Dream and Succeed: Valley Catholic High School

By | September 5, 2019

Valley is such a community-based school. It’s not just a bunch of kids who know each other. It’s a bunch of kids who are helping each other to grow and become better people. It’s really the people and the kids here, the faculty, everyone that kind of makes up Valley that makes it a really special school. It has been a great honor to really represent the Sisters who give so much back to the school and to have a great coaching staff that really likes to challenge us, but at the end of the day everyone knows that we’re all for each other. We have a real diverse community at Valley Catholic, students from all different faiths and I want to make our retreats, our liturgies, service learning something that’s valuable for all of our students. What I love about the school is our motto, which is “excellence in everything, opportunity for everyone.” And I feel like you can say that, but to truly mean that and provide those opportunities, that’s fantastic.

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