Eddsworld – Zombeh Nation

By | December 6, 2019

Please remember to keep all your belongings and luggage with you at all time whilst travelling on the underground. Mind the gap. ROAR! Zombies! Son of a- Hello? (Gibberish) Matt is trapped in a zombie infested train station. Soooo? Err so, we should save him and stuff. Why? Whhyyy? Why? Because i’m your friend you butt munch.
Besides I have the emergency coke. Muhahaha! Alright, let’s go save Matt and whatever. Braaaains! (Screaming) Braaains!! Alright, there are three routes to the station.
Through the zombie infested mall, through the haunted graveyard or through that old
house over there. I say the old house. Yeah, that looks safe enough. 10 minutes later! Well, I hope Matts doing better than us. Brains! Brrraaaainnns! I can’t just hide out here. I need to find
a weapon! No… Too predictable… We need to think of a plan. I know! An escape plan! Err, I have an escape plan. Braaaains! Ahhh zoombies! Matt? MATT? We are here to save you. About bloody time. Hmm we need to think of a way of opening this
gate. I suggest throwing Tom at it. Sounds good to me. Or we could press that big red button clearly
marked ‘In case of zombie outbreak, press to open gate to free any/or ginger civilians
trapped inside’ Throw Tom! I hate you all so much. Give me back the coke!! Well, I think it’s time that we should be-
Holy trombones on a pogo stick! Err, run away! They’re everywhere! Phew, that was close. Flaming zombies! Run away! Doesn’t seem to be any survivors. Look a helicopter! Wait, what is that down there? Oh wait, never-mind it’s just more zombies. We’re saved! (Gunfire) (Credits)

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