Fitness, community service intersect in local initiative to keep parks clean

By | September 3, 2019

it’s a new week new view and with Easter coming up families around San Antonio will be visiting local parks to celebrate it’s one of the reasons the city is reminding people about the importance of keeping our parks clean they’re doing it with the help of volunteers who are coming together to sweat and serve and as case that’s Priscilla Karimun explains this month they’re taking on the task of plugging a combination of picking up litter while jogging at Macalester park our parks have a tremendous problem right now San Antonio is home to more than 250 parks across the city whether you’re running biking or place keeping our parks clean as part of the city Parks and Recreation Department’s ongoing initiative to sweat and serve people not picking up not only litter but there’s a problem with dog poop as well and as we know that’s an issue it leads into our aquifer to our waterways each month volunteers are encouraged to take part in one of the city’s 700 free fitness in the park classes while helping beautify a local park so we do a fitness in the park workout followed by a volunteer services project at the parks this month Fitness in the park and volunteer services have teamed up to hold a blogging event at Macalester Park well the Swedish have really come up with this cool program called clogging where they’ve come joined they’ve actually joined up jogging with or either walking with picking up litter so we’ve kind of adapted that and we’re running our own version here it’s gonna have a huge impact not only on them as far as just cleaning up the environment but their well-being as well of course we’re incorporating the health aspect that’s what keeps people coming back I love marrying the physical with the helping and the beautification of our city Gabrielle has been participating in Fitness in the park classes for more than five years she’s down more than 30 pounds and is focused on getting stronger she says this wetland serve events give her an opportunity to feel even better about her fitness journey we have a great city we have great staff especially a Parks and Rec and if you know we can give a few minutes or a few hours of our time to the parks that let us play in them and workout in them then it’s a win-win for both for everybody and of course getting to see the product of what you helped create is also rewarding then you get to take a little ownership in the park and you get that sense of joy inside when you help out and you revitalize the park and then you take that ownership and do something great that you can come back and enjoy with your family in the park later on it’s a fantastic program I can’t believe that every city in the United States doesn’t have this program priscila chairman key set 12th news in the upcoming sweat and serve clogging event is this Saturday April 13th at Macalester Park starting at 9:00 a.m. there is no registration required all you have to do is show up and if you can’t make it to this month’s event si Parks and Rec is holding a new sweat and serve every second Saturday of the month you can find more information on Kaye fat com

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