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Hey Guys! Welcome Back to Eryk’s Packges Today I’m going to Busan And I’m going to vlog around recommended places to visit in Busan So now I’m heading to Seoul Station and from there I can ride KTX ITX or Mugunghua but this time I’m riding the Mugunghwa which takes around 5 hours trip from Seoul but the ticket price is only around 28k-29k KRW where KTX only takes around 2 hours but the price is almost 50k KRW almost half prices difference but yeah only takes around 2 hours Cause i’m going to save up some money and i want it more Backpacker vibe So i decided to use Mugunghwa Finally arrived at Busan! OMG 5 hours! and I need another 1 hour to reach my Guesthouse and I’m going to ride subway but along the trip the scenery just so great and it’s worth it I can’t wait for tomorrow and I will head straight to Gamcheon Culture Village which is a really famous location in Busan Right now I’m in my guesthouse room and yesterday night I can’t vlog cause we have to share the room with other guests so one room can contains 4 persons but right now only 2 persons are staying in this room me and my new Mongolian friend He is my first Mongolian friend And I was like WOW this time I got a really different roommate that’s the wonder of solo travelling we can get new friends from it So I just finished washing my face and I will get ready and have a breakfast then I will head straight to Gamcheon Village Well this is a Guesthouse and it’s really cheap so I’m staying for… 6 nights here and it costs me around…. 400k rupiah (42,900 KRW) but you have to share with other guests well the weather is quite dark from this view and the view is not that great from my room but overall OK! as long as I can sleep well suitable for rest! cause I’m going to hangout all day and back at night just for sleep and the next day will Rush again all day Oh yeah, here! they also provides free breakfast the air in Busan today is really nice cause yesterday was raining so it makes the weather really nice for today cool and fresh air and here the weather will be hotter than Seoul cause there are so many beaches in Busan that’s why it’s Hotter/Warmer Right now I’m waiting for the bus and it’s so hot here making it doesn’t feel like winter right now Really Damn Hot! So right now I’m already at Gamcheon Village, Can you see the view over there? this is the main Entrance and If you want to get the map, it is over there at the back and you will think that that’s the main entrance at first but it’s not and the entrance is here so at the place where the fox sits you guys must really visit there cause it’s the trademark of this place and it’s really famous well for me, this place is so so but because this place is so famous and also an instagram able place but for me is really so so well as long as I ever visited here and take some pics and vlogging around but this place is not really wow for me cause i prefer to go somewhere surrounded by the nature so here also there are so many unique houses that you can visit but along the way I think everything almost look the same to me but if you bring your friends here to hangout or with family then this will be a nice place to enjoy but now for me who is solo travelling an it taste…. a lil bit plain and there is so many fishes on the wall along the way and now im heading down don’t know where it leads but oh well let’s just follow the trail so the truth is I walked the wrong way actually on the 3 way intersection I had to make a turn but I keep heading straight and it leads me to the exit instantly and now I’m climbing back up cause it will be a waste if I just leave this place and don’t know if I will ever visited here again well maybe if visiting here again with friend then I’m OK, but… who knows if I had a chance again so this location is quite OK here you can see the village closer than from the information place here also have a photo frame art behind me right now there are two japanese women taking pics Now I’m at House of Hope II don’t have Idea where the 1 is cause I walked reversed way just some art?! maybe there’s a meaning behind this, it just I don’t understand it at all and here we have House of Wind and the place is quite cool and there are mirrors at the end maybe I will take some selfie Now I’m at House of Contemporary (Modern Man) and here are some hand typing like machine there it’s starting to move and here you can get some stamps I’m going to stamp it on my book Here is my traveling book that contains tickets and etc So after using the ticket I didn’t throw it away but I kept them here from here you can look at the colorful houses view again but it won’t be great for selfie cause if you guys want a brighter scenery then your face is going to be dark or bright face but not focus on the scenery Now I’m at House of Hope 1 / Peace And there is so many scribbles inside here So for you who likes to scribble here and there If happened to visit here then you can scribble until you satisfied cause it’s better than you visit a historic sites or places that are not for you to scribble and then you scribble it! It’s really a big NO here there are several scribbles from around the world most are from China Kazakhstan Busan But I have not yet seen Indonesia OK Lemme continue and it’s almost noon so from here I will continue to Gukje Market and let’s have some Culinary so when I said that this place is quite boring It was right here and then I walk straight to there and went down the correct way is you have to turn here and visit the unique Houses but now it’s getting less crowded. the truth is I tried to came here earlier this morning to avoid crowd but turns out it’s more crowd in the morning but It’s OK cause because of the crowd I could asked their help to take a pic for me lol So I guess there is nothing much left here maybe only stairs to see stars it’s said that it was called stair to see stars cause when you climb or going down thru it, can causes you dizziness like you are seeing stars maybe like stars surround your head?! lol so like I said if you visit here while solo traveling a lil bit plain… but maybe with partner family or friends will make it more fun so there will be many places to take pics or just sightseeing although I’m solo travelling here and it feels a lil bit plain but I don’t regret it cause it still feel nice especially when there is less crowded like this feels really great there you can see the sea right now I’m climbing down the stairs to see stars there are 148 ladders of total and I’m to afraid to look at the camera cause It’s not funny If I fall down and rolls my body down the stairs then I will have to spend the rest of my vacation in Busan’s hospital is really not funny I’m going to use the back camera if you look from bottom to the top there are paintings on the ladders and it’s forming from one to the other to become something here’s Mr. Squirrel if we look from up to down then it’s a squirrel and leaf and vice versa from bottom to top So I think I had spend enough time here and here the fish cake too is quite popular what’s its name again? Gorusa? Well If I saw one while passing then i will have a taste but if not then I will head straight to Gukje Market Cause I really had enough at here! really satisfied already Goraesa Fishcake and it’s quite popular here in Busan So if you guys want then give it a taste cause Me I taste it almost everyday here in South Korea


  1. Galih rmdn Post author

    Saran saya bang, biar nambah subs nya buat konten yang seru, mungkin game identity jarang ada yang mainin lagi:(, coba move ke game yg lain barangkali banyak peminat (saran game : game survive/game yang punya cerita) yang lagi banyak peminat bang ,saran aja ya..

  2. Effita Pramesti M Post author

    Seruuu bgt ih kohπŸ˜‚ jd makin pengen ke korea

  3. CandyFine Post author

    Nah gini dong vlog lagi kan seru next ke tempat yang lebih keren dan instagramable oh iy busan mengingatkan aku dengan film zombie yaitu train to busan soalnya pas kekorea pun aku pergi ke busan dan ke seoul ramean trus nginep di hotel apa gitu lupa namanya dan seru banget!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Edit: pengen kekorea lagi pas nonton ini soalnya beda suasananya sama di indo kadang kedinginan kadang juga panas dan juga ngerasa kaya lebih adem aja


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