “that we should assess our general
day-to-day conduct with others. “We must extend our help to
our friends and strangers alike.” Another guest stated, “We were extremely
delighted to have attended this event. “Many of our reservations have
been removed and the manner “in which tolerance was explained is
something that is of importance to all faiths.” Another guest, Unsaya Ulaf Sahib, who is a consultant of the
minister of president, he states, “What I liked most about the
address by His Holiness was “that he mentioned such aspects which
lead to establishing unity amongst all faiths. “I am a member of a Christian church and despite
there being many difference between our faith “and the manner in which we worship, yet the
Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community “highlighted such aspects
which everyone can agree to. “I personally believe that we all have One God,
however we worship Him in different forms.” Nevertheless, they are accepting the
truth even if it is just this to extent. Paitak Sahib was another
guest in attendance, he states, “In his address, His Holiness beautifully
explained the status of women “and shows the true status of a woman in
Islam and the honour of women in society.” May Allah the Almighty enable their hearts
to understand the true teaching of Islam, enable them to accept its teachings, believe
in the true concept of the Unity of God and come under the flag
of the Holy Prophet (saw). This is the only means
to attain prosperity because their temporary worldly progress cannot
secure the means to attain true prosperity. I would also like to mention some
details regarding media coverage. News reports were published in Holland by two
media channels, RTV Nunspeet and Euro Times, and 70,000 people received its coverage. During the Bait-ul-Afiyat Mosque opening, a news channel of Almere reported on this
event which reached out to 1.5 million people. Similarly, thousands of people received this
news through various social media platforms. They have estimated that
the total media coverage during the tour of Holland
reached to 16 million people. Majority of this coverage was in regards
to the opening of the mosque in Almere which was covered by
a national TV channel. A national news agency of France published an
article on the address delivered in UNESCO. The author of the article wrote
at the end that he was surprised that the Khalifah did not mention anything
about the persecution against Ahmadis. In relation to the Mahdi Mosque
opening in Strasbourg, the DNA newspaper published a report
and was also covered by a radio channel. Through these various media outlets, the
news reached out to millions of people. In Germany, there were events held in
Wiesbaden, Fulda, Berlin and Mahdiabad. According to the report of their
secretary for external affairs, the message was conveyed to approximately 49
million people through 13 newspaper reports, 4 TV channels, one radio station and
13 reports through electronic media. Similarly, The Review of
Religions conveyed the message through their various means to
approximaltey 1.5 million people. As I mentioned earlier that may Allah enable
the people to understand this message. After the Friday Prayers, I shall
lead a funeral prayer in absentia of respected Maulvi Mahmood Ahmad Sahib who
was a missionary from Palghat, Kerala, India. He passed away on 15th
October at the age of 54: “Surely to Allah we belong
and to Him shall we return.” Ahmadiyyat entered his family through his father,
respected Maulvi K Muhammad Alvi Sahib, who was a very prominent
scholar of the non-Ahmadis. Owing to his acceptance of Ahmadiyyat,
he faced intense opposition. Hundreds of people in the province of
Kerala accepted Ahmadiyyat through him Maulvi K Mahmood Ahmad Sahib left his
college studies on the advice of his father and joined Jamia Ahmadiyya
and graduated in 1988. He was a great scholar, very pious and
regular in his prayers, observing the fasts and offering the Tahajjud prayer. He was extremely devout in his
worship, looked after the poor, extremely patient and full of
gratitude and a sincere person. He had a very deep knowledge
of the Holy Quran, Ahadith, book of the Promised
Messiah (as) and the Khulafa. He was very proficient in
Arabic, Malayalam and Tamil. He also kept his own personal library which
included many rare and unique books. He had the opportunity to serve in Kerala, Tamil
Nadu, Lakashadweep and outside of India, he served in Kuwait. He was a very good speaker and debater. Upon the instruction of Hazrat
Khalifatul Masih IV (rh), he had the opportunity to debate against a
very staunch opponent of the Jama’at along with respected Maulana Dost Muhammad
Shahid Sahib and Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad Sahib. The deceased was a Musi and leaves
behind two wives and three daughters. By the grace of Allah the Almighty, two
of his son-in-laws are also life-devotees. One of his son-in-laws writes, “In vacation
of his final year during his Jamia studies, “he did not go home on the
instruction of his father “and instead dedicated the entire time to study
the books of the Promised Messiah (as).” This is a great example
for the students of Jamia. In order to completely wipe
out Ahmadiyyat from Kerala, all of the non-Ahmadi
Muslim sects got together and formed an organisation
called Anjuman Isha’at-e-Islam. This organisation travelled all
across Kerala and held gatherings in which they spoke against the Ahmadiyya
Community and raised allegations against the writings of the
Promised Messiah (as). In response to this, the Jama’at
held various gatherings which were all conducted under
the lead of Maulvi Mahmood Sahib. The Jama’at had very historic debates
against the Anjuman Isha’at-e-Islam in 1998 and in 2015 and the deceased had the opportunity
to represent the Jama’at as its debater. Aside from this, he also had the
opportunity successfully debate against the Ahle-Quran
and Ahle Hadith sects. The deceased was very
regular in his prayers and began observing the Tahajjud
prayer from a very young age. His son-in-law writes that there
is an incident from his youth that once the deceased could
not offer his Tahajjud prayer. Upon this his father said to him, “Son, do you not
wish to attain the status of Maqam-e-Mahmood?” “After this, he always remembered this advice
and adhered to this for the rest of his life, “to the extent that despite his illness and state
of extreme weakness, he adhered to this. He had a bond of great love and affection
for Khilafat and was extremely loyal. “In any Talimi, Tarbiyyati
and Tablighi sitting, “he would always devote a large part of the
time to speak about the subject of Khilafat “and would often become very emotional
when speaking on this subject. “In 2015, a lady, along with her
children, accepted Ahmadiyyat “and her husband was out
of the country at the time. “When he returned, the
deceased preached to him “and he asked why it was
essential to believe in Khilafat. “Upon this, the deceased spoke
about the status of Khilafat “and its important and blessings
in such an emotional manner “that tears began to flow from his eyes. “Although he had heard everything
else as well but this in particular “had such a profound impact on the non-Ahmadi
that he immediately accepted Ahmadiyyat.” In reality, he was a Sultan-e-Naseer
[great helper] of Khilafat. May God Almighty grant him
His mercy and forgiveness. May He elevate his status and enable
his progeny to continue his good deeds. All praise is due to Allah. We laud Him, we beseech help
from Him and ask His protection; we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against
the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds. Whomsoever He guides on the
right path, none can misguide him; and whosoever He declares misled,
none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves
to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad
is His servant and Messenger. O servants of Allah! May
Allah be merciful to you. Verily, Allah commands you to act with
justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as
one does to one ‘s kindred and forbids evil which
pertain to your own selves and evils which affect others and prohibits
revolts against a lawful authority. He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He
too will remember you; call Him and He will make
a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance
is the highest virtue.

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