Erasmus+: European Voluntary Service (EVS)

By | August 30, 2019

My name is Mina Jaf.
I’m 27 years old and from Kurdistan. Prior to my birth, my mother and I lived
in the Kurdish town Halabja. Halabja was the Kurdish town
gassed by Saddam Hussein in 98. We fled to Denmark,
where I grew up. When I was younger,
my biggest frustration was how to be a good citizen in society. One thing led to another in my quest
to work for the local community. I ended up working with refugees. We submitted a request to get a
volunteer from Erasmus+, EVS, European Voluntary Services, that is. We were really impressed
when we saw Mina’s application. What a great profile!
She could be really helpful. She comes from a refugee background
herself, so she is perfect for the job. She knows very well what refugees
go through on their way to Europe. The refugees are leaving their homes families, roots,
memories and childhood behind. They’re fleeing because of war
and terrible surroundings. They risk their lives when they flee. It takes them
many millions of steps to get here. They have no food, money or clothes. Mina deals with the daily planning
and manages a team of 20 people who take care of the asylum seekers. Some of them sleep rough. We
monitor the situation on the streets. Mina does the planning of volunteer
teams for the morning and evening. I’m learning a lot
working in this EVS project. It gives me the chance
to develop a lot of personal skills such as languages, development management,
leadership and coordination. Our experience with Mina and EVS
has been so positive that we submitted
a request for a second volunteer. Working together with EVS
has been very straightforward, compared to other
project applications, in terms of administration,
content and finances. It is so useful. Working
with volunteers is very important. It gives people the chance to help
asylum seekers and refugees. And it makes our team stronger. When I fled to Denmark, I not only
lost my home, friends and family. I also lost the little moments
of picking flowers in the garden and going to the bakery
to get bread in the morning. Always having hope
is the most important thing for me.

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