Eucharist Real Presence (How To Prepare To Receive)

By | September 11, 2019

(gentle music) – Sometimes we call the Mass boring, impersonal, or irrelevant, because we don’t feel like we’re
getting anything out of it. Now if we don’t feel like we’re
getting anything out of it, we have to ask the question,
what are we putting into it? Have we prepared ourself to receive Jesus’ body, blood, soul
divinity in the Eucharist? Because the Eucharist is not a
symbol of Jesus, it is Jesus. It’s his real presence. And when we receive
Jesus in the Eucharist, we are receiving him as
the guest of our soul. When you invite somebody really important into your home, a guest, what do you do? You prepare. You go shopping and get the ingredients. You go get the food, you
bring it home and prepare it. You clean the dishes and the house. You get ready, you get dressed up. You find something appropriate to wear. With an important guest, you make an effort to get
ready and receive them because this effort honors them. The most important person that we will ever receive into our life is Jesus Christ through the Eucharist. And he is the most important guest because he’s the Lord,
the Savior of the world, he’s our redeemer. And in the reception of
the Eucharist, again, he becomes the guest of our soul. So the question is, are we
prepared to receive him? If not, we are gonna miss out on graces. Because Saint Thomas said
that the amount of graces that we receive into our life is dependent upon whether or not our hearts are disposed
to receiving Christ. So in other words, if we’re not prepared to receive the Eucharist, we’re gonna miss out on graces. If the Eucharist is not changing us, the problem is not the
Eucharist, the problem is us. And so let’s go through
four things that we can do to prepare our heart to
receive Jesus in the Eucharist as the guest of our soul. Number one: confess mortal sin. For a sin to be mortal, it
must meet three conditions. Number one: the sin must be
grave, so it must be serious. Number two: it must be
committed with full knowledge. And number three: committed
with deliberate consent. Mortal sin makes us
unable to receive Jesus as the guest of our soul through
reception of the Eucharist. Have you ever seen an abandoned house, empty of life, yet full of brokenness? Windows and doors missing,
ceiling falling in, paint peeling off the wall, the
floor littered with garbage. The house is not in a livable condition, nor is it in a condition
to be able to receive an honored guest. It seems more fit for darkness than life. And this is what mortal
sin does to our soul, it makes us unfit to
receive Jesus into our life through reception of the Eucharist. It’s not that God has abandoned us. It’s that we have intentionally,
through a serious way, have abandoned him. And so we’re not able to
receive him in the Eucharist. And if we do, in this state,
then we greatly dishonor him. It’s an offense against God. “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread “or drinks the cup of the
Lord in an unworthy manner “will be guilty of profaning
the body and blood of the Lord. “Let a man examine himself, “and so to eat of the bread
and drink of the cup.” So what can we do to restore our house and get it back in order? We go to confession
and confess mortal sin. And by doing this, we
receive forgiveness of sin and we are restored to the state of grace and then are given the
privilege once again of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. What’s the second thing we can do to open our hearts to receive
Jesus in the Eucharist? Regular confession of venial sin. Venial sin is any sin that
doesn’t meet the requirement of mortal sin. It’s not required that
we confess venial sin before receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, just like it’s not required
to clean your house before a guest arrived. If of course if it’s in a
livable condition. (laughs) But you clean your house because
you wanna honor your guest. Regular confession is a good
house cleaning of the soul. It frees us from venial sin so that when we do go to confession, we’re free to receive graces from Christ. It also honors him. Saint Augustine said,
“While he is in the flesh, “man cannot help but have
at least some light sins. “But do not despise these
sins which we call light. “If you take them for
light when you weigh them, “tremble when you count them. “A number of light objects
makes a great mass. “A number of drops fills a river. “A number of grains makes a heap. “What then is our hope? “Above all, confession.” The third thing we can do is fast before receiving the Eucharist. Canon 191 says, “One who is to receive
the most Holy Eucharist “is to abstain from any food or drink, “with the exception only
of water and medicine, “for at least the period of one
hour before Holy Communion.” By abstaining from the food of this world, we are reminding
ourselves that we are made for heavenly nourishment. The fasting minimum for
a Catholic is one hour. That’s the rule. But if you love someone, do
you seek to do the minimum? You’re just like not, right? And so if we really wanna love God and we wanna grow in
relationship with him, why not do more? Why not give it a shot? Why not try fasting from midnight until the point of reception
the next day on Sunday? Is it gonna be hard? Yeah, it’s gonna be hard. Fasting is hard. I mean, that’s part of the point. Have you ever noticed in life, if we’re not willing to do something hard, oftentimes there’s very little reward? Why is it that we think
that we can just put a little bit of effort into
our relationship with Christ but we expect or demand
the maximum reward? It’s kind of silly. So I would challenge you. You wanna grow in your
relationship with Christ, you wanna get more out of the Eucharist, you wanna dispose your heart
to receive more of grace. Then I challenge you,
fast more than one hour before reception of the Eucharist. Because in fasting, what we’re doing is we’re detaching from worldly pleasures to remind us that we’re
made for the Heavenly One, the food that comes down from heaven, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. When we fast, I like to
think we are making more room in our hearts for Christ by emptying the world out
of ourselves and detaching. The fourth thing we can do to prepare to receive
Jesus in the Eucharist is praying daily. The habit of prayer prepares
us to receive the Eucharist. Like meeting the one we love, there is a peace, there is a joy, there’s a sharing of yourself with them, there’s a freedom to be as
you are in their presence. If we meet Jesus daily in prayer or multiple times a day in prayer, then when we go to Mass, we
approach him as our love. But if we have not prayed at
all for weeks or even months, then we approach Jesus like
we would approach a stranger. There’s a distance, a barrier to intimacy. The way we embrace a
stranger is very different than the way we embrace someone we love. We may have the right to
receive Jesus in the Eucharist because we’re in a state of grace, but if we haven’t prayed for a long time, we approach him more like a stranger and our hearts aren’t
disposed to receive grace at the moment of reception. So if you wanna grow in
grace, then pray daily. What are the four ways to
get more out of the Mass to walk with Jesus as
the guest of our soul? Number one: confession of mortal sin. Number two: regular
confession of venial sin. Fasting before Mass. And consistent prayer life. My name is Ken Yasinski
from Thank you for watching. (gentle music)

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  1. Monica Newna Post author

    Very well explained. Thank you so much for your soul-nourishing videos. May God continue to bless you and your family. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜Š

  2. alldoneup Post author

    Beautifully said and such a great message explained. God bless you!

  3. fun-with-nickline Post author

    "Yes amen and amen though my 'life', is different but the 4 ways is very Yes to me in Jesus, Mary and Joseph's name amen".πŸ™βœπŸ™

  4. Velvet Noel Post author


  5. Tzarina Victoria Post author

    The novus ordo sect headed by the Marxist anti pope Frankie , doesn’t have any apostolic succession, thanks to the public sodomite Paul vi who changed the wording to rite of ordination priest and consecration of bishops, therefore all you get is bread and wine or in some temples , koolaid, cola and cookies

  6. annetterobbins78 Post author

    Excellent explanation! I appreciate the simplicity of it. It allows me to share with a wide array of people.

  7. tony Post author

    so a sin filled priest has the capacity to make a cookie become Jesus Christ? – sorry, not one bit Biblical

  8. Day Post author

    I love your passion, Ken. How right you are about the Holy Eucharist. How many of us truly understand Who it is that we are receiving into our soul? Love and adore with optimum reverence of body and soul. God bless.

  9. Abraham Philip Post author

    Give unto God what is to God —- FAITH, which Faith shall not be leavened as in Protestantism adding "Only" to Faith , theologically changing the whole concept/truth of Salvation , even the source of the Prophesied Apostasy through Protestantization.

    "By Grace are ye saved through Faith " The emphasis on Grace not Faith . However Faith by itself has its works within to James :Faith without works is dead " the emphasis on Faith even to give unto God what is to God.
    That which specifically CONSTITUTE the Faith are the Two Commandments of Love which hang in the two Keys of heaven, denoted by the Bronze Image of St Peter in Peters Basilica .The universal DOCTRINE of the Church called to be Evangelized (not Evangelization over Doctrine) incidentally the STANDARD by which man is to be Judged in order to fulfill the Law and the Prophets (tthat hang in the two Commandments) as decreed by him.& By Bonding in it amounts to picking up one's cross daily to following him as commanded (Equating with him on the Cross) results in Daily Sacrifices & in this state of Faith shall his Grace (Communion — Entirely off God) be received, thus "By the Communion comes the Salvation through the Two Commandments".
    A spiritual unferstanding of the contents placed in the Ark of the Covenant reveals/affirms this truth.

    Said Jesus "My sheep know my Voice"& unto St.Peter said he "Feed my sheep" which food are the Two Commandments , reveals "His Masters Voice"

    John 14 :21: He that HATH my Commandments (the two) & KEEPETH them, he it is that loveth me —"
    CORRESPONDS to the CRUCIAL words of OT in Jeremiah 31 :33 : " —- After those days said the Lord, I will put my Law in their minds (to KEEPETH – to Do) & write it in their hearts (HATH) —– " reveals the New Covenant .

  10. Curtis House Post author

    I'm getting confirmed later this month. Can't wait to receive the Eucharist for the very first time. Deo gratias.

  11. Fidelis Kharkongor Post author

    Loveable teachings, for all the Catholics, who is taking or receiving the Eucharist lightly. God bless you.


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