Discontentment – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (24 July 2019)

By | August 30, 2019

Contentment is very rare in most people’s
lives. It is very true that in life, we can never be happy with material things. No material
possessions can ever give us contentment. How can we find satisfaction in life? How
can you find contentment in life? Contentment requires wisdom in looking at life. Contentment
requires wisdom in seeing what we have. Contentment requires us to be appreciative of what we
have received. Make the best of it. Jesus is the Word of God in person. Jesus is the
Bread of Life. Anyone who comes to Him will find life to the fullest. So what we really
need in order to live a contented life is really to ask for the Bread of Life. Because
at the end of the day, happiness in life is how we look at situations, how we look at
life, how we look at sufferings, how we look at our struggles. Everybody has difficulties,
everybody has challenges. But it is how we actually look at them. The parable of the
sower tells us, the farmer sows the seeds freely, everywhere he sows. It is given to
all. It is free. There is no condition. We just have to take it. But the question is,
are we ready to receive the Word of God? It is free but it depends on our disposition.
It depends on whether we are receptive enough to receive the Word of God. So those people
who are more receptive, of course, will get a greater harvest. Those who are less receptive
will not get much. There is no excuse not to be formed in the Word of God. Very often,
sufferings in life can take us away from God. So we are full of God’s love, then suffering
comes because of tragedy. They do not understand why you need to use the challenges, the sufferings
in life to grow. Instead, they let the thorns choke them and that’s the end of the faith.
How can we ever grow in life without being nurtured on the Word of God? We need to find
wisdom, we need to find strength. So it’s very important, every day no matter how busy
you are, and I can guarantee you, spend half an hour, just take your Bible and just sit
before the Lord in silence to calm yourself down. It helps you to see life in perspective.
Then you will learn to let go of all your petty things. When you start praying, you’ll
find great peace and contentment.

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