Father Brian Konopa’s Homily 2019-07-20 the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By | September 6, 2019

– Grammar. Bad, badder, baddest. Good, gooder, goodest. Wait, good, better, best. Bad, worser, worsest. Wait, bad, worse, worst. And good, better, best, got it. It’s no wonder that
the English language is considered the
second hardest to learn. In today’s Gospel Jesus
uses the word “better” to describe Mary’s decision
to sit beside the Lord at His feet listening
to him speak in comparison to
Martha who was burdened with much serving of His
disciples who were visitors. Now let’s be clear, Martha is
doing something good, not bad. In the Gospel of Luke, the story
immediately before this one is the parable of
the Good Samaritan, which we heard last weekend. It begins with a scribe
saying, “Teacher, “what must I do to
inherit eternal life?” And we learn there
are two things. You shall love the Lord your
God with all your heart, with all your being,
with all your strength, with all your mind, and
your neighbor as yourself. So love God, love your
neighbor, two things. And Jesus was asked,
“And who is my neighbor?” And after the parable
Jesus asks in return, “Which of these
three in your opinion “was neighbor to the
robber’s victim?” The answer, the
one who showed him, treated him with mercy. And Jesus approved and
said, “Go and do likewise.” Go and be a neighbor
to those in need. Do what is good, be
a Good Samaritan. Martha is being
a Good Samaritan. She’s being a good neighbor,
offering hospitality to Jesus and his dusty, sweaty,
hungry band of disciples burdened with much serving. She’s doing what must be done to inherit eternal life,
or at least half of it or nearly half because we learn
there is a better portion. It’s our relationship with
God that also needs attention. And Jesus calls this
the better portion. Loving and serving one’s
neighbor is essential and good. Loving and serving the Lord
is essential and better. Now, I don’t remember
very many jokes, not a very good joke teller,
but I’m gonna tell you one the few that I
actually remember. It’s not good and it
has an abrupt ending so it hardly gets a
laugh, but here it goes. It happened in a
humble town in Ireland. Someone ran to the parish priest
at the end of town and said “Father, Father, Jesus is
coming down the main street “heading in the
direction of our church! “It must be the Second
Coming, what should we do?” Well, Pastor was kind of
at a loss and he thought, they never really talked about
this scenario in the seminary so he calls the Vatican and
by a series of circumstances that aren’t worth going into
he talks to Pope Francis and says, “Your Holiness,
the Second Coming is on. “Jesus is coming down
the road in my direction. “He’s gonna be here any
second, what should I do?” And the Pope said,
“Well, more for your sake “than for Heaven’s, look busy!” (audience laughing) Thank you by the
way for laughing. Now in reality what is Pope
Francis more likely to say? Probably more like, run to Him. Welcome Him into your
home like Martha did. And then listen to Him,
share your heart with Him, sit at His feet like Mary did. And if He asks you to do
anything, spring into action and say, yes Lord, Your
servant is listening. You see, loving our neighbor
and sharing our hearts with our neighbor is very good. Loving the Lord and sharing
our heart with the Lord is even better, and the more
perfectly we love the Lord our god with all our
heart, with all our being, with all our strength and all
our mind the more perfectly we’re going to love our
neighbor as ourselves and become the
bestest of disciples.

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