Football Community Service 12-14-18

By | September 5, 2019

what was this experience like like being
able to read the kids and be kind of an inspiration for them yeah I think what
makes it I was like maybe walking in there like their faces brighten up but stuff
like that now you just do the same thing in high school with the kids back home
so it’s kind of the same experience and they all just like jump up to see you
and like they want your autograph like I’ve never had that before
you know I’m not even famous and they want my autograph so that’s special too
I saw you guys were writing inspirational messages what was your
inspiration I wrote down to never give up if you got to dream to keep chasing
it because at the end is it work out you know is everything making a kid’s day is
probably what every college athlete wants to do you know when I was a little
boy I always loved having a bigger person come making me smile you know
that’s probably our number one goal as a college athlete is making those young
kids inspire them and make them happy it means a lot I mean you never know what
some of these kids are going through and us just coming here can just have a big
difference on their life or teach them anything we can and just just probably a
lot of fun for them and I know it’d be a lot fun for me if went for all players
came when I was little and did the same thing so yeah yeah it means a lot
knowing that they know probably very little about us even though they just
know that we’re playing down here but it’s cool day let us forget to come and
do this stuff and we appreciate the support from them and it’s going to be a
big big day tomorrow so you

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