Eliminating Evil Without Destroying Man – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (03 Sep 2019)

By | September 4, 2019

In our attempts to eradicate evil from society,
very often we want to eradicate not just evil, but even the evil person we want to eradicate.
You can see this very clearly even in social media, where when someone does something wrong,
we just want to destroy the person. Don’t give the person any face or dignity. We must
shame him until he can no longer face anyone. That is the intention of the world. And this
is the danger because we cannot tolerate evil and we think that the only way to overcome
evil is to destroy evil together with those people who are in it. On the other hand, we
have to be conscious that it is true that evil is prevailing in society today more than
ever. So people today are not alert to the way the devil is working in the world. He
is working very subtly. The changing ideologies, changing people’s minds, destroying cultures,
destroying institutions, like marriage, like family. Today, the devil is promoting a godless
world because the only way to remove every form of conscience, the only way to remove
every form of resistance against the devil is to promote a godless world, in the name
of humanism, secularism. That is why we must also be careful that there are some people
who are promoting ecology in a very limited way. Ecology is just protecting creation,
the climate and the plants and the animals. We need to protect human beings. We are part
of this ecology. We need to protect the family. We need to protect the institutions. But we
are destroying the family. We are destroying humanity. What’s the use of having plants
and animals when there are no human beings here, when we destroy ourselves. So ecology
is actually a question of integrity of plants, of animals, of human beings. And so, this
is where you can see how the devil is working very subtly. We need, therefore, always to
be on the watch. And so this is where it’s important, that in the face of evil, let us
be careful that our task is to destroy evil, not to destroy people. That is the reason
why we don’t overcome evil with evil. We overcome evil with goodness. So even when the person
is incorrigible, we still believe and we still want to give hope to everyone to be saved.
So long as a human being lives, the person has the opportunity to repent, to change.
We don’t hurt the man. The human person must be saved but the evil we destroy. We need
to make a distinction between evil, between sin and the sinner. The sinner is loved by
God, not the sin. So once we make a distinction, then we do not destroy the sinner. We are
always trying to save the sinner but we condemn the sin. And that must be very clear, so that
at the end of the day, no one gets hurt except that evil is eliminated.

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