Find the Right Catholic School For You

By | September 2, 2019

Hello, I’m Cardinal Donald Wuerl,
Archbishop of Washington. At the heart of our Archdiocesan schools is their
Catholic identity. Our schools exist to provide academically excellent education
and strong faith formation that provides the students a foundation for lifelong
progress. Catholic education recognizes the significance of faith, family and
lifelong learning. We should expect our Catholic schools to be different. We
claim that Jesus Christ is the unseen teacher in every classroom; thus, the school’s form children through self-discipline, personal integrity, a
sense of service and a recognition of the importance of community. Our schools prepare our young people to succeed in today’s challenging world, and this is
particularly true because of the solid academic preparation and faith-based
formation that are so essential in our ever-increasingly secular world. I
encourage families to explore the unique strengths that our Catholic schools
offer. I also invite you to visit our Catholic schools website to “find the
right Catholic school for you.” May God bless you.

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