Emmaus House at the Ukrainian Catholic University

By | September 5, 2019

Emmaus Center is a department of the Ukrainian
Catholic University, and we are a part of the university because for Bishop Borys, our
president of the people with intellectual disability are really important and he always says that there are teachers
in humanity, in their relationships, and he really wanted people with special needs to be a part of the university
and also to transform students. This house is in the student’s residence
and here it’s a community. So here, our living five persons with intellectual disability. The mission of Emmaus House is to offer a
nice life to these people who are very marginalized from society. But, it has also another mission, and this mission is
to transform students. One student said, “I like coming here because
my soul is resting here.” When Bishop Borys comes to Emmaus House, it’s
a party. It’s really a party. Our friends are so touched, so happy to see him. They run into his arms and they embrace him
and they love him. Without Bishop Borys, we would not have this
house. It is really his vision, and it’s a unique
vision. It’s really prophetic, you know? To have people with an intellectual disability within the university,
within an institution which promotes the intellectual development. This people, they are not by chance. They have a mission, everybody has a mission,
and they have also their mission. It’s to make us more human and also at Emmaus
Center we really believe that our friends with special needs, they are like messengers
and messengers of the Gospel you know, of the fact that we are all beloved by God. And if we accept one another, then we can
create another world.

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