Driver dodges community service after fatal crash

By | September 5, 2019

no one should have to go through the loss of a family member and then have to make sure that the person who took them pays the penalty for that a woman mourning the death of her mom killed in a traffic crash tonight the man who caused it has still not served his sentence three years after the collision new six first exposed this story as a part of our driving change campaign now the driver admits he was fumbling for his cell phone when he lost control of his pickup truck he got a ticket for careless driving the punishment for that traffic infraction is not severe but so far the driver has not completed his sentence tonight new six investigator Mike DeForest is getting results in Mike what is the drivers punishment supposed to be Lisa Daniel lights he pleaded no contest to careless driving in that deadly crash so he lost his driver’s license for a few months and he had to pay a fine the judge also ordered Lightsey to perform community service but tonight three years later there is no evidence lights he has done any of that community service that’s all we want to see as a family as he’s held accountable Marsha Waldron is seeking justice for her mother three years ago Martha Jackson was driving through Polk County when her car was crushed by an oncoming pickup truck daniel lights he told investigators he lost control of his truck while he attempted to reach for his phone in two seconds her life ended and his there’s really been no punishment at all as part of his sentence for careless driving a judge ordered Lightsey to pay a $1,000 fine plus court costs lights he also had to perform 120 hours of alternative community service to be served at a trauma center or hospital within 12 months so far he hasn’t done one hour of community service from what I understand any we’re working on a story about the careless driving crash that you were involved in a couple years ago what’s the status of human service with that I caught up with Daniel Lightsey trying to find out whether he’s completed any community service since causing that fatal collision more than three years ago have you done any community service I thought it would change his life and it hasn’t changed anything the Polk County Clerk of Court confirms lights he has not submitted any proof of his community service when violators ignore the requirements of a traffic citation the state will suspend their driver’s licenses that means lights he should not be driving his license is supposed to be suspended until he does the hundred and twenty hours of community service I got a copy of lights he’s driving record from the state it shows right here his driving privileges valid today and he’s allowed to drive right now I don’t understand how that’s possible they were supposed to suspend it last year after lights he finally paid off his fine the court clerk mistakenly submitted a request to reinstate his driver’s license after Waldron helped catch that error the clerk’s office attempted to get it suspended again but his new six discovered that never happened light sees driver privilege remained valid we lost the rock of our family and I’m watching somebody walk around would basically know no punishment no remorse no no anything tonight our investigation is getting results after I discovered lights II still has that valid driver’s license the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles began the process of suspending it once again until he shows proof that he has completed those community service hours lights he will not be allowed behind the wheel and Mike there have been several problems in this case this is not the first big mistake to occur with mistakes right from the beginning in fact three years ago when that happened the judge somehow did not realize that Waldron’s mother died in that collision now the penalty for careless driving in a non fatal crash is much lighter just a small fine and nothing more the victims daughter caught that error so the judge ordered lights he back to court increased the fine and added that community service requirement which light see apparently added salt in the wound though for this family everything seems to be a battle to have this man held accountable they say until he serves his sentence they will feel that closure they yeah you can see the pain on her face Mike thank you I know you’ll stay on this one

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