Do Catholics Have a Relationship With Jesus?

By | August 30, 2019

For those of us that remember what life
was like before social media it’s easy to look at the quality of relationships
of some young people today with a bit of cynicism. Like you know back in my day if
you wanted to have a relationship with somebody you had to go through the
somewhat traumatic and awkward experience of introducing yourself to
them and spending time with them and talking to them and if you wanted more
than that you had to actually ask them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend and
then watch as an expression of pity and superiority washes over their face just
as they utter that terrifying phrase, “I think we should just be friends.” Anyways
my point is that real relationships of intimacy take effort and work. You need
to break through those superficial stages of just being familiar with
somebody until you reach a point where you can have deep conversations with
them, where you can spend time with them and just feel like you can be yourself,
or where you can be really vulnerable with them and trust them. Those kinds of
relationships take time and effort which is why I don’t get it when some people
look at the amount of effort that some Christians put into knowing God and
their faith and ridicule them by saying, “It’s not about all that it’s just about
a relationship with Jesus.” As a Catholic, this is something I hear a
lot from non Catholics especially in the comments of my videos. They’ll say that
all that religiosity in the Catholic Church is just a distraction or worse
it’s some kind of idolatry and that what you really need is just a relationship
with Jesus. Now I’ve spent time in non Catholic churches prior to having become
Catholic myself and so I have some familiarity with what this kind of a
relationship with Jesus looks like and if I had asked back then, you know, what
is it and how do I have one the reply would be something like, “Well you just
say this prayer and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and then you’re good and
if you want you can get baptized but that doesn’t really matter.” And something
about that has an uncanny similarity to the kinds of relationships that we have
on social media; just accept God’s friend requests and now you have a relationship
with him but honestly for all the friends that we have on a platform like
Facebook how many of them can we say that we actually have an authentic
relationship with them? What the Catholic Church has always recognized and
encouraged is that if you want to have a relationship with God you have to put
some effort into it. You have to spend time with him just like you would with
anybody else you wanted to have a relationship with. And so for Catholics
what that looks like is time spent in prayer and to make that easier we have
things like formal prayers. That’s why we have something like the Rosary and yeah,
I get it, formal scripted prayer can seem
impersonal but that format is what leads to something deeper. It’s the same reason
we have social customs that help get us past that initial awkwardness of an
introduction to somebody new. Like when you meet someone, for example, you would shake their hand and use a standardized greeting like, “Good day nice to meet you
or “sup yo?!” Then with those out of the way we can get into small talk and I get
it, I hate small talk as an introvert. nobody wants to talk about the weather
or traffic but it’s what leads to something deeper. So I recognize the
necessity of it. Like, “Hey how about this beautiful weather we’ve been having.”
“I know it’s great I finally was able to take my pet armadillo out for a walk.”
“You have a pet armadillo that’s amazing I love pet armadillos!” Okay so
now we’re getting somewhere and it’s all because we faithfully observed that
social template. Formal prayers are like that – they give us a script and a
starting point with God. But God doesn’t just want to be pals with you. Being part
of your armadillo enthusiast club isn’t really gonna cut it. God is love. God wants deep and profound intimacy with you. He wants you to know
him the way he knows you. Jesus said that we are to love God with all our heart
mind soul and effort and the Bible is full of sayings about how God wants to
live in us and we in him. That’s a kind of intimacy that exceeds even spousal
relationships and what is it that distinguishes those kinds of
relationships from just mere friendships? Well it’s gotta get physical. So how do
we go beyond that friendzone level of intimacy with God and allow Him to live
deeply within us as physical beings? Well that’s where the sacraments come in. God
made us physical beings so it should stand to
reason that his plan of salvation and restoration with us, as well as his plan
to have deep and profound relationships with us, should have a physical quality
to it. And that’s exactly what we find in the
Bible where he gave us sacraments like baptism and communion. In John 6 Jesus, said that those who eat his flesh and drink his blood live in him and he lives
in them and he didn’t mince words here. He said my my flesh is true food and my
blood is true drink and Catholics take him at his word and understand that this
is how he lives in us and transforms us from the inside out. This is what a true
and profound and deep spiritual and physical relationship with God looks
like. Why else would God need to become
physically incarnate if we weren’t supposed to have a physical relationship
with him? That wasn’t just for the people that were alive during his 33 year
lifespan. It’s for all the members of his body to know him in this way which is
why, when we gather and break the bread of life, we consume it just as the
Apostles did at the Last Supper. Now you can ridicule that as superfluous
and unnecessary but if you don’t take up these spiritual practices of prayer
and the sacramental life then all you have with God is an accepted friend
request at some point and I’m sorry that’s not a relationship. If you want
to go deeper and discover a real relationship with him, the kind that we
were meant to have as both spiritual and physical beings, then you need to find
this thing that you’ve been ridiculing as religion but is actually just the
effort it takes to have a relationship with God. Thanks so much for watching
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8 thoughts on “Do Catholics Have a Relationship With Jesus?

  1. william cloud Post author

    How to have that DEEP intimate relationship is to get rid of the sacraments, his daughter Mary who he created. Dead Saints that are useless. Why do you have saints after they are dead? We have thousands that are alive walking the earth. What did the thief to on the cross have to do to get that deep intimate relationship with God to get to heaven? You have no idea what it's like to have a deep intimate relationship with Jesus. Maybe Satan I Will agree with. After all you practice doctrines of demons.

    Satan will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie… turning bread and wine into the real flesh and blood of Jesus. Seeing Mary in different locations at different points of time. Relics.

    Because you deny the truth… Friends, this is important for you that aren't catholic but have a personal relationship with Jesus and your trying to get them to see.

    This is is what God has done to the Catholic that take pride in worshipping the dead. Worshipping His creation (Mary). Worshipping/venerating idols and statues.

    God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

    Do you want scripture to back this up? I live this guy. Don't be deceived any further.

    God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness

  2. Princesswarrior JP Post author

    I am a former Catholic who grew up in the church and who also went to Catholic school and at the age of 29 I heard the true Gospel for the first time and after reading Gods Word pretty much cover to cover for the very first time I was faced with a major decision 🤔I knew what I had learned in the Catholic Church was opposite of what I was reading in the Bible so I left and become a born again Christian and never felt closer to God then I do now🙌🙌🙌With all due respect, please make sure you represent Christianity accurately in your videos because you most definitely are not in this video 😕not sure what Christian churches you attended but the things you stated about having a relationship with Christ as a Christian was misrepresented :(( I mean no disrespect but your not accurate in your statements 🙏 What you stated is not true Christianity and definitely not how someone has a true relationship with our Lord and Savior🙏🙌 Thank You for your content & God Bless😇

  3. Jordan D Post author

    What organ song is that in the background? Totally awesome

  4. Humphrey Obanor Post author

    You are wise in many ways. God bless you

  5. 1511 GodGoldGlory Post author

    Oh yes as a Catholic we have a relationship with God, we drink his blood and eat his flesh when we celebrate Eucharist and it is just AWSOME…God is with us 🙂

  6. Dr. Alan Hales Post author

    Brian Holdsworth, it's quite obvious that you aren't saved. No Catholic are saved, if they were, they would leave the Catholic church, the Holy Spirit in them would convict them of the errors of the Catholic church.
    There's no such Biblical things as the Catholic sacraments. Catholics twist the scriptures to get there erroneous doctines and sacraments.
    I can prove every one of the Catholic doctrines are wrong.

  7. Fonz Fontanares Post author

    Indeed, something worthwhile naturally requires effort and sacrifice. More power Brian!


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