Did the Emperor Constantine found the Catholic Church?

By | August 29, 2019

¿Acaso Constantino fundó la Iglesia Católica Romana? Un reclamo que se ve muy presente en las opiniones y escritos de anti-católicos particularmente entre fundamentalistas es el “hecho” que Constantino fundó a la Iglesia Católica Esto es algo imposible de sostener como hecho si sabes al menos algo de historia de este periodo. Es claro que cuando Constantino empezó a aparecer ya se hablaba y existían reportes de inicios del siglo IV d.C
en los que mencionaban la existencia de una Iglesia Cristiana, la cual se autollamaba la “Iglesia Católica”
aparte de mencionar el hecho que el término Católica nos remonta a la segunda mitad del Siglo I d.C;
la Iglesia ya tenía bastante tiempo identificándose como la Iglesia Católica y no solamente eso, sino que también enseñaba las mismas doctrinas que hoy en día enseña. Si nos ponemos a analizar las enseñanzas de los doctores de la Iglesia de este periodo, de una doctrinaa otra desde la Eucaristía al Bautismo, la autoridad del Papa y del papel importantísimo de la Virgen María ; si contamos
a todos los doctores de la Iglesia, ellos se muestra que existían desde mucho antes
que existiera Constantino y que ellos apoyaban y enseñaban
lo que la Iglesia Católica hoy enseña. Ahora, hay que reconocer que Constantino tuvo un rol muy importante en ésta época;
El fue el primer Emperador Cristiano y también el Emperador que acabó con la era de persecuciones; antes de este
periodo en la historia los Cristianos habían sido objetos de persecuciones periódicas por emperadores romanos; y el predecesor de Constantino, Diocleciano, había instituído una forma horrible de persecución contra los primeros cristianos. Constantino entonces se convirtió al Cristiniasmo, no fue el mejor cristiano bajo ninguna circunstancia, pero lo que sí hizo fue promulgar el Edicto de tolerancia, también conocido como el Edicto de Milán, el mismo lugar donde más tarde San Ambrosio fue Obispo; de acuerdo con el Edicto de Milán, los Cristianos eran ahora un grupo
tolerado ya no serían objeto de persecución, y por
consecuencia la Iglesia ahora podía florecer de manera más grande de la que ya iba floreciendo. Algunos tienen la idea que Constantino hizo el Cristianismo o
Catolicismo la religión oficial del Imperio; eso no es cierto; eventualmente el catolicismo se convirtió en la religión oficial del Estado, pero eso ocurrió hasta después. Lo que hizo Constantino fue anunciar tolerancia, que fue algo que es afortunado
hayan tenido en ese tiempo y que los Cristianos hoy en día tenemos
también donde en muchas partes del mundo
la Iglesia está todavía siendo perseguida.

53 thoughts on “Did the Emperor Constantine found the Catholic Church?

  1. Entropy3ko Post author

    Also, I'd add, Costantinewas was a follower of Arianism (or at least sympathized Arianism more than other currents of Chrsitianity at that time), which was rebuked during the Nicea Ecumenical Council (which was promoted by Constantine).

    If truly Costantine would have had any weight regarding Christian theology or beliefs we would believe in what the followers of Arius believe rather than what the Nicean Creed states.

  2. willie otoole Post author

    Interesting point of view – the accepted notion is that Constantine used burgeoning Christianity in an attempt to prop up his crumbling empire in a purely manipulative way.Is Jimmy a Jesuit? I haven't come across him before 'Toleration'? Is that the American word for 'tolerance'?

  3. Default B. Post author

    @zthetha Hi. Jimmy is a lay Catholic. Dan Brown popularized the "accepted notion" of which you speak. Lastly, toleration is a valid word according to Merriam-Webster

  4. tduhaylungsod Post author

    That is very deceiving. Catholic church existed long before constantine, but not ROMAN catholic church. Practices were not the same. No rosaries, no statues no indulgence etc,,,with the original catholic church which true non-statue worshipping Christians trace its history. Catholic means universal meaning all true churches that existed and still exists.

  5. JC Post author

    "Catholic church existed long before constantine, but not ROMAN catholic church"

    Can you tell us how you differenciate between the Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic church ? The reason I ask if cause many non Catholics do not understand either. The former is the Church and the latter is really a rite withing the Church (the Western/Latin rite). For example do you understand that I am an eastern Catholic – but fully Catholic and in communion with Rome ?

  6. bern bog Post author

    This video is 100% correct. The Catholic beliefs existed in the first century. Fundamentalist beliefs did not.

  7. Lorelei L Post author

    @InteGrayting2 Splitting hairs?? The Christian teachings then and through the ages are identical to the Catholic beliefs now. There are volumes upon volumes of writings from this "fledgling little cult religion" since the time of the apostles…it's all on you, anyway, to prove that that's in fact what it was… history speaks exactly the contrary.

  8. gtepp031387 Post author

    @InteGrayting2 "Wherever Jesus is there is the Catholic church" – St Ignatius 80-107 A.D….Thats 200 years or so before Constantine took his first breath…So there in no way he established the Catholic church. He helped it out, he was a great leader, but that is about it.

  9. Petrus Josephus Post author

    Constantine the Great, of fond memory, legalized the Church, but he did not create it or take over. The post edict Church had some involvement by emperors and kings, but not to the point that they were forming the faith.

  10. gerryboy101 Post author

    this video is correct. read the early church fathers and read for yourself. gods church is awesome.

  11. eraser695 Post author

    Constantines Mother was a Catholic before his conversion to the Catholic Church.

    Her name was St. Helen.

  12. Zalahblue Post author

    Catholic means Universal, so it can't actually claim to be Christian.

  13. Joshua michael Post author

    there is no evedence to proove or show that there was a christian congregation in the first century that claimed to call them selves catholic since that is a roman idea of the fourth centery along with the word church is also a roman idea if you look in the book of acts and others you can see no one claimed to be a catholic that would mean they betrayed jesus by alowing his congregation to be defiled with roman ideas as it did with constantine. proofs in the pudding this man is naive.

  14. Raquel Ibarra-Menchaca Post author

    @Zalahblue On the contrary,….The Gospels were meant to be spread "universally" by the Apostles who at the same time gathered other disciples and soon made them apostles and so on and so forth. I mean Jesus Christ himself said "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The New Testament was not meant to be isolated only in Jerusalem….It was meant to be spread out kata houlos( Catholic, i.e.; Universal)

  15. Archangel777Catholic Post author

    Ha, some six people dislike the truth!
    Great video, thanks for uploading.

  16. Allan Ray Post author

    @joshypyac Search and read the letters of Saint Ignatius of Antioch to the Smyrnaeans. He did indicated "Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church." By the way Saint Ignatius of Antioch was the third bishop of Antioch after Saint Peter and Evodius. He was the disciple of Saint John the apostle along with his friend Polycarp. I suggest you study history before jumping to conclusion.

  17. ems Post author

    I feel itz high time we stop justifying our True Faith in front of these fundamentalist coz no matter waht proof we give, they will not open their narrow eyes to it. Itz difficult to wake up a person whoz pretending to be asleep.

  18. MilJer Bal Post author

    your right mr. akin your a true church defender not a book defender….
    GOD established a Church not Book!!!!

  19. Apostate Caliph Post author

    @Archangel777Catholic they became seven 😀

  20. Kevin Ganey Post author

    I love Jimmy Akin's voice… it's so soothing!

  21. Myron Buzzwannanots Post author

    You are soooo right! Just like it was said in John, chptr 6 about the Holy Eucharist that they continually DENY.Jesus was clear."Unless you eat the flesh of The Son of Man & drink His blood,you have NO LIFE in you"..2000 years later this is STILL"a hard saying, who can believe it"!?Through their own pride and rejection of the Power of God to do WHATEVER He wants,they have put themselves in place of God pretending that they know what God"means"1500 years after the facts.Heresy from the beggining.

  22. Gazdo01 Post author

    Google search St Irenaeus and Primacy of Rome… There you have it, second century Bishop confirming the central role of Rome in the early Church.
    Plus, care to explain why the Church of Corinth, by the end of the First Century, wrote to St Clement of Rome, to help them with a theological problem they had?? I think we all agree Jesus gave his Apostles authority to teach, right? So then why contact St Clement, in ROME, and not St John the Apostles, who was still alive at the time?

  23. trilobright Post author

    To be a fundamentalist Protestant you have to accept that either "true Christianity" died with St John around 100AD and lay dormant until the Reformation of the 16th Century, or more tenuously the Valdensians a couple of centuries earlier. Or the Landmarkist view that there was an invisible church that eschewed liturgy, devotion to saints, institutional authority, sacraments, the real presence, etc, operating for a millennium and a half that left no record of its existence.

  24. valstar1000 Post author

    We have to remember that we can't judge someone elses heart, but that when we talk about things like this it might be aimed to people who would otherwise be confused on the matter. It is however the case that they have a lot of pride as you mentioned.

  25. farsight001 Post author

    This is untrue. In fact, baptizo, the Greek word translated as baptism, is used several places in scripture where it refers to things as simply as hand washing.

  26. Myron Buzzwannanots Post author

    What protesters don't understand, (or don't want to) is that they live their Christianity from a 500 year old deep seated spirit of division from The Catholic Church. The same rhetoric that was hurled against the Church @ the time of Luther, is regurgitated today. The Church has a 2000 year history. There is a lot of condemnation from them. A lot of finger pointing @ the Church. We pray for them & hope that true Christian love, mercy & forgiveness will prevail. Christ wanted 1 Church, not 20,000

  27. optien101 Post author

    Keep up the good work…and enjoy my magazine: ray

  28. Derny Kammer Post author

    Love Jesus and l love The Catholic Church because it give every mass de real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

  29. Tpz Elf Post author

    Depends on what you mean by "fundamentalist beliefs". The concept of Sola Scriptura, for instance, pre-dates Jesus.

  30. Myron Buzzwannanots Post author

    Protestantism is "very decieving." There are 40,000 + Protestant entities. that, by the way, can't even agree on even basic doctrine. Not only that, Protestantism comes from a 500 year old spirit division from Catholic priests.(i.e. Luther, Calvin & others)& is a minority opinion among the vast majority of Christians. ( Catholic & Orthodox) If Luther had been right, there should have been only ONE "protest" or "reform".Before he died there were DOZENS. There is only ONE "True Church", not 40,000

  31. Nikolai Vel Post author

    Oh come on!

    We don't see ANY evidence of "Sola Scriptura" until Luther started that tradition. And this is all it is, a tradition of men, in this case the man is Martin Luther.

    What did Jesus say about those who were so hung up and the traditions of men again?

  32. Rockster969 Post author

    no overt christian symbolism on artefacts ( the fish symbol was covert ) prior to constantine. I own 12 roman oil lamps from around 400ad.They have the crucifix on them and pre constantine they did not.

  33. Daniel Keeran Post author

    Why is there no writing frmo Sylvester but tons from Constantine http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf201.iv.iii.iii.iii.html

  34. Precious DeVere Post author

    Jesus chose St Peter to be the Rock of His Church from there we have Nicea, from which we have Our Apostles Creed or Nicean Creed, is given, along with 500 years of forming the structure to the Gospels and New Testament.  It is worth reading the many letters from The Apostles most of whom became our first Martys and Saints.  Contantine most certainly made his mark, however, Jesus is the creator and Head of the Catholic Church!

  35. Alicia Nguyen Post author

    Another interesting fact about the history of our church. God bless!

  36. Edward Kern Post author

    It doesn't make sense that the Church would suffer through 300 years of brutal persecution only to gladly let Constantine corrupt it. The very idea is to stupid to believe.

  37. Justin Osborne Post author

    The Roman Catholic church was created during the Council of Nicea

  38. BIBLEisMARKofBEAST Post author

    Watch the news and read the news paper, the catholic priests have molested hundreds of thousands of little children.
    They used to use the nuns but the lime pits were discovered in the basement of the convents where they disposed of the babies.
    So they started molesting little children because children do not get pregnant.
    So enjoy this life.

  39. Carlos Fausto Post author

    Martin Luther: BOO!! [catholics worst nightmare] This whore has never suffered persecution, it persecutes.

  40. Sharon Newman Post author

    Some Christians are persecutors of the true church founded by Jesus. and are actually not true Christian at all.

  41. Johnny Green Post author

    I love Eucharistic Adoration. We are blessed to have the fullness of the truth and the real presence of Jesus with us in the Blessed Sacrament.

  42. Robert Oh Post author

    Many have become an authority on the Catholic Church and in calling it all kinds of name including branding it as Satanic. Bad apples can be found in any institutions and these bad apples gives the Church an unwholesome image. Even in Heaven, Lucifer and his band was booted out. Is the Catholic Church not vulnerable to the likes of Lucifer's attack. We had Judas Iscariot who betrayed Our Lord and also the Head Jew Priest betraying Christ. Can anyone dare say that it cannot happen in the Catholic Church. I beg to ask, Why Not? It happened in Heaven too, did it not? This subsequently led to Lucifer's expulsion. . Has anyone wondered why is it that the Catholic Church is always under the spot light? Because it matters most to Satan to do battle with God and His Apostles. After all, it was Martin Luther who said that in order to destroy the Catholic Church, you only need to destroy the HOLY MASS. Martin Luther's Lutheran church was the first of many Protestant churches, thus splitting the Body of Christ into several thousand parts.

    For those who are quick to condemn, I pray, please restraint yourself from doing so. Suffice to express that many do not know enough of the Catholic Church to pass any comments, adverse or otherwise. God bless.

    The Universal Church was founded and established by Our Lord Jesus Christ together with His Apostles.

  43. easy39us Post author

    The only word a real Christian needs is the word of Christ not some false man made religion…


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