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By | November 17, 2019

Speaker 1: Kanye West finally released his
oft delayed, but highly anticipated album, ‘Jesus is King.’ It’s a gospel spin, so we wanted to see what
his biggest fans thought of it. So we decided to hit the streets of New York
City to check it out. Let’s go. Do you think the album is good? Speaker 2: Yes, I do. It’s different. It’s different Kanye. Speaker 3: I like the mix of Kanye and the
gospel. It’s not too much gospel, not too much Kanye. Speaker: Out of all his albums, it’s
nowhere near the top five. Speaker 5: I do think it’s good. I don’t think it’s his best project, though. I still think ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’
is the best. Speaker 6: It’s not as bad as ‘Ye.’ Speaker 3: Good is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t forget. Speaker 7: I’ll say mid. It’s all right. Speaker 3: It’s good in a certain vibe. I’m not going to play it on my speaker and
mosh to it. Speaker 2: We got used to the rowdy, ratchet
Kanye, but now he bringing it back home. Speaker 7: It got worked too hard for something
I thought was going to be bigger than what it was. Speaker 3: But when I’m chilling on a late
night, and I want to feel… Or early morning, matter of fact, because
church-type time. Speaker 8: It’s super Sunday morning… Speaker 3: I would listen to it and empower
myself. Speaker 7: I feel like he just made it at
a point in his life when he’s thinking differently about music. The whole album to me felt like every song
was like “Jesus Walks” part two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Speaker 1: Where does the album rank amongst
his others? Speaker 2: I’m going to say top three, just
because I like the message behind it. Speaker 7: Probably the bottom out of all
of his albums. Speaker 8: Bottom. Why bottom? Speaker 8: Have you heard ‘My Beautiful Dark
Twisted Fantasy?’ Speaker 5: I say it’s better than ‘Ye.’ I think Ye’s his worst project. Speaker 6: It has that ‘Kids See Ghosts-‘type
vibe. I’d say second and last probably, yeah. Second to last. But definitely not top. Speaker 1: With ‘Ye’ being the last? Speaker 5: Yeah. Speaker 3: Aight, imma keep it a buck. At the bottom. But that’s just comparing the best to good,
but it is a very good album nonetheless. Speaker 2: You know, this is what he was all
about. He was all about Jesus Christ. To see him loop and come back around to that,
that’s fire. I don’t know what everything in between was,
but I mean, I appreciate all of Kanye’s music, if we’re going to be completely honest. Speaker 1: What is your favorite song off
the album? Speaker 7: It got to be the second one, “Selah.” I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing that
right, but that’s probably the only song that’s I’ve listened to more than once. Speaker 2: “Selah,” so far. Speaker 7: It had the beat, the track, the
bars, everything I like. Everything came together perfect. Speaker: “On God.” It kind of spoke to me. Speaker 5: On God, produced by Pierre Bourne,
my man from Queens. Speaker: For him to let Pierre keep his
tag, that was pretty nice, because Kanye don’t let a lot of people keep his tag. Speaker 5: He lives like, 15 minutes from me. So just having someone in the area of where
from where I grew up just making a fucking beat for Kanye, it was just so fire. And what Kanye was saying, that shit was just,
it was crazy. Speaker 1: What do you think about “Closed
on Sunday?” Kanye West: (singing)
Speaker 8: I’m vegetarian. Speaker 2: That’s fire. That’s a mood, though. I’m from Atlanta, so all we eat is Chick-Fil-A,
and every Sunday we’d be salty. I’d wake up and I’d just want to go to Chick-Fil-A
Sunday and I can’t have it. Speaker 5: I was at the listening party and
he played that, it was fire. I’m not even lie, everybody was going crazy. That song is hard, in my opinion. Speaker 7: I’m not a big fan of Chick-Fil-A.
I guess he added that just to add a little bit of modern entertainment to it. Speaker 6: Lowkey, it was kind of funny,
because I mean, Kanye is a serious artist, but he said that, so I was just like, “Really,
Kanye? That’s what you’re doing now?” Speaker 3: I just like the fact that he talks
about Chick-fil-A. I like chicken. I like Kanye. I like music. Nothing to complain about. Speaker 1: ‘Jesus is King’ wasn’t anyone’s favorite
Kanye project, but the love was there. Let us know what you think in the comments. I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Diehard Kanye Fans React To ‘JESUS IS KING’ | Genius News

  1. Taylor Krom OFFICIAL Post author

    It aint about being good… he’s speaking a MESSAGE YOU SHEEP.

  2. Matthew Francis Post author

    The majority just wants to hear about sex, drugs and money, there’s no passion for Jesus, these people man smh. They don’t want to hear about God, the world is brainwashed.

  3. Edward Jackson Post author

    That was interesting to hear from fans.
    Do a video interviewing non fans who are Christians. I’d be interesting to hear what they think.

  4. Chuka Dennis Post author

    Which Jesus is he referring to?
    The CHRIST or the one who plays for Mancity?

  5. Rafi A.K.A Playboi Carti Post author

    Oh man i got so many sins from this album

    cause im muslim

  6. Kendra Borczuch-Kitts Post author

    The like or dislike for the album reflects where each of these individuals are in their life, some ready, some not ready to receive their Salvation. “If” they are ready to die to themselves and take up their cross? “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me , and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14:11 KJV
    God is so good❤️🙏❤️

  7. Lori McNeil Post author

    Praise the Lord, Kanye has come to salvation in Christ and proclaiming it boldly!

  8. Garret Burrow Post author

    "I'm a vegetarian."
    Oh my God, shut the fuck UP!

    All these ppl goin to hell when they die..except for the chick from Atlanta

  9. Kempner Sports Post author

    It's my favorite album of Kanye's so far. I love Follow God, Closed on Sunday, God Is, Jesus is Lord. Those songs are so good.

  10. Mac Fields Post author

    The Notorious BIG.

    I just felt like typing that when i saw all these other comments that has nothing to do with Kanye

  11. Phil Heim Post author

    I'd put it above last year's projects, but Yeezus is forever number 1 for me

  12. Vera Roncelli Post author

    Jesus died and paid the debt for everybody that believes on Him. If God can save Saul of Tarsus he can certainly save Kanye.

  13. Jennifer Begbie Post author

    It wasnt anyone's favorite because they dont like Jesus!! That album is so sick!! It made me cry!! It shows how hard peoples hearts are to God! You can't listen to that album without hearing the truth of a redeemed person! God bless you All!!

  14. Any27rn Post author

    She deadass pronounced every syllable of MBDTF to him like he special lol

  15. Tim G Post author

    He had everything and still was empty, now he has Jesus and he’s full.
    No Jesus no peace,
    Know Jesus know peace.

  16. Lisa Ann Post author

    Too bad we live in a world where, if it’s not dark and twisted, then we don’t seem to like it. Ratchet music is now the “ normal” music

  17. Lisa Ann Post author

    This album won’t allow the Demons to sing along….now they are actually trembling.. God can use anyone and anything in any way he chooses to get the result that he wants.

  18. kat64470 Post author

    Kanye is a genius I’m not a hip hop fan, but I felt the Holy Ghost on this!!!

  19. Joshua Moses Post author

    Jesus is King is the best Kanye album and yes I heard Dark fantasy.

  20. Jbyrd Texas Post author

    I am a Kanye West fan and I love this album Jesus is King. Gangster rap about anything except for Jesus. God bless Kanye West help the new generation turn away from sin turn away from sodomy turn away from adultery from gangs. Turn back to God turn back to your family. Raise your children properly

  21. Xrespeck X Post author

    Besides the chick on the white I don’t think these people actually listen to music for the message in it.

  22. Beautiful Tomorrow Post author

    Y’all gotta interview people from the community that this album spoke most to. THE CHURCH! C’mon slim.

  23. Ivy Njoki Post author

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  24. Ashley Williams Post author

    I believe Gods got mad plans for this change for the world. Kanye West is so creative with music and writing. God does say Hes not coming back til all the Nations know "The Gospel"…..so West will be traveling with this New Walk with Christ. And spreading Gods Word and Love. I see a difference in the future with this. Praying for you Brother run THE RACE!!!!!💪🏾✝️⚓🥰

  25. Dan Rebeiz Post author

    Interviewer: “what do you think about Closed On Sunday?”
    Snarky white haired liberal: “I’m vegetarian”

    NO ONE CARES! He asked about the music, not your eating habits. 😖

  26. Obi-Dave Kenobi Post author

    It Doesn't Suprise me that a Spiritualy Bankrupt Generation doesn't Appreciate this Amazing Album…so much for "Woke Culture"…Ya'll Ain't WOKE…The Devil's got ya Sleepin!!!

  27. Diana Vee Post author

    We can come to God as sinners but we must repent of our sons and turn from our wicked way. We must believe , repent and be born again.

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no man gets to the Father except by him.

  28. J Rod Post author

    I 100% agree with the woman in the white long sleeve. Everyone else is sleeeeeep

  29. nun Post author

    While an older dude like me would say College Dropout and Graduation represent some of Kanye's best work, I couldn't call MTDF the best by far. It's is an ignorant record with dope beats. The lyricism and social awareness just faded in place of some the most outrageous lyrics in Ye's body of work.

    I think people's tastes have been diluted over time. All Falls Down, Jesus Walks, Two Words, Through the Wire all fire joints without having to say anything outrageous to stay relevant.

  30. Prince Rahming Post author

    These dumb ass nerds don't know music…were you get these clowns from

  31. Kemdiah Daniels Post author

    People are missing the point, it's more than just about making a beat. It's about God

  32. Harry Walker Post author

    It picks at their souls, its completely different! Its makes sinners feel guilty and want jesus. But ppl who love their sin won't like the album. That girl got the message

  33. Jesus Christ i Is coming Soon Post author

    Kanya should start being ot famous just Like Our Lord Jesus Christ is not too famous even within so call them self christians

  34. Marie Manzo Post author

    Rahzen seems to be good and bad for Tesori but they seem good together

  35. jimiayo2002 ayo Post author

    Great album, people have a problem with Jesus not the album. The world is full of darkness and they hate the light of God.

  36. Isi Prom Post author

    Oloff – Doing lt SteaIthy
    please subscribe to my channel #IsiProm thank you

  37. Eric Lewis Post author

    The album needs to settle like a fine wine.
    Gems galore in this album


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