Fall of Catholic Church in “Stacy’s Deviled Eggs”

By | August 30, 2019

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your
host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of these End Times. This will be a follow-up to my last program about that Miracle
Whip commercial called “Stacy’s Deviled Eggs” and a lot of you found more interesting symbolism and prophecy in that video so I thought
I would go over some of your insights and add a few of my own because they
are very important. This video is about the Antichrist and the False Prophet and Satan entering into the church, however, not
just any church. This is the Roman Catholic Church and how did I determine
that? By counting the number of attendees at this harvest time picnic. There are 16 women and 17 men, including the pastor, and that means that one of them must not be married and of course that
would indicate that the pastor must be a celibate Roman Catholic priest. So now, let’s count the
number of people at this picnic and we will find that
there are 33 in total and of course, that is a very Masonic number. First of all, let’s count the two women
that Stacy is about to step in front of and block our view of. Stacy has now
moved in front of those two women so let’s count the
people to the right of this woman dressed in blue. We see a
man at the back serving table, a man in the
foreground, two women at the table, a man and another
woman seated at this front table, a man, a woman and a man back at the
serving table, and another man sitting in the
foreground. And to the right of Stacy we see one couple here and another couple to the right, so let’s
count the table grouping up to the lady in blue. First, there is a man, two women, a man at
the table, two women in the background, a man in the
foreground, a man on the left, a woman in the
background, another man at the table, a man standing
in the background, a woman, a man, two men at the table and the lady in blue. And lastly, we count
the woman at the far left wearing sunglasses. 17 men, 16 women, no children. That tells us that the
attendees at this harvest picnic represent 16 couples and one man left over who is
the pastor of the church, a Roman Catholic
priest. And the number 33 is masonic. The
checkerboard tablecloths are masonic and just about everything in Stacy’s
kitchen where she whips up her deviled eggs is either masonic or satanic, for example, these pillars on
either side represent Boaz and Jachin. And most of the interior accessories are
either black like the lamp shades or black
like the curtains. And let’s take a closer look at that
goat skull. Now what could be more satanic than the skull of a goat? And she also has a little statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god, on her food counter.
And now, we really ought to take a look at Stacy’s tattoo, and by the way, you will only find this particular image in
the longer version of the Miracle Whip commercial
and I will put the link below. And all tattoos, don’t forget, are
precursors of the mark of the beast. And here we
see what looks like a key over an inverted number 3 and if we look at this form upside down, we see a more traditional
shape of a key under a heart form. But, if we look at
it sideways, we see the number thirteen with the key
forming a one and of course 13 is a number for a witch’s coven. And now let’s take
a look at the license plate on the Buick
LeSabre that Stacy drives off in and if you look at
it closely you will see that it reads 28R 4H 7 and to me what’s significant is that those three numbers are three of the four most important End Times numbers in Bible Prophecy. The only one missing
is the number 12. But in my mind what’s really
interesting about this scene is the huge cactus plant in front of Stacy’s house and notice
that the leaves are on the trees. This is in big contrast to the scene at the church which to me reminds me of New England but it looks like Stacy comes from well,
maybe Arizona or Georgia, somewhere in the deep south. Does this indicate that Stacy drives a
long way to seduce the Catholic Church? Or does it
just mean Satan comes from a much warmer climate? Now there is one part of this
commercial which I have not been able to decipher and that is the meaning of
the stones and their pattern on the ground. Now some
of you of my subscribers have suggested they represent words but it’s possible that their
meaning was at one time obvious but that section was edited out of the final
commercial. And of course we all know what the eggs mean because I explained that before. The 16 deviled eggs are derived from 8 whole eggs and 8 is 2/3’s of a
dozen. And of course, 2/3’s symbolizes the
Antichrist because it represents the decimal .666. And now, I would like to play a clip for
you which is very interesting because we
hear the church bells toll for the Catholic Church and the
producers are very clever. They play a jazzy section and then the music stops and we hear 2 bells toll in the
background just as Stacy is about to give her deviled eggs to the man representing the Antichrist and
the man representing the False Prophet and those 2 tolling
bells signify the fall of the Catholic
Church. So, in conclusion, this is more than an
ordinary mayonnaise commercial. This is a message
from the Illuminati. They know what they are
doing. First of all, they want you to think of
Satan as an imaginary character, as a cartoon
figure. Someone who is not really very believable, however, they believe in him.
How else can you account for the 6 eggs that Stacy fills. How else can you
account for the 16 married men and the 16 married women, and no children, and the 16 deviled eggs? That’s an awful lot of 6’s. And how can you account for the 33 total
adults at the picnic? 33 is a well-known Masonic symbol as is the checkerboard table cloths. And please note: all 33 of these individuals are very
easy to identify. None of them are hiding behind another
person or behind a tree, for example. The Illuminati want you to count these people. And the men are very easy to
distinguish from the women unlike Stacy, for example, and at the very
end we see Stacy try to give the one eyed Illuminati salute. This actress is not very good at winking, however, we do know that one eye is definitely darker than the other. And if any of you
would like more information about these End Times
especially the prophecies of Daniel, please visit my new thirdeaglemedia.com website.

53 thoughts on “Fall of Catholic Church in “Stacy’s Deviled Eggs”

  1. Praise Jesus Post author

    I wonder if the rock pattern mimics the symbol at the canonization?

  2. buddymartin71 Post author

    The pattern of the rocks could represent the sea. The wind and current effects, especially in rivers, creates lines of foam on the surface. Seas sometimes represent the masses of people. The rocks lined up could represent people being trodden under foot while the devil does his dealings with the false prophet and antichrist.
    The actor for Stacy is likely a male.

  3. ulphil08 Post author

    There seems to be a similarity between the tattoo and the floral display at the Canonization – one world religion symbol.

  4. All In For God Jesus Christ Post author

    The rocks are a message to the Illuminati directly from Enoch and Elisha. 

  5. Lilli pod Post author

    The rocks are like stepping stones.  They are also like pagan circles.  One of the people you say s a man with the grey jacket looks like Hillary.  The face is turned away.  Centre as well.  They want Hillary next.  There is plenty to suggest she goes after women as well.  She likes big butts and she cannot lie.  She is on video.  Another thing the stones could represent is Mary's Rosary that she is treading on.  It could also be a path.

  6. Player Post author

    things need to happen in the world real life not in commercials

  7. Gladys Post author

    Very interesting video William, a real revelation from the Holy Spirit.
    1)If there is no children , it is b/c that event occurs after the rapture, all the children are gone and 2) the place where they are gathering is the desert where the Christians are hiding , that is why there is no leaves, it's dry and rocky, I don't see any food either, she is trying to seduce them with food. Note that the women don't trust her , they were very suspicious when they saw her . 32 is a good number it 's God/man.  Stacy lives in the city. You're right about her driving a long way. 3) at 7:13 -14 (your video),there was 2 screams right before the bells like a warning when Stacy arrived

  8. Adam Bell Post author

    How about the MEANING of the name STACY…
    The most common male spelling is "Stacy". The meaning of the name is disputed. Baby-naming guides cite two alternative English derivations of Greek origins; Anastasia meaning "resurrection" for girls, and Eustace (Eustachios) meaning "bountiful grain" for boys.

  9. melomel Post author

    On the day Pope Francis was elected, he was wearing glasses. The false prophet in the video is wearing glasses.

  10. M.J. Maynerich Post author

    Have your "sword" the Rosary at the ready… and your "shield" Mary's scapular always on your person.  LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING !

  11. zoltangz1 Post author

    Wow.. if there ever was a loaded video this one is it! Mind boggling the number of clues have been extracted from this short commercial. William, you really racked it up this time. 🙂

  12. prayerpatroller Post author

    I think the rows of stones represent a graveyard, which are often, especially in rural settings, located near a church, so much so that the term "Churchyard" is synonymous with "graveyard," in literature. I think the reason the commercial's producers didn't want actual gravestones showing is that it would be too over the top macabre. Not only this, but this church is a little too modern and not rural enough to have a graveyard on its property. Nevertheless, the gravestones are implied by the rows of stones partially buried into the earth, like gravestones which are stuck into the earth on their bottom end.

  13. fuzzydog pa Post author

    The number two can be seen everywhere.  She holds two eggs in her hands,  She has two lines up the back of her stockings, the two window panels, the matching red cup and bowl on the counter, the two columns on the side at the beginning, two rings on her fingers,  As far as the stones I saw 5 rows of stones which could be representative of the 5 smooth stones of David strung into a row/ rosary that Satan will have to navigate in order to approach and deceive the church.  Which also is re-inforced by the fact that the ladies with their beads were not deceived.   Just a thought. 

  14. Duane Huffman Post author

    I'm guessing that the stones refer to Mathew 4:2-4

     And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards he was hungry.
    3 And the tempter coming said to him: If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.
    4 Who answered and said: It is written, Not in bread alone doth man live, but in every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.

    I think that it is interesting that Stacy is walking through them on her way to the church.

  15. Mary Corrigan Post author

    Stop at 1:40 seconds, did you notice that Stacy has a black stocking on her left leg, and a clear nylon stocking on her right leg. Can you comment why she might have dressed with two different colored nylons on her legs?

  16. Trad Gal Post author

    Did you notice the ring on her right hand, it looks like the wedding ring of Princess Di and now the future Queen of England.  Wonder if any of this has to do with that country ?     Hmmmmm . . . 

  17. Craig Post author

    The church will never fall. Even the devils victories are temporary illusions.

  18. Tiina Birgitta Raisanen Post author

    The devil has nothing on WT tho,he can not be deceived !

  19. Gray Wolf Post author

    The address on Stacy's house is 3311 or 33 (Illuminati number) and 11 (the number of destruction) (seen at 0:15-17).  Also, Stacy drives a Buick LeSabre (The Saber — a sword that destroys) with a license plate # 28R[18] 4H[8]7, which yields an alpha-numeric value of 47 (and 4 + 7 = 11).  No coincidences here.  This commercial is about the destruction of the church.

  20. Rafael Gonzalez Post author

    I think the stones in the ground, the smooth pebble stones… represent the popes of the past which held tradition of the Catholic Church in such a correct way that helped to create the most beautiful saints… this popes make it hard for the devil to enter the church until we had weak men, this men let tradition to make a way for iniquity, note that Stacy didn't stood on a rock while entering the property and immediately she entered, the women there saw Stacy as they know her, this women represent Mary, but the women didn't stop Stacy because it was this weak men that pave the way for the smoke of satan to enter the Church… If the woman could do anything was to warn only to fulfill the word of God, the Woman actually warn us with the words of God in Fatima, La Salette, Akita, Quito and Garabandal… but it was late the hour as men started to worship men instead of God, this rocks represents the past popes that fought hard for tradition to stay but modernism found a way to creep in, pope Pious X and Pious XII note that there was an infiltration, I believe that it was Pious V that wanted to establish the latin mass forever but that didn't happened… Peters=Rock, so because of Peter then: popes=rocks now we have the enemy on the top and all this priests are eating and enjoying (most of them) what Bergoglio is giving them: ANTIDOCTRINE.

  21. Tiina Birgitta Raisanen Post author

    Intuitively thinking the word that comes to my mind is death,they are celebrating the spiritual death they have achieved in the whole of the kingdom,only she,he,the devil and the the two men are agile and alert to whats going on,they are alive and wake up in their wicked scheming?.

  22. califgirl11 Post author

    I am not always convinced about all the observations made, but it is so very obvious that this commercial is blatantly evil. So many articles lately about the sins of the church. We all must pray like never before..please pray your rosary daily.

  23. Sydney Adventure Man Post author

    Hi Mr Tapley, what do think of this:


    To me it seems to be about the antichrist finally bring revealed and perhaps in November!!!
    What's your thoughts ???

  24. ulphil08 Post author

    Francis is accelerating the fall of the church:

  25. john totru Post author

    Mr. Willam Taplay. Do you know that more than 90 percents Who claim Jews today, but they are not. They are Khazarians. We are the true Israelites .The khazarian were come from Caucus mount and converted to Judaism in 7th and 8th century. or today we call those European Jew or American Jew. 

  26. john totru Post author

    The current Israeli the vast fake Jews today they are Zionism or called Gog and Megog or illuminati the seed of Satan read (Revelation2:9)

  27. john totru Post author

    The king of the north due to Jerusalem not Russia. scientifically if you use the north pole of the Earth and draw a line the North according to Bible is The Turkey and the mount of Caucus. This fact true . The vast  Biblical Jewish people today are Christians . They are some remaining in Africa, Some in Spain, in Middle East and south Asia.
    The Jews who claim they are Jews but truly they are the Khazars who converted to Judaism. They are the one who was author of Holocaust in WW2.
    This fact truth bases on DNA research and historical research. Even the Palestinian they are more Israelites relate to Abraham's seed to the Bible.

  28. Mark McMillen Post author

    Sixteen couples and no kids, and you expect me to believe this is a Roman Catholic church?

  29. curiasjr Post author

    Look into "The ancient megalithic stones at Carnac" for the stone scene. It might symbolize something regarding that stone scene. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnac_stones

  30. Jimbob Jones Post author

    You need to do a video about the new Psy video "Hangover"! Probably full of all kinds of nasty symbolism. Or it could just be crap.

  31. Praiselady8649 Post author

    HR 2847 is the bill they are predicting will bring on the collapse of our currency.

  32. Mario Post author

    William, I want to ask you what you think of the following. I read it on a Dutch website. They claim that the phrase 'When you see the abomination of desolation…' refers to the al-aqsa mosque that was built on the Temple Mount in 688. From that day, the Jewish people were driven away from that area. 1) If this is what Rev. 12:6 is referring to, and the 1260 'days' are in fact 'years', we get the year 1948 (the state of Israel).  2) In Daniel 8:13-14 we read about the 2.300 days (which are actually 'years'). In Daniel 8:20 we read about the defeat of the Persians, in 333 BC. Add 2.300 years and we get 1967, the year Jerusalem was reconquered.  3) Daniel 12:11-12: the taking away of the daily sacrifice – if we consider the date of the construction of the al-aqsa mosque in 688, and add 1290 years, we get 1978: the year of the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Daniel also gives us the number 1335 (Daniel 12:13). 'Blessed is he that waits and comes to the 1335 days'.  We can assume that people will be blessed if they survive Armageddon.    Add 1335 to 688 and we get 2023. So that would be the end of Armageddon. If the Great Tribulation is the last period of 3,5 years, it would mean that the GT would begin at 2019…
    Don't know if any of this makes sense? Just wanted to see what you think of it.

  33. Wholesome Ethics Post author

    This one is so obvious that it probably goes without saying:  The Devil is a woman.
    Thank you again for your good work, Sir.

  34. Scrupulous Atheist Post author

    While you may find any imagery you want. The commercial is flat out saying "got enough devil in your deviled eggs." THIS IS A MAYONNAISE COMMERCIAL!!!! Normal people interpret the commercial as miracle whip will give a rich taste to your deviled eggs. The whole commercial is a pun on deviled eggs. No different than if this were a commercial for angel food cake and having little angels fly around. You're supposed to "fear" Stacy in the commercial because she is bringing an unknown flavor to a picnic. In other words if you were to tell a story visually you would use as many images needed to accomplish the task. So yes, she is symbolic of the devil, but only in relation to deviled eggs. Normal (aka non-Delusional people – I don't mean this as a insult) people do not think she represents the devil in actuality. As for the numbers of things, you are truly reaching. 0.6666666666666…..= (2/3). It is a repeating decimal. It has nothing to do with the number of the beast. You are projecting on to the book of Revelation your fears of the number 666 (aka Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia). The number of the beast is not 6 not 60 or 600, it is 666 or 616 depending on the manuscript. As for the checkered table cloth your interpretation is simply delusional. That pattern exists in various colors and is inexpensive and can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Kmart or any other big box chain. To claim Illuminati influence is looking for something that just ain't there. I can't stress this enough. This is a mayonnaise commercial. Do you really think the big bad Illuminati, Satan or any other boogeyman you dream up is going to express their views through a mayonnaise commercial…It's a commercial….They're just trying to sell more miracle whip not convert you to the "dark side," worship Satan, sacrifice babies and drink their blood, or any other nonsensical interpretation you come up with. Please use the one thing you know for sure "God" gave you, your brain. So, I take it you're a Hellman's kind of guy…lol 

  35. Samantha york Post author

    At the end you say the actress isn't very good at winking.
     which to be fair if your an actor/actress who hasn't mastered winking your not an actor or actress that would get hired.
     If the illuminati  want you to see there symbols so much that they staged people so you can count them why would they let something like both eyes closing ever make it into the commercial. that would be like a McDonalds commercial that doesn't show the golden arches

  36. Steve Ballmer Post author

    “The Truth About The Coming Zombie Apocalypse”
    -Theologically Sound – LifeWay – Read with Confidence.

  37. Andy P Post author

    Very interesting video, Stacy's address is 3311. 5 tables, stone circles, something out of place hanging from the steeple.  Maybe the stones are part of a cemetery?

  38. John Johno Post author

    Is this commercial prophecy from God or someone making a commercial based on things in the bible?

  39. marie leopold Post author

    The plant you mention, that is a cactus, is an; aloe vera plant, I believe. The aloe vera plant is used for several purposes, but primarily FOR BURNS. If Stacey represents Satan, then, this is a VERY good plant for him to have. (lol)

  40. Donna Douglas Post author

    Lmao……BOOO…I'm a witch and you are now cursed….lol

  41. Renee Therese Smith De Cozen Post author

    I am a religious Catholic and I have a tatu of a Quetzal bird on my right shoulder. Does this mean that I can be condemned?

  42. Renee Therese Smith De Cozen Post author

    what do you mean? I didn't know anything about this before. Explain more please. .Will I be punished for this? I live in Spain since I was small and there are things that I need more detail.

  43. 830toAwesome Post author

    William. The imagery of the eggs is something you missed. There are 16 eggs. There are 16 couples. The eggs are there to represent the 16 children aborted by the sixteen couples. That's why the tree is dead in the scene with the Church. It's to show the withering of the fruits of man forced on them by the corrupt church.

  44. gppaula Post author

    In retrospect, Stacy should have made a nice ambrosia salad instead.

  45. Blither box Post author

    Miracle whip isn't Mayonnaise. Its different. Everybody knows that.


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