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By | October 3, 2019

Deliver me from the evil that I have done Dear boys and girls and listeners of “Radio Buon Consiglio” welcome back and Ave Maria! The last time we introduced the theme of
the journey of healing and deliverance from all bad things that we have inside Things that we talked about in this series
of catechesis named “Who am I to be able to love?”
Subtitle: “To the discovery of ourselves”
(This is the 16th episode) I remember you that the last time I tried to underline a fact. For us sons of God, it’s essential
a doctrinal and a real fact: The doctor, the one who heals us from every disease
(as the Bible says) is our Lord Jesus Christ, trough the
appropriate means. What we are going to talking about are doctrinal realities Even the ones we are going to talk about today It’s important to understand that the realities of faith have a REAL influence
in our lives For example, today we will talk about the first
big problem we have to deal with, problem that is the FIRST stage of the journey of healing and deliverance: that is TO DEAL WITH OUR PAST and WITH WHAT WE HAVE DONE in our lives. The first and the only way to do this is the confession Pay attention! A lot of things that we have learned attending the catechism, (if we have learned something because today, there is such a crass ignorance among
people. And this is the reason why
the faith languishes completely) aren’t tales for children or marginal aspects The Revelation, the Faith provides a global view of man, of the existence, of the cosmos The faith provides answers to the big questioning It explains the meaning of our existence The feedback of the faith is always indirect and mysterious So, what we have to do is to try to believe! In the last catechesis I spoke of empirical realities But now we are at the crucial point Here is the big difference between a psychoanalytic session and a good journey of of deliverance and healing, is that a good expert of the mystery of man certainly could help you to understand what’s wrong in your life But the problem is: once you have
understood this, what do you do?? This is not sufficient! You have to find a therapy! And the therapy is not pharmacological neither psychoanalytical because we need to BE CURED we can’t cure by ourselves. This is the big problem! “Jesus” means “God saves” The fact that I need to BE saved is a real and profound fact! It means that I, but non only me, every man CAN’T get out of troubles by myself! Dot! The Eternal Father, instead of us, doesn’t do unnecessary things If Jesus Christ came to earth there will be a serious reason! if He suffered what he suffered he didn’t do it just to do something strange “Let’s go one moment on the cross and good night” No!! He died because there are some
serious problems!! Do you understand?? And often those who are most in need to rediscover this redeeming aspect of our faith (that is the main aspect of our faith) often, are the most practicing Catholics that, sometimes, practice (their faith) in a very bad way or in a very inappropriately way and often without any profit The enemies of the Church satanically
provoke us because these are satanic provocations but they have a grain of truth One of the most crazed men in the history since he died crazed was Nietzsche. He provoked christians He said to them “Who are you?” Are you christians? Do you really believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God, became a man to save you?? Well, and where are the Christians?? I will belive in the Gospel -he said- when I will see the Gospel
not hanging by a cross but when I will see it living
in the disciples of Jesus Christ I will believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God,
really became a man when I will see the happiness printed
in Christian faces”. We should be full of joy! Not be sad!! These are provocations. But we have to accept the challenge In the last catechesis we saw that what we have done in our lives conditions us positively or negatively Now, before continuing in the speech… We must rediscover the objective concept of sin When we do the baptismal renunciations we say that we “renounce Satan, origin and cause of every evil” And this is a matter of faith! And it’s an empirical matter of faith For one single sin, one!, committed
by Adam all mankind, even I, suffers
a real and deep slavery to Satan The original sin caused, in the author and in his descendants, indelible disorders. The original sin is deleted by Baptism,
as the Church teaches, but the concupiscence remains! The concupiscence is not only the tendency to commit the sins of impurity, The concupiscence is the tendency to evil St. Paolo in the letter to the Romans writes “I really want to be a good man, I really want do the good and very often I try to do the good, but I’m overwhelmed by the evil I don’t do the good that I want (to do) but I do the evil that i don’t want (to do)”. And this is an empirical fact! How many people say to me: “But father , I’m trying but i can’t!” It’s true that many times there is ill will But it’s also true that there is a situation of structural weakness And this is only for one single sin!
One! And although the baptism destroy it, it (the Baptism) does not neutralize all the negative consequences. What does it mens?? It means that when you sin, you not only do the evil, but you hurt yourself and you worsen your situation of slavery to the Devil The sphere of power that Satan has over you become bigger! The devil si bad! He wants evil, he wants to torture he wants to make you bad and sick he wants to destroy It’s a shocking mystery! When you sin, that two minutes in which you commit a mortal sin to have some fun, That two minutes have devastating
consequences! Because a door opened in that way to the Devil, means that you pay the sin you committed! And it is Satan that makes you pay
your sin! Not the Eternal Father!!! Do you understand? The Eternal Father allows Satan to make you pay because this is right! Since you freely choosed Satan Do you understand this?? The sin is to say “Amen” to Satan! it’s to say “Come into my house!” And you can’t tell me: “But I didn’t tell anything to the Devil” Let’s repeat the same speech about
Halloween The subjective dispositions don’t
count! dear boys and girls. If you do something that is
objectively a sin If you REALLY don’t know
that it’s a sin and this your unconsciousness
is really justified You will not answer to God
for this sin But the evil that that sin has produced remains! Do you understand? When Halloween comes and the people tell me:
“What’s wong? My son does’t celebrate Halloween to do an act of worship to the Devil, it’s just a party I have not any intention
to evoke the devil”. But this is true!! No one doubts this! The problem is: to do this thing is OBJECTIVELY to do an act
of worship to the Devil so you must not to do it! It’s like when someone says: “I get a reading the future by a witch
out of curiosity not for the black magic,
only out of curiosity” It’ doesn’t metter! Do you understand? Let’s make another example: two people who are engaged
and love each other and commit the sin of fornication, sin that after the marrieged isn’t a sin, I’m aware that, perhaps, they do not realize “But we love one another, we are in love We don’t kill anyone, what’s wrong??” I do not repeat the exposition about
10 comandaments because it is wrong but I can also grant that someone isn’t aware of the intrinsic evil
of an action But this doesn’t matter! Because the devastating effect
that this act produces remains! And you keep it! Do you understand? Now let’s see what happens When you do something bad There is a worsening of you, you become more evil and there is an increase
of the sphere of power that the prince of evil (Satan)
has on you It’s like if you have a hook
inside your soul where the Devil sticks and hooks Or let’s do another metaphor It’s like if in your soul
there are holes, like dens of vipers We have within us these things How can you bring these snakes
out of us? How can you kill them? There is only one way! Only one way!
There aren’t other ways! This way is the Confession! The sacrament of the confession! The confession is a SACRAMENT The sacraments are instruments of salvation to establish which Jesus Christ
died on the cross he didn’t die sleeping! It’s not a joke! Ok? If you have committed a mortal sin after being baptized, that chasm that has been opened
by your sin, that door that has been opened to Satan, that spiral of evil that has been activated and that, even if you don’t realize it,
does harm to YOU! And it does harm! Inside and outside you! There’s only one way to destroy it! This way is the sacrament
of the confession There aren’t other ways I don’t know if someone of you
has watched the “Lord of the Rings”… When that damn ring of the power
is found What does the ring of the power
simbolize? It’s the sin with whom Sauron (Satan)
holds people in slavery. And there’s only one way to destroy
that ring: you must burn that ring in the same
fire in which he was drop-forged. This is not causal! What does the Revelation says? Jesus Christ died on the cross
FOR OUR SINS! On Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday all the sins of all mankind, together with all the hell that
came In Jerusalem
to kill the Son of God, focused on Jesus to the point to kill Him These sins, discharging themselves
on Jesus, found a greater force since they were win by Jesus’s Love and by omnipotence of his divinity And he (Jesus) died
because he was a man but he has risen because he is God “Died for our sins- St. Paolo writes-
risen for our justification” Did you understand the metaphor? As the ring of the power can be destroyed
only throwing it into the Mount Doom For example, at a certain point,
during the Council of Elrond, Gimli gets angry, he takes the ax
and try to destroy it but the ax breaks. The ring doesn’t break. Or when Gandalf throw it into the fire, the ring doesn’t warm at all These are all metaphors to say that there aren’t other ways!!!! You can’t say “I do the confession
to the Eternale Father” or “But I act as if nothing has happened” “These are things happened a long time ago” “I don’t want to think about that anymore” NO! NO! Or you make a confession
AS GOD COMMANDS as God commands (and now
I will repeat how to do this) or you can NEVER, NEVER, be freed
from Satan!! Look out! A lot of stupid people don’t think that the hell exists! Do you know what it happens when
a person dies in a state of mortal sin? It happens that those clutches with which Satan clung to his soul, and from which the sinner isn’t released
at least before his death at least, if he couldn’t confess,
making an act of contrition
and of repentance the soul leaves the body with
the clutches of Satan inside Satan does nothing but take
what belongs to him God can’t prevent this because it would mean to violate
your freedom He never gave you permission to sin Because God, till the Old Testament, told you: “Dear son, I love you, don’t do this thing because if you do this thing,
although it seems good you pass under the power of one
who infinitely hates you and he will hurt you ruining this life,
and the eternal life Do you understand? And there are people that blaspheme
saying: “Ah, if God was good, how can He allow
that the hell exists?” If God was good?? How could he hallow the hell exists?? but for heaven’s sake,
Jesus Christ came to the earth and on Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday Jesu took upon himself all the hell to save YOU from the hell But if you went to the hell,
it isn’t God’s fault In fact, the damned are furious,
for all eternity, and they blaspheme like turks because they are aware that
they went to hell only for their fault and that God has done everything
to save them from hell and they DIDN’T want!! Do you understand?? That’s the point! But who really believes
in these things? Because if someone really believe in it… that’s why it is very important
to be educated The faith must be educated in a very good way! because of course that you are weak, but if you are absolutely certain
of these things that is, if you committ an impure act,
mortal sin par excellence, you pass under the dominion of the devil! NOW!! Not only that if you die
you go straight to hell but you begin to suffer his invisible
vexations also in this world the fears, the anxieties the anguishes and everything else that you
don’t know where it comes out “But from where all these things
come out?” They depend on this! ON THIS!! On this! I can’t prove it to you no one can prove it to you since we’re in the filed of the faith I can’t prove it if not in an indirect way or with testimonies that there’s a relationship of
cause and effect between the sin and YOUR malaise There are some indirect evidence Watch, for example, the outward
appearance of the great sinners of the prostitute,
excuse me for the example if you look a prostitute’s face you will see that she is a poor person,
deraved, unmade She may be beautiful but it’s an ugly beauty because you see the vice printed
on the face of this poor person Instead, if you go in a
cloistered monastery and you see a 90 year old nun with her little and serene eyes she may also be ugly but she has that little,
serene and relaxed eyes that testify a life lived in
the grace and joy despite enormous sufferings
and hardships because in a cloistered monastery
worthy of this name the standard of the ascetic life
is very high Another evidence of this is the pace, the joy, the serenity that feels who lives far from sin and the opposite feels who lives in the sin It’s so. IT’S SO dear boys and girls. Today, what’s the big problem? The huge pastoral problem? you must believe me, you must believe me you must believe me I ask you to believe me because I can’t go into details I confess a lot of people If I tell you these things it’s because
I confess a lot of people. The great majority of people approach the sacrament of confession
with extreme superficiality if, during the confession, they confess some sin (and this is not so usual, because sometimes they just
want to have a chat or to vent emotionally but they do not say anything relevant
from a moral point of view) are always little sins and, almost always, only sins
against the neighbor more or less serious. The ones who perceive it! end of confession. The most serious sins, like the sacrilegious confessions and almost EVERYONE, in his life,
has done a sacrilegious confession you must believe me!! If a persone is well-disposed and you begin to help him come out toads as big as a house “But did you know that this thing is a sin?” “Yes, father, deep down I knew it but…” “But have you ever said that in confession?” “No.” Do you know what that means?? If that person deep down in his heart knew, Guys, let’s speak plainly,
we all attended the catechism even if, today, the catechism is often… Let’s take the issue of contraception Do you remember what happened,
when the poor Ratzinger said that condoms can not be used
even in Africa, where there is ADIS? It happened the end of the world! “Ahh, the Church is always retrograde!!” “They don’t want the contraception
even in the AIDS cases”. Everyone of us watch
television news. Right? If someone uses contraceptives,
and hears that news, How does he can say that he doesn’t
know that the contraception is a sin?? It’s impossible. Therefore, he doesn’t have a
completely clean conscience He can’t say: “But I fall from the sky” I hope that… Sometimes, I had to ask: “Excuse me,
but did you attend the premarital course?” I’m teaching now a premarital course, Are you crazy not to talk about that
in a premarital course?? You must teach people to sanctify
themselves into the marriage And what does it means?? It means that you must say them
all those things that hinder the matrimonial sanctification In the marriage you must live
the sexuality And the sexuality to be blessed by God
must be opened to live. So, at least, you must touch on this
theme, during the course You can’t give a married couple
in the hands of the Devil and allow them to do sins upon sins
due to the contraception. Let’s return to the example, Do you know what does it means if
that person didn’t confess something relevant and serious,
that he knows to be sins? “Never mind”, “It doesn’t metter” And…. he takes communion for years?? Do you know what it means?? In mans that he made a myriad
of sacrilegious confessions and a myriad of
sacrilegious communions It means that that soul remained, for years, not only out of the grace of God, but also aggravating, aggravating
aggravating …. his situation! Do you understand what a mess?? How may the situation of that soul be?? A disaster! A disaster! Do you understand? Let’s take a little break
to say the Ave Maria of the 17 o’clock Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Amen Well, Dear boys and girls, All these things, ALL these things,
ALL your sins must to be presented in the CONFESSIONAL as te council of Trent says I have already made ​​three homilies
about this thing,
during the Feast of Divine Mercy I repeat: the FIRST STEP of a good journey
(The confession of all your sins of all your life!
Even the ones already confessed) ALMOST NOBODY has done this thing
in a good way ALMOST EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO IT!! Almost everyone! Almost everyone! I have no fear to say, even on Radio, that I made the general confession
5 or 6 times in my life I’ve lost count And I really needed to do that because I relized, when I prepared it, that there were some sins that
I had never confessed or that I confessed in a very superficial way or in a very general way Now I can’t… Maybe I can also
make some examples To do the general confession,
you must procure a good
examination of conscience If someone isn’t able to examine himself Or you procure an examination… or, if you have the spiritual father… You compel the priests to work You must say: “Father I want to do
a good general confession find the time to hear me for 2 hours and
help me to examine all my life”. You can also do in this way:
you help me, and you ask me the questions A priest must be able to help a soul
to examine himself Certainly this is a way that… should be a little heavy for the soul. I always suggest to prepare yourselves It’s more easy if you prepare the general
confession by yourselves, even with
the help of some schemes
(I have made some schemes for the general confession) It’s more easy if you prepare the confession
by yourself then I hear you, and if during the confession
I realized that there’s something to deepen, or there are
some sins that you didn’t confess, I, gently, will help you to complete
your confession But if you don’t have any problem
you can also ask to the priest to lead
the general confession Clearly you ask the priest to lead
the confession when you do
the general confession The confessions of devotion,
the confessions you usually do and that you must do as frequently as possible… You can’t go to the priest every week
and say: “Ask me some questions” It’s absurd Even with all the care that a priest
can have for this sacrament It’s absurd. Because the venial sins and the imperfections
are potentially infinite So you must be well formed and, always helped by the confessor
that lead us, understand how to make
the examination of conscience on daily and venial sins It is not necessary to confess
all venial sins It’s commendable to confess them
but it isn’t necessary to confess all of them saying the number, the kind and
the circumstances as, instead, YOU MUST DO
for the mortal sins It is not essential The most important thing
of the general confession is Some time ago, the sacrament
of the confession was also called (and till now) the
sacrament of the CONVERSION It means that, the fundamental requirement
of the confession is that you are SORRY for the sins you have committed For example, if you are going to die and, maybe also for negligence, you have no way to confess, and you are unable to confess, maybe you have made a car crash and you are bleeding to death If you tell God, with all your heart “God, I have made a disaster in my life,
have mercy on me” You will not go to hell Because the cause of the
forgiveness of our sins, the primary cause is the repentance. Now I tell you a thing, but you
MUST NEVER DO IT!!! Do you understand? You MUST NEVER DO IT! The Church teaches that if a person performs an act
of perfect contrition, That act of perfect contrition not only
delates all sins, but deletes also all consequences of the sins. You will not even go to purgatory But the problem is that nobody
can be sure to have made
an act of perfect contrition Because it consists in a
very very deep pain of our sins caused only by love for God. “I’m sorry for what I have done, not (or not only) for the evil that
I have done to myslef, to others etc. but because I displeased you, my God” “And because I disobeyed
your law of love I dosobeyed you, you that are a lovely Father
you that died for my salvation”. “And I am I feeling an immense pain! “I would like to die electrocuted rather than to do even the smallest sin” This is the perfect contrition Nobody, in this world, can be sure
to have lived this experience unless you ‘ve had a revelation from God This is the reason why you must confess. However, when the confession
is objectively impossible, at least in the immediate future, the contrition obtains God’s mercy You MUST NEVER AND FOR
NO REASON APPLY THIS PRINCIPLE when you take Holy Communion! Because if you have committed a mortal sin, in advance you confess, and only after
you can take Holy Communion ALWAYS!! DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE… I reapeat: in theory it might be possible Ok? So, if there’s some priest that say: “You can do an act of rerepentance
and then you can take the Communion” This is not a completely false thing But you can’t be too light! Because if there isn’t an act
of perfect contrition your soul is stained by grave sins so, taking the Holy Communion,
you make a SACRILEGIOUS Communion that is the MOST GRAVE SIN you can do! So, you must have a good
examination of conscience You have to put yourself
in front of God’s law, not in front of that YOU think
is good or evil. At first, there must be a mental conversion. You must recognize that the good
and the evil are objective things They are not decided by you your perception of good and evil
may not coincide with the God’s one. I was into it too. When I was young, I used to argue
with the priests because I believed that the doctrine
of the Church on the 6th commandment was completely invented by men. I didn’t understand… I was converted when I was able to see
the evil that there is in some acts that only help to make you feel good
for 2 minutes. How is it possible that something like this
is a disaster? Then I understood! I refer you to the catechesis on the
10 Commandments. And I was converted! At first here… Do you understand? Made these premises, I can go to confess There must be the repentance! Let’s do some examples: If you never attend Mass because you have not interiorized
the importance of this thing and you go to confess It’s obvious that if you,
in your heart, together with the pain for this sin,
you have not the firm intention that, from the next Sunday,
you will attend Mass every Sunday, the confession is sacrilegious! If you use birth control pills, and you go to confess, and you don’t say this thing,
or you say it but you have
no intention to stop, the confession is sacrilegious. If you are engaged and you live
as husband and wife and you have no intention to stop, the priest can’t absolve you and the confession is sacrilegious The same thing applies if the engagement
isn’t lived in perfect chastity the Chastity of Engagement
is total and deep It isn’t only limited to not have
(sexual) intercourse It’s zero, form an erotic point of view I’ve already spoken about this thing St Paul writes that, only after
the sacrament of the marriage there is a TOTAL and mutual belonging
of the man to the woman,
and of the woman to the man Before the sacrament of the marriage, doesn’t exist any kind of belonging
of the man to the woman So, premarital chastity must be ABSOLUTE. Do you understand what “absolute” means? Because there isn’t any kind
of relationship of belonging. And in the Catholic doctrine this is
also justified by the fact that the union, in God’s plan, was thought
to happen with only one person So, until there isn’t the divine seal, you can’t join anyone because
you are committing a theft to the one that
will be your housband or your wife. According to me, one of the most
important evidences of premarital chastity, also evoked by Jason and Crystalina Evert, is this: When I was young I had a girlfriend, when my girlfriend used to tell me that before me, there was another boyfriend… She had not done big things, but, when she used to tell me that she gave
her fisrt kiss to another boy… This thing gave me such a big nuisance that… “But WHY did you give your first kiss to him?!?!” At those times, I didn’t know that the level of premarital chastity (and if you don’t know, I will ruin the sunday) is so high that you can not even
give a deep kiss This is not only taught
by St. Pio of Pietrelcina, but there is also a statement
of Pope Alexander VI. He (the pope) condemned the doctrine
of some theologians that used to say that a deep kiss
before the marriage was a venial sin. The Pope said: “No! It’s mortal sin” I didn’t know this I thought that if you stop to the deep kiss
you are inside the premarital chastity NO! So, good confession to everyone! I have my little old men of Borgo San Michele There’s a my dear little
old and illiterate woman that one day told me: (do you see how our grandparents
was well formed?) She said to me:
“Ah, do you know that, one day,
Pasquale told me «Give me a Kiss!» «What do you want?!?! A kiss?
I don’t do anything to you! You will kiss me at the wedding night!
Or you do that, or there’s the door!!» My big dear… This woman is illiterate!
She is not even able to write illiterate in human things,
but highly educated in God’s ones! There are people, for example,
that are attached to lucky charm When I was a young priest, It happened to me. you know, the young priests are always
scrupulous and meticolous. You enter a house,
and you find a good luck amulet and I said: “My dear son, God’s blessing
doesnt’ get along with the good luck amulet” Someone said to me:
“If it’s so, you can go away! I don’t remove the good luck amulet!” I remember that, when I was in Lourdes I was on duty at the pools and arrived a man that had a chain
with crucifix and a good luck amulet I said: “My dear son,
of these two things, one is too much You can’t put them close together You have to choose. Or you keep the crucifix, or you keep
the good luck amulet”. Two days later, I met this man again and very happily told me:
“Look father! I have removed the amulet!!” The sins must be confessed
ALL and WELL ALL! Even the ones committed at 7 years old, at 8 years old, when you had the beginning
of the use of reason You must confess that ancestral thing of which, perhaps,
we have never thought about that are a weight on our consciousness and that we have never confessed. Council of Trent said that we are obliged to confess ALL the mortal
sins that we have committed. If a person stays away from the faith
for years, and then he goes to confess, it’s obvious that he doesn’t think that he has to confess all the sins
of all his life in a very good way. Indeed, the general confession is a step
that comes at a later time. But then you HAVE TO DO THIS! Because if you don’t do this, you will continue to bring the famous
dens of vipers inside your soul, or hooks with which the devil
will continue to keep you in slavery Do you understand? These are the kinds of ordinary evil and they are a lot!
And they are hidden, and sly!! ok? Inability to win a defect, recurring passions, sadnesses of various types asperity, overt vices, Think, for example, to that people that
continue to tittle-tattle Tittle-tattle is a diabolic activity, tittle-tattle make mischief, discord, division is against the charity, but some people do nothing but this
from morning to night, they have no other sport
that speak ill of the others If you don’t understand that speak ill of others is against the charity and… at that time, you’re making
a satanic action because it is Satan that puts us
against each other If you don’t understand this,
or even if you have understood it but
you aren’t able to keep quiet, it means that Satan still has
a strong power over you And this could depend by the fact that there are some grave sins
that you have not confessed and so, even if you attend Mass
or go to confess, all the Masses and all the confessions
that you do, are not only useless
but they are even harmful!! Because the confession badly done
and the Eucharist made ​​in a state
of mortal sin are THE MOST grave sins
against the FIRST commandment! As those who approach unworthily
to the Communion (For he who eats and drinks,
eats and drinks judgment to himself
– St.Paul wites-) so who makes a false confession in the sense that he does’t
confess everything or even if he confesses everything… “But I recognize it, I admit it” It’s not enough if you recognize
and admit it! You must convert yourself! I have told many times that, when somebody studies Moral, when you study St. Alfonso Maria de Liguori,
there’s a chapter of Moral that speaks of the recidivists
in the mortal sin we are talking about the mortal sins. All of us are recidivists in venial sins The daily sins that depend on the flaws
of our temperament (then we’ll talk about this) obviously are repetitive. Certainly, we must pay attention that,
between a confession and the other one if a person gets angry easily,
it’s different if he gets angry 30 times
a day or 1 time every 3 days. It’s different, isn’t it? Certainly in the next confession,
he will confess that he got angry. But, in order that there is a good job
on ourselves, we must pay attention
to the number of the little sins. But, it’s not so for the mortal sins, because the recidivism… If you know that you are committing
a grave sin, for example the blasphemy, I have met a myriad of blasphemers that
stopped (to blaspheme) overnight when they understood that
the blasphemy is not only a stupid thing, but it is something of seriously
offensive to the Omnipotent and that you (swearing) sully the name
of your Creator, of your Savior, of him that if he wanted,
could instantly incinerate you. (when they understood this),
they didn’t do it ever again Overnight!
And without special graces! We are not automatons, certainly we are weak,
but if you go to confess in a good way, Ahh, you have immediately the forces!! Because the hooks are all removed,
and, together with forgiveness,
the sanctifying grace is infused over you! So, if YOU WANT,
you are able to sin no more And if you sin, there are 2 possibilty: Or your will is weak, so you have not decided
to radically cut with the sin, and so there isn’t a genuine repentance and so you can’t be absolved! OR you don’t avoid the occasions! But not to avoid the near occasion of sin, Do you remember the Act of Contrition? «I firmly resolve,
with the help of Your grace,
to sin no more and to avoid
the near occasion of sin». Let’s make some typical examples of
moral theology about the 6th
commandment If a person commits
the impure solitary sins, it’s clear that he must avoid being alone, or avoid using the computer in solitude if he isn’t able to control himself and if
he always goes to watch those things
that light in him the hot spirits. If a person has the bad habit
of going to prostitutes, it’s obvious that he must avoid, even if he has to travel for 30 miles extra, going through a place
frequented by prostitutes because this is a near occasion of sin If a person has had
an extramarital affair, he must BREAK OFF any kind
of relationship with that person otherwise he puts himself
in a near occasion of sin. If 2 engaged people want to live
premarital chastity, they must avoid being alone in circumstances,
in places, or in situation in which they know they can enjoy a privacy
that isn’t subject to violations since they could get in a situation
in which they are not able
to control themselves. In the matter of recidivists,
the moral theology is very very clear! You can give absolution
the first time, the second time, to the utmost the third time. After that you have to say: “Stop!
You have to pray for some time” After the 3th time, the absolution must
necessarily be delayed because the penitent must prove before… It is necessary to restore the use
of the penance before the absolution. In the past, the penance was done
before the absolution. and it was very long,
as well as very heavy. So, in this case, you will say
to the penitent, for example, pray for 7 or 10 day the Rosary,
or attend Mass every day, I don’t know. “Do the penance before, and then,
after these days, we will met again
and we will see how it went”. If in those days it went well,
we can risk if not, no! If not, at that point,
you have to start praying, you have to make a path and
decide against the evil! because, I repeat, God doesn’t
violate our free will The journey of healing and delivering
depends on us, on how we are motivated
and convinced. If you think that you are
not enough convinced, educate your soul better, chat with your spiritual director, seek to mature the motivations that
make you hate the sin Convince yourself that if you sin,
you only hurt yourself
and the others around you. Do you understand? So.. those hooks that the devil has planted
in our hearts with our free will because when you sin,
you freely choose Satan. Imagine that you have a real hook a hook causes a hole inside you, ok? So, what does the confession do? It takes away that hook. But the hole remains,
the wound remains! That wound must be medicated! Otherwise you bleed to death! Do you understand the metaphor? Let’s make another metaphor… You had, inside you, dens of vipers.
The snakes are all expelled But the holes remain,
you have to close them because the snakes must not
come back there! So you have to do an operation
of “make up”, a restore operation, a rebuild operation. ok? This, inside the confession, is
the function of the sacramental penance that, as moral theology teaches,
has two aims or maybe three, The first aim is an aim of reparation
in front of God’s justice. That’s the first thing. The second aim, is the one to eliminate (and this is a fundamental point) all the negative consequences that
the sin caused inside and outside you. Let’s make an example.. And this is the reason why the penance
must be adequate to the kind of sin committed If the penitent has lacked a lot
in the sins against God the kernel of his penitential path
will be a bigger commitment in prayer and a bigger commitment in the sacraments. He will have to attend Mass a bit more often. If he, mainly, lacked against
the love for the neighbor What does he have to do? Alms, and spiritual and corporal
works of mercy. He will have to do something like that. Because the deeds of free love repair
the lacks of love for our neighbors
that we have done. If the penitent lacked a lot
against the purity… Unfortunately, the classic penance
for sins against purity is fasting. You used your body
to get illicit pleasures, so, you renounce a licit
and also necessary pleasure as the one of eating in order to repair the negative consequences
triggered in you by your sin. Certainly this thing must be done
with discernment and wisdom. This is to say that, it’s fundamental
that the general confession is done
with a GOOD CONFESSOR. I hope, I really hope that
the majority of the priests I want to hope that the majority
of the priest was of this kind. But from what I hear,
it is not always so. Because I’m in touch
with thousands of people, real and also virtual people,
through Facebook, you know… A priest know that it’s always
necessary filter what people tell you. It’s possible that, often,
someone could exaggerate something But, even filtering what they say to me,
I sometimes get worried… Do you understand? Certainly, the confession works well
as much as the penitent is prepared and as much as his inner
dispositions are good But it’s also important the role of the priest. At first, he has to help you to discern what is grave form what is less grave. Both on the occasion of confession
and on the occasion of completion
of the examination of conscience Secondary, he must verify your disposition,
your repentance. Otherwise he has to exhort you so that the repentance, that maybe
there isn’t, could born during the confession or if it is weak, could be reinforced In order not to incur an invalid confession Thirdly, he must verify that the penitential
itinerary is adequate. The priest has two options: some things should be evaluated
in light of who you have in front of you. If you stand in front of a weak soul,
you will have to try to proportion
the penance to his weakness And if a penance can’t be adequate… Dear boys, the holy confessors,
like St. Curé d’Ars, Padre Pio,
St. Leopold Mandic, someway, compensated for. They compensated. They compensated! But for the good
of the individual person, ok? Because if there isn’t
this following operation… you know… It’s like a person
who has undergone a surgery The surgery is successful. Perfectly. But then, there is the time of convalescence. In which the penitent recovers forces
in order to get back on track So you must pray the Eternal Father
for this thing. You must pray the Eternal Father
for this thing. Namely that you can do a good confession
with a good confessor. If you don’t have a good confessor back home,
but if he is 20 miles away,
It isn’t a big deal! It doesn’t metter! When St. Pio of Pietralcina was alive,
there were people that came from
the United States to go to confess
with him But -pay attention!- it wasn’t
cult of personality! Ok? This isn’t a stupid cult of personality! But there was a clear case of a person who,
for God’s gift, had the grace to make you do
an excellent confession The confessions with Padre Pio
lasted 3 minutes! Because if you were not repentant,
he immediately kick you out!! and if you didn’t say all the sins,
it was he who told them to you and or you, humbly, said “Yes Father,
I have done also this sin”, or he kicked you out another time!! Clearly no one can do these things,
unless he has the extraordinary
gifts of Padre Pio The confession is the most
important sacrament! The Eucharist is the greater
and the most sanctifying sacrament but the confession is preparatory. In all this delivering path that we are doing, there isn’t only the evil that we have done, there is also the evil that we have received
(we will discuss about it in the next catechesis) there are the flaws of our temperament
(and we will talk about it) there are the defense mechanisms, the blocks
and other situations of which we’ll talk about
the next times but this (a good confession) is the FIRST STEP! Because the evil inside me
caused by what I have done is more serious than the rest! Because the flaws of my temperament
and my weakness depend by the Adam’s sin.
It isn’t my fault. The received wounds
come from the sin of others They didn’t come from my sins.
I suffer the consequences and that’s that with all their baggage of relationship difficulties,
with all the typical shame of defense mechanisms,
etc. but the evil that come from
the evil that I have done
is caused by me! So, It’s an evil that has been triggered by me! And this kind of evil is the one of which
the devil benefits more. And I have to detroy it! And to destroy it I have to resort
to this sacrament! That’s why it’s so important Very very important! I beg you, dear boys and girls,
to take this very seriously Not for nothing, the good father Gabriele Amorth
(the most famous exorcist in the world still alive), -the people always does nothing but think about the devil, the possessions and so on…- He say: “The possessions? When a person is possessed, the first thing
that I make to do to him
is to do a good confession!” “Because a well done confession
is more powerful than 100 exorcisms”
These are fr. Amorth’s words!! Because, what is the exorcism? It is to chase away the devil when he owns
a person in extraordinary mode What is the confession? It is to chase away the devil when he owns, in ordinary mode, THE SOUL of a person! And this is more serious than
when he owns the body! And you can only do this through
a well done confession. I give you my blessing and, if you want,
we will see again the next week. Ave Maria! Long live Christ the King!
Long life Mary, the Immaculate and Co-redentrix!

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