Did the Catholic Church “Change the Sabbath”?

By | August 31, 2019

You sometimes encounter the charge that the Catholic Church wrongly “changed the sabbath”
from Saturday to Sunday. This claim is often made by Seventh-Day Adventists,
for example. But even if one isn’t accusing the Church
of wrongdoing, the question can still arise: Why do Catholics worship on Sunday rather
than Saturday? Here’s the story . . .
First, let’s clear away a potential source of confusion. While it’s true that people
sometimes speak of Sunday as “the Christian sabbath,” this is a loose way of speaking.
Strictly speaking, the sabbath is the day it always was–Saturday–though it should
be noted that traditionally Jewish people have celebrated the sabbath from sundown on
Friday to sundown on Saturday. Sunday is a distinct day, which follows the
sabbath. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains:
Sunday is expressly distinguished from the sabbath which it follows chronologically every
week; for Christians its ceremonial observance replaces that of the sabbath. In Christ’s
Passover, Sunday fulfills the spiritual truth of the Jewish sabbath and announces man’s
eternal rest in God. For worship under the Law prepared for the mystery of Christ, and
what was done there prefigured some aspects of Christ.
That same paragraph explains why we celebrate on Sunday. For Christians the ceremonial observance
of Sunday replaces that of the sabbath. Properly speaking, we’re not celebrating the sabbath
on Sunday. We’re celebrating something else, but it’s something that the sabbath points
toward. What we are celebrating instead of the sabbath
is “the Lord’s day.” That’s something Christians have celebrated
since the first century. In fact, in the very first chapter of Revelation, we read that
John experienced the inaugural vision of the book on “the Lord’s day.” He writes:
I John, your brother, who share with you in Jesus the tribulation and the kingdom and
the patient endurance, was on the island called Patmos on account of the word of God and the
testimony of Jesus. I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and
I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet [Revelation 1:9-10].
And he goes on to describe the vision of Jesus Christ he received.
For our purposes, the important thing to note is that he speaks of the Lord’s day as an
already-established thing. He expects his readers to know what it is.
So, when is it? The first Christians commonly spoke of Jesus
Christ as “the Lord,” and the Lord’s day is Jesus Christ’s day–the day he rose from the
dead and his tomb was found empty. That’s the day after the sabbath, or Sunday.
In Matthew’s gospel we read: Now after the sabbath, toward the dawn of
the first day of the week, Mary Mag’dalene and the other Mary went to see the sepulcher.
But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; for I know that you seek Jesus who
was crucified. He is not here; for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where
he lay [Matthew 28:1, 5-6]. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead on
the first day of the week is something stressed by all four gospels:
And that’s why Christians celebrate the Lord’s day. The Catechism explains:
Jesus rose from the dead “on the first day of the week.” Because it is the “first day,”
the day of Christ’s Resurrection recalls the first creation. . . . For Christians it has
become the first of all days, the first of all feasts, the Lord’s day (he kuriake hemera,
dies dominica), Sunday. We can confirm that the early Christians were
meeting on the first day of the week from the letters of St. Paul, because he tells
the Corinthians to take up a collection on that day of the week so that they won’t have
to take up a collection when he arrives. He says:
Now concerning the contribution for the saints: as I directed the churches of Galatia, so
you also are to do. On the first day of every week, each of you
is to put something aside and store it up, as he may prosper, so that contributions need
not be made when I come [1 Corinthians 16:1-2]. He expects the collection to already be taken
up by the time he arrives so that they don’t have to get people to give at that point.
This indicates that the early Christians were meeting on the first day of the week, celebrating
the Lord’s day. Does that mean that no Christians in the first
century ever celebrated the sabbath? No. Many Jewish Christians celebrated both
the sabbath and Sunday in the first century, just as many also practiced the Jewish dietary
laws and ritual circumcision and offered sacrifices in the Temple.
St. Paul himself went to synagogue services on the sabbath so that he could preach the
message of Jesus to his Jewish countrymen, for that is where and when they would gather
together. But Paul is clear that sabbath observance
is not binding on Christians. He addresses this very directly in the letter
to the Colossians, where he writes: And you, who were dead in trespasses and the
uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all
our trespasses, having canceled the bond which stood against us with its legal demands; this
he set aside, nailing it to the cross. . . . Therefore let no one pass judgment on you
in questions of food and drink or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a sabbath.
These are only a shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ [Colossians
2:13-17]. When St. Paul refers to the bond which stood
against us with its legal demands, he is referring to the Law of Moses. Christ cancelled this
bond. That is why he says not to let anyone pass judgment on us in questions of food and
drink–what is kosher and what isn’t. And he says not to let anyone judge us with
regard to keeping a festival or a new moon or a sabbath. Those are the three types of
days on the Jewish liturgical calendar: the annual feasts (like Yom Kippur), the monthly
new moon, and the weekly sabbath. All of these things had a symbolic value,
which pointed forward to Christ, but now that the substance which cast the shadow has come–Christ
himself–the things pointing forward to him are no longer needed.
The Church Fathers agree. Thus in the early A.D. 100s, we find St. Ignatius of Antioch
writing: Those who lived according to the old order
of things have come to a new hope, no longer keeping the sabbath, but the Lord’s day, in
which our life is blessed by him and by his death [Ignatius of Antioch, Letter to the
Magnesians 9:1]. So let’s loop back to our original question
of whether the Catholic Church “changed the sabbath.” From what we’ve seen, it didn’t.
There was no Medieval pope or council who said, “We’re now going to celebrate the sabbath
on Sunday.” The weekly sabbath is the day it always was–Saturday–the
day before the Lord’s day. What’s different is that Jewish Christians
are no longer obligated to celebrate the sabbath, because Jesus Christ himself fulfilled it
and all the other Old Testament ceremonies and instituted the New Covenant.
And he had the authority to do that, for as he himself told us:
The Son of man is lord of the sabbath [Matthew 12:8].
Of course, Gentile Christians were never obligated to celebrate the sabbath in the first place,
because the Law of Moses was given to the Jewish people and was only binding on them
(in contrast to God’s eternal, moral law, which is binding on everyone).
What we are obliged to celebrate is the Lord’s day, which fulfills the principles that were
contained within the sabbath, including the need to set aside adequate time for rest and
worship. But there wasn’t a Medieval pope or council
who instituted that, either. As we’ve, seen, it’s something that dates from the New Testament
age itself. Thus the Catechism states: This practice of the Christian assembly dates
from the beginnings of the apostolic age. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds the faithful
“not to neglect to meet together, as is the habit of some, but to encourage one another”
[Hebrews 10:25].

100 thoughts on “Did the Catholic Church “Change the Sabbath”?

  1. Aleka Garcia Post author

    My teacher is a seventh day adevtist… Remember the sabbath to keep it holy

  2. A.k.a. watchmen Wake up Post author

    I’m pretty sure every gospel says that the messiah is Lord of the sabbath 🤔

    There is no such thing as Sunday church in the bible.

    Every apostle followed sabbath and the feasts.

    And John was in the spirit on the sabbath (the day of the Lord)

    Christ rose early in the morning on the sabbath and Mary showed up after it was finished on the first day of the week!

    Sabbath starts in the morning and ends in the morning.

    Except HIGH sabbath, which starts the evening before.

    God works…then evening…then morning….1st day!!
    Repeat five more times.
    God rested on the 7th day.

    Day has 12 hrs
    Evening has 6 hrs
    Morning has 6 hrs.

    Christ rose early in the morning just before the sabbath ended.

  3. Heaven& Earth Post author

    Colossians 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. Exodus 31:14-16 Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death: for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people. Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death. Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.

  4. Corey Shelp Post author

    Remember the sabbath whould imply that it had a specific time and date…everyone i meet says you can sabbath any day you see fit…but god said that the keeping his sabbath whould MARK…his people…

  5. Dino DiMichele Post author

    Who cares what day. Just know Jesus is God and He can save everyoe. Dont worry about useless days just praie worship and give thanks to Jesus

  6. Montane West Post author

    It may not mean anything to most but I know the Spanish say sabado for Saturday and in Spanish the (d) is pronounced with a (th) sound which seems like more than just a mere coincidence…

  7. corey westerlund Post author

    Yes, we can still go to church on Sunday. But Saturday is the sabbath and the Catholic Church is making it mandatory for us to not work, buy or sale on a Sunday. Sunday is a day of work. Your slowly turning Sunday into a new sabbath day. The catholic religion is a authoritarian, bible altering, statue idolizing, church full of hypocrites.

  8. Juan S Post author

    You are 100% correct Mr. Akin. This Cult (Seventh Day Adventists) are stuck in the Old Testament and the law of Moses. I will cite the following Old Testament to see if they REALLY practice what they preach. Ex. 35:3 YOU may NOT light a fire! Jeremiah 17:21-22, YOU may NOT carry anything! Nehemiah 10:31-32 YOU may NOT buy or sell! And Numbers 28:9-10 YOU MUST SACRIFICE TWO lambs together with drink and grain along with fine flour mixed with Olive oil on every SABBATH…..If they DON'T follow these laws, then they are just a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  9. John Sheedy Post author

    Very good, but please, cut or trim the beard and dress in a way that will not put some people off ! Your explanations are logical, your attire is not !

  10. Jesus Castanares Post author

    The Catholic Church knows better what she ( The Catholic) is doing with the Sabath.

    The Church seems to imply that as a day of rest; the Sabath is observed by the Jews in their religion.

    But the Church found out that the wrong or scrupulous observance of the Sabbath by Jews , was put into question by Christ in his protest about the parable of not rescuing the sheep which dropped into the pit during rainy day because on a Sabbath a Jew is not allowed to work.

    The Church found out that the Resurrection of Christ is much more important than observing the Sabbath of the Jews, specially because Christians are to separate from Jews and no longer under the Jewish faith.

  11. MudShark Post author

    Nope there deciving you . Adam and eve even warship there crater on sunday.

    Then Adam said to Eve, with joy of heart, because of the offering
    they had made to God, and that had been accepted of Him, "Let us do
    this three times every week, on the fourth day Wednesday, on the
    preparation day Friday, and on the Sabbath Sunday, all the days of our

  12. Samuel Williams Post author

    You have some good points. But the Traditions of men are not over the Ten Commandments. The RCC teaches the Ten Commandments are for Christians and I agree with that. So We Seventh day Adventist just say we are going to obey the Ten Commandments.

  13. Iskay Kabeya Post author

    many people like to use Acts 20:7, and 1corinthiens 16:1-4 in order to support the false doctrine of the first day observance, without realizing the fact that the disciples came together upon the first day of the week mention in these passages, it was to commemorate the annual first of the first fruit which is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not weekly observance.. I would like to challenge everyone of you to find me the passage in the Bible were the first day of the week is mentioned outside this three feasts.1 Passover. 2 unleavened bread. 3 Pentecost. no where in the Bible the first day is mentioned outside these three feasts..if you can find it I will give you 1'000'000$ send your account I am waiting.. because Passover, unleavened bread, first fruit, and Pentecost these are annual feasts and not weekly feasts. it can be seen in the old testament in Leviticus 23:4-6, vers 10-11,vers 15-16, after the first day of unleavened bread the very next day is the first day of week, or ( first fruit of the sheave of the wave offering, which is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ ) and after 50 days you have another first fruit which is ( Pentecost ) it is also taking place upon the first day of the week, because the Bible says ye shall count 7sabbath in vers 15, from the 1first fruit to the 2first fruit.. the one being the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the other which is Pentecost, 7sabbath = 49days +1= 50days.. these are annual feasts,…. ohh ho you foolish Galatians who hath bewitched you that you should not obey the truth.

  14. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Bro. Akin we are not Jewish. We are Christian/Catholic. It is in the bible Acts 20:7, it is written On the first day of the week (Sunday) when we gathered to break bread…

  15. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Keith Elrod I do not ascribe to that view. I would rather take the stand of the true church established by Jesus who owns the magisterium or the right to interpret and teach sacred scripture. No tricks there bro. I would believe the explanation if Catholic apologist like Bro. Jimmy Akin, Bri. Scott Hahn, Bro. Tim Staples, and others. It is like you are saying the Holy Spirit missed out on its mission to safeguard the true church from error which He, the Holy Spirit, received from God the Son on pentecost? Really you believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit were inefficient? They were able to trick the church ha. That's odd.

  16. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Oh another point Keith. Well the trickery may have come from somewhere. What do you think? Where do you think? From thr devil himself…right!

  17. Leonardo Morales Post author

    Jesus died on Friday and rose on Monday. Sunday is just Pagan

  18. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Bottomline guys the church has the authority through the words uttered by Jesus to St. Peter to decide on all earthly matters deemed important. Why do you question God's prerogative and mandate? Again we are not Jews as to follow ALL what the Jews do. We are Christians guys. Remember He himself rebuked some Jewish traditions (He called it traditions of men) like the washing of hands and working on the Sabbath.

  19. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    So Samuel Williams you question Bro. Jim Akins study and reasons why he left his former church. So you are more knowledgeable than Bros. Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Marcus Grodi, and many more. It is just a matter of knowing the truth depending on world history on relation to histories of religions. Plus the fact that promised the guidance of the Holy Spirit to the Catholic church. You doubt the very words of God, guidance of the Holy Spirit, teachings of the church doctors, saints and converts? Something wrong there bro

  20. Keith Elrod Post author

    You got it all wrong bud. The "first day of the week" is the first day of the week of week 1 of the 7 Weeks of 7. This is from Leviticus 23, the Feast of Weeks. The Feast of Weeks begins at First Fruits/Resurrection Day as Day 1 of the 49. Look very close at 1 Corinthians 16 and Acts 20, just after we read the "first day of the week" we soon read Pentecost. Pentecost is Day 50, the day after Day 49 of Weeks. "Church" day was changed because of a horrible misinterpretation. Crazy!!! We need to all be Bereans.

  21. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Follower of Christ check Acts 30:7 in ancient church tradition that is the Christian sabbath were they hold the eucharist. It starts dawn of Saturday to Sunday. Check it up in google too

  22. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    There is not express command but the church is the pillar of truth in 1Tim 3:15. It owns the bible which is its tool or guide in 2Tim 3:16-17. In Matt 16: 18ff where St. Peter was commissioned to head the Jesus' church He, Jesus himself gave St. Peter the key or authority.

  23. Апостол Павел Post author

    You are lost, brother!
    You are right by saying: traditional Jews keep Saturday as Sabbath! Yes, they don't have a faith, but follow tradition! Sabbath is not Saturday! What did Jews keep before Hillel II? Which day of the week did they sanctified and how did they define it from the calendar?

  24. judy larosee Post author

    The Lords Day is on the 7th day of the week. According to the Ten Commandments.

  25. Chris Theron Post author

    Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. So the Sabbath (Saturday) is the Lord's Day, NOT Sunday. Do you really believe that any man or church has the right to change the Holy Law of God? There is not a single reference in the New Testament that Christ changed the Sabbath. Why would He change His perfect Law?

  26. Beatrice Buhphang Post author

    Jesus died on Friday but he rise again on Sunday therefore for Christian Sunday is the lord's Day .

  27. Rethink Science Post author

    Sunday is the lords day the sabbath is the last day of the the old systems week. They meet on the first day of the week and broke the “bread”

  28. silje marak Post author

    Saturday is the only day for rest which God has gave to man not other day

  29. silje marak Post author

    And Saturday sabbath is not under the ceremonial law. Exodus 20:8 clearly says that Sabbath was only day that sanctified by God.

  30. יהוכנן לבי Post author

    Deut 4:2-4: "“Do not add to the Word which I command you, and do not take away from it, [1] so as to guard the commands of יהוה your Elohim which I am commanding you. “Your eyes have seen what יהוה did at Ba‛al Pe‛or, for יהוה your Elohim has destroyed from your midst all the men who followed Ba‛al Pe‛or. “But you who are clinging to יהוה your Elohim are alive today, every one of you."

  31. יהוכנן לבי Post author

    Deuteronomy 12:32  “All the words I am commanding you, guard to do it – do not add to it nor take away from it.d Footnote: dSee also Deu 4:2, Pro 30:6, Rev 22:18-19.

  32. יהוכנן לבי Post author

    Proverbs 30:6
    6  Do not add to His Words,b Lest He reprove you, and you be found a liar. Footnote: b Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32, Revelation 22:18-19.

    A liar 🤥

    No where in Scripture does it teach what “Superman” above is teaching, unless you twist Scripture.

    2 Peter 3:14-16: "So then, beloved ones, looking forward to this, do your utmost to be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless, and reckon the patience of our Master as deliverance, as also our beloved brother Sha’ul (The Apostle Paul) wrote to you, according to the wisdom given to him by Yahweh (The Lord God), as also in all his letters, speaking in them concerning these matters, in which some are hard to understand, which those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also the other Scriptures."

  33. יהוכנן לבי Post author

    Rev 22:18  For I witness to everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to them, Elohim shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book,
    Rev 22:19  and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, Elohim shall take away his part from the Bookf of Life, and out of the set-apart city, which are written in this Book. Footnote: fSome manuscripts read ‘tree of life’.”

  34. Alexander Lou Post author

    I am Catholic and we observe the Sabbath Day on Saturday in accordance to the laws handed by our almighty God to Moses at Mount Sinai. We CELEBRATE (Not observe )Jesus as Lord and Savior on the Lords Day which is Sunday (Resurrection Day). There is a difference between the two days really. The question is. Do Catholics OBSERVE the Sabbath day which is Saturday? You can answer that yourself. So what is your answer?

  35. Mark Daulerio Post author

    You talk about the resurrection as if it were a reason to change the sabbath to sunday. It is not. It is the EXCUSE given by the roman.catholic church to make the pagan day of worship acceptable to the "converted" multitudes after the council of nicaea.

  36. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    Whatever you say the Catholic church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit headed ny its visible head the Pope did not deliberately change Yahweh's sabbath. The Son of Yahweh, Jesus himself authorized His church to do whatever is right and best for its followers. It is written in the bible in His very words let no one question you about the sabbath or matters of food. Learn your church history in relation to world history and know that it existed 2,000+ years ago. Way before us all.

  37. Graciano Mendoza Post author

    And remember we are no longer under Judaism, the old wine skins. We are the new wine skins, we are Christians. We are not following the Jewish sabbath but the Christian sabbath. Not the 7th day of the week, but the 1st day of the week.

  38. Brian Holloway Post author

    Dear Jimmy. I would like you to read The new covenant Christians experience Below. UnfortunatelyWith the great sincerity that you have. Doesn't diminish where you've got most of your material From. Derby's footnotes. Derby got all his material from Ribera. Ribera Was commissioned by the Catholic Church to stop the reformation. If you believe that the temple needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. The Catholic Church has done there job. If you believe the man of sin is in the future. The Catholic Church has done there job. Adam and Eve not Jewish they knew about the Sabbath. Abraham was not Jewish who knew about the Sabbath. 40 years in the wilderness they celebrated the Sabbath. . Do you know anything about the Waldensians. The Catholic Church killed by the thousandsSo we could hold the Bible in a hand today. What about the Inquisition 50 million people died Believing In the Bible. popeJohn Paul II , Stated, Anyone who doesn't take the mess, Should be tried as a heretic. Will we all know what the Catholic Church Done too heretics. This is all basic scripture and basic history

  39. Brian Holloway Post author

    Dear Jimmy. You quotedThe Catholic catechism. My Catholic catechism. 1945. Reads. The Catholic Church changedThe Sabbath to SundayWith no scriptural evidence. How dare the Protestants worship on our day. It's easy to fool new believers. Just changed the books. But when you have grey hair. Usually you have more experience. I think you need to read "Romes challenge" written by the Catholic Church, The complete copy is in the book at the back of the clip below.

  40. paulina Dsouza Post author

    Christians should stop calling the 7th day Sabbath a "Jewish Sabbath" as Catholics says since Jesus said Sabbath was made FOR MADE. In book of Revelation The Lord's day is not referring to a Sunday but the day of God's wrath to come on the the rebellious after The Great Tribulation. Collection were made on a Sunday because the early Church met on a Sabbath and since no work was to be done on a Sabbath the collection was made on Sunday after sunset followed by close of Sabbath.

  41. paulina Dsouza Post author

    Respectfully I disagree with your reasoning to justify Christians not supposed to keep the 7th days Sabbath by wrongly interpreting the verse you have quoted. The Lord's day never was or will ever be replaced for Christians. Jesus is Lord of the 7th day Sabbath.

  42. Michael Blaxland Post author

    And where is this commanded in the scriptures?

  43. Athanasius Post author

    Hosea 2:11
    "I will put an end to all her exultation: her feasts, New Moons, and Sabbaths–all her appointed feasts."

    That moment when SDA heretics get so fired up over their little interpretation of Sabbath-keeping and idolizing of jewish practices that they forget to use their little brains to even understand scriptures ✌ much of the comments opposing this video does not even address the points offered by Jimmy Akin 😂 foolish Ellen G. White worshippers and cultists 😂

  44. kay baysinger Post author

    we dont go by what man says…but what the BIBLE SAYS…….WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAYS…..

  45. kay baysinger Post author


  46. Shane Barber. Post author

    Saturday is the holy Sabbath day. And I will not celebrate going to church on Sunday.I will keep the Sabbath day holy and worship on Saturday. I read the Bible daily and worship my heavenly father Almighty God and Jesus Christ forever and ever.me and my wife repent our sins everyday and confess our sins to Jesus Christ. Praise God and Jesus Christ forever and ever. God bless you always everyone

  47. 3 angels Post author

    No, you got it wrong Jimmy! Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. Hence the Lord's Day is Friday sunset to Saturday sundown.

    Malachi 3:6 King James Version (KJV)

    ''For I am the Lord, I change not…''.

  48. Samara's World View Post author

    You can't change the day God made as the Sabbath. God appointed His day in Exodus and Jesus observed the Sabbath. Also where in the Bible does it say that the Sabbath was to be changed to a Sunday? BTW you don't worship Mary!


    Ty Samuel

  50. Jesus-Christ Is my Hope Post author

    Please go back to creation Sabbath was given to Adam and Eve. It's not for the jews. It was marked since creation. May God gives you WISDOM.

  51. Patricia Raza Post author

    Just read the 10 COMMANDMENTS in your bible.But not in the Catholic bible.They even changed their COMMANDMENTS to exclude the idol worship that they participate in. Our creator rested on the seventh day.He said the sabbath was a perpetual law.God said "I do not change"When Christians eliminate half of the bible this is what happens.READ the whole bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth so that you may worship in Spirit and in truth.And remember we are grafted into the branch of Israel.WE,are Israel .We were deceived by the antichrist spirit which changed the times and seasons.Replacing God's Holy COMMANDMENTS. We have received a strong DELUSION !!!!

  52. Nic L Post author

    The 4th commandment says to worship on the sabbath day, not the lords day.

  53. original suze Post author

    Thanks fr the info,my problem with catholics they worship saints and Marie,when the bible call saint anyone who accept Christ as their Savior, also MARIE is not the mediatrix, JESUS is the mediator, because by his action on the cross he restored the broken relationship with the father,that is why theh call Jesus the way .

  54. original suze Post author

    You are waisting your time with those 7 days Adventist. They think Hellen white has the last word
    .The bible said if the son set you free you are free indeed. 10 commandements are resumed in 2commendements:love the Lord,love yr neighbors. Slavery time is over.This is grace time.

  55. Roger Parris Post author

    If you look in the Bible it was Wednesday when he was crucified he had to spend three full days and threefull nights in the grave Therefore he rose on Sunday that’s why we go to church on Sunday

  56. Roger Parris Post author

    Yes to the Jews Not the rest of the people

  57. Estella Barrera Post author

    The Catholic church even admits to changing God's law
    In the Catechism of the Council of Trent,

    "The Church of God has thought it well to transfer the celebration and observance of the Sabbath to Sunday!"
    –p 402, second revised edition (English), 1937.  (First published in 1566) The Catholic church change the fourth Commandment and it's quite obvious.

  58. Curtis Jones Post author

    The catholic church is guilty of sooo MANY crimes against GOD it's unreal.

  59. Patrick Lambert Post author

    Lie! lie! lie!
    The Gospels do not say that Christ arose from the dead on Sunday. Instead the Gospels say that when the Apostles went to the tomb on Sunday, it was already empty. If the tomb was empty on sunday, then Christ must have risen before Sunday. So there is general confusion about the time of the Resurrection. Christ was burried Wednesday evening, and resurrected Saturday evening. Christ spent exactly three (3) days and three (3) nights in the tomb as the only sign of His Messiahship. Matthew 12:40.

  60. Senen Jerez Post author

    Jimmy, the sabbath is plane and simple, the Lord’s day. It was made holy because God rested on the sabbath day. It is the 7th day of the week.. it was through the decree of emperor Constantine that he changed the sabbath from saturday to sunday when he declared christianity as the national religion of rome. He changed it..better for you to accept the truth than circle around it by your leavened justifications. Sorry.

  61. Pre_ Destination Post author

    RCC:- We have the right to rewrite God's law.

    Why you still using the Bible? Burn it, while you have rewritten bible known as Catechism Book.

  62. Pre_ Destination Post author

    Does the Catholic Church remove 2nd law?
    No. That law is not mentioned to us, that's only made for the uneducated ancient people.

    We can make statues and worship them. No problem.
    And Sabbath ends with Jesus. Now we have lords day.
    The day of our Lord, sun god.
    And we changed our sun god's name to Jesus.
    But we always remember to mentions the sun using aura behind the head of every statue.

    Furthermore, we like to worship a bread that also named as Jesus and we protect it in a sun-shaped vessel.

    Yeah, we are worshipping the sun god.
    But we had to change the name to Jesus to make our religion stronger.
    Because Jesus is true God.

  63. Justin Case Post author

    Facepalms.. John said he was in the spirit on the " Lord's day ", he doesn't say it is Sunday at all. You've been deceived.
    Everything in here that is trying to justify sunday worship is man's faulty arguments, not scripture.

  64. Patrick Lambert Post author

    I am going with a literal interpretation of the words of Yahshua the Messiah, "For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whales belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." Matt. 12:40.
    To say that Yahshua said one thing but meant another, is to make Yahshua a liar.
    If Yahshua did not spend three days and three nights in the grave, then he is not the Messiah. If Yahshua spent three days and three nights in the grave, then He proved that He is the Messiah.
    For, Yahshua said, " there shall no sign be given but the sign of the prophet Jonas.
    You either believe Yahshua or you believe pagan theological speculation.

  65. Graham Simon Post author

    no man has the insight into our lord, i am catholic but do not go to mass every week but i do pray every day and ask forgiveness every night.

  66. David Samuel Post author

    When deciples asked jesus for his second coming.. jesus answered I donot know for only the God father kws.. so jesus gives so much respect to father just by not taking all for granted but we ppl since we get leaves on Sunday so we take our gods laws and times for granted.,my beloveds pls mind that we have to give account to lord.amen

  67. Tom Noyb Post author

    Where did Jesus say to forsake the Sabbath? Before listening to what others thought (including Paul), remember God the Father's Word is first, Jesus second and then others. Thought Jesus said, "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." Say God's covenant is only with Jews if that makes you feel better about ignoring God's Law, but Jesus himself followed every letter of that Law and never once commanded us to do otherwise? "Keep holy the Sabbath," not the day after the Sabbath (nor the day before, Islam).

  68. Christian JC Post author

    The danger of a Saturday Sabbath.

    The Sabbath is a topic of great debate among many Christians. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to not just the Sabbath but how the law applies in the age of grace.

    While it is true the Sabbath was not changed under the Old Covenant of laws. We are not under the Old Covenant of laws. We are under the New Covenant of grace.

    So what did change?

    The priesthood this New Covenant was established under was changed. The laws of the Old Covenant were established under the Levitical Priesthood. The New Covenant was established under the Priesthood of Jesus who was from the tribe of Judah and not Levi. When there is a change in the priesthood there is a change in the law. (Hebrews 7:11-12)

    The law for the Sabbath changed as well. But not what the Sabbath is. The principle of the Sabbath remains the same. It's still about rest. But now we can honor/remember the Sabbath any day we choose or everyday and no one is to judge us for it. (Romans 14:5, Colossians 2:16)

    How could a Saturday Sabbath be dangerous?

    That depends on why you remember the Sabbath on a Saturday. If you are doing it trying to follow the law of the Old Covenant, you are leading yourself into wrath (Romans 4:15) because you have severed yourself from Christ and fallen from grace. (Galatians 5:3-4) In other words, you are honoring the Sabbath as a work of the law.

    If however, because of your faith you choose to honor and remember the Sabbath on a Saturday, now you are doing a work reflecting your faith justifying (proving) you have faith. You are showing your faith by your works. You are showing your faith is not dead. Read James he explains this very well.

    It all comes down to the reason why you keep the Sabbath on a Saturday. Are you doing it because of the law or because of faith. Same work but different motive. Obedience to the law or expression of your faith. So why do you keep the Sabbath on a Saturday? As a work of the law which will not save you ? (Romans 3:20, 28) Or as an expression of your faith which shows you are saved? 🙂

  69. cicprods Post author

    Sunday is for Sun Gods. The Sun of God. Christianity is a Sun worship religion. Jesus is always depicted by a Sun around his head. Easter is celebrate the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the spring equinox. Nothing to do with Jesus. Friday to Sunday is not three days so it’s not about the resurrection of Jesus but the resurrection of spring. Here comes the Sun.

  70. cicprods Post author

    The Old Testament is Jewish not the new. The new is against Jews and written in Greek instead of Aramaic. There are no Jewish Christians in the Bible. Christian is mentioned once in the Bible. Christianity is a Roman construct. Nothing to do with Jews other than Old Testament borrowed from the Jews. Jews did not know of a Jesus. Jesus is an amalgamation of other deities borrowed by the Romans. The Romans borrowed everything and combined them to create a religion not truth.

  71. Michael Enitan Post author

    The problem with Catholicism is the act of playing God.
    Man-made ideologies are turned into cannon against the Word of God.
    God says that you should work SIX DAYS. That is Sunday to Friday. God did not tell us to "rest" on Sundays. We are to work on Sundays in keeping with the instruction of God.
    Now, the Catholics say "rest" on Sunday. Just as the Serpent to Eve to eat the fruit which God said: "don't eat".
    So, the Catholic church is leading people to sin against God.
    And following the lead of the Catholic, 90% of different churches are eating the forbidden fruit.

    Every day is a good day to worship and praise God.
    Breaking bread is not a Bible commandment. It is not a sin if you don't break bread on Sunday, but it is advisable.

    You can break bread any day including Saturday. As often as you do this…

    The present Catholic church does not represent the Bible even though they think they represent the practice of the Apostles. The Apostles will be appalled with what is going on in the Catholic church today.

    It is not wrong to go to church on Sundays, but it is a sin to work on the Sabbath.
    It is not a sin if you don't "rest" on the first day of the week. God did not command it.

    Whatever happens on the day of the Lord is irrelevant to changing the Sabbath day of rest.

    Catholics repent.

  72. Mark Spencer Post author

    Hey Jimmy Akin thank you for your video. I'm not trying to stir up anything but rather looking for clarification. I'm hearing what you said St. Paul said about the Sabbath. But what did Jesus say and taught about the Sabbath? I would like to go out on a limb and say… The same dialogue we have in this world today about..1. the divinity of Yeshua. 2. What he taught. And 3. What he said. Seems to be similar even during Yeshua's time on earth. Now I may kinda agree with you that the Catholic Church did not change the Sabbath and that it has always been Saturday. I think the Council of Laodicea may have played a significant role in how this Sabbath changing thing came about. Now I have a lot more research to do. I think the practice of having service on Sunday's for the church's particular reason and not continuing to have service on Saturday (the true Sabbath day) gave the assumption that the church no longer observe the Sabbath. I would go out on a limb without haven't fully completed my research and day that way back in the days, it's the Roman Emperor during that time is who put a stop to the Sabbath keepers. To the point that the Sabbath keepers where persecuted for worshipping on the Sabbath day. And what was the Emperor Nero trying to do by persecuting Christians in the first place before that time?

  73. Donbokskhem Mynsong Post author

    This is all to finish the scriptures of the word of God,he shall think to change the laws and timed

  74. Ernesto Jardim Post author

    I was watching this video to praise the Lord and learn how to sanctify this day instead of “doing work” on Sunday.

  75. Yliyah1212 Post author

    That is a lie the Messiah are Yahweh never change to survive you are breaking the Ten Commandments the Messiah celebrated the Shabbat he went the disciples even the early followers all celebrated Shabbat it's only under Constantine and the pope afterwards change the Shabbat so you are following the pagans they worship on the day of the Sun the sun god and that's what you do

  76. Erich Von Molder Post author

    Imagine if Saturday was Sunday and Sunday was Saturday? That would screw up NFL Football.

  77. Grace 2U Post author

    How is it that the resurrection of Christ is on the first day of the week? no where in Scripture is it stated that Jesus rose on the first day of the week,when the women came to Jesus tomb as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week,they found him already risen…this is assumed by the many that he had risen on the first day of the week..the Bible says that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath,Matthew 12:8 how is it that Jesus resurrection even if it was on the first day of the week makes it the Lords day? it is a known fact that the early Church kept the seventh day as the Sabbath day and only gradually did the seventh day Sabbath change over to the first day of the week well past the first Century…If something that was so important as the Change of the Sabbath from the Seventh to the first day of the week then why isn't there any mention in the Bible about it..instead of mere assumptions made by man…?

  78. Warp Biz Post author

    Jesus Christ is Lord of Sabbath (Matthew 12:8) Roman Catholic Church replaced it with Sunday, the day of the sun (CCC 2174).

  79. Lexy Sharp Post author

    This indication means that the early Christians were meeting on the first day of the week…. no it means he wanted them to have the collection done o the first day of the week.
    Why would anyone think that God changed the sabbath day based on that verse? Why wouldn’t God say remember the sabbath day to keep it holy and not mention anything about it being the 7th day if he knew he was going to change it? God does not change he is consistent through the whole Bible. The 7th day he rested the 7th day he made Holy the 7th day he stayed rested in death and rose on the 1st day. The 7th day Paul met with the Jews and gentiles as it was their custom.
    Stop justifying a lie!

  80. spiritual warfare is upon us Post author

    Who of us out there would disagree with superman

  81. vic 1 Post author

    My father condemned me to hell for visiting his house on the wrong day. He's a loving father. If I'd only darkened his door on Saturday instead of Sunday, he wouldn't of had me done away with. I'll make sure to treat my sons the same way. Oh wait a minute. I'm thinking like Ellen White. Lost my mind for a minute there.

  82. Nicholas Whitmire Post author

    The Lord's Day, which John wrote-of at Patmos, was Sabbath, not Sunday. In Scripture, in the Epsitle To The Hebrews, we see that our post Resurrection era is the era of rest (Sabbath literally means rest).

    "let us labour therefor to enter into that rest"

    Paul did not have money gathered on Sabbath because such activity is not Sabbath appropriate. The gentiles had 1st day as a day off, so it was the only other day practical for collection.

    Colossians says that "dogma" was nailed to The Cross. Dogma is "way of thinking" which, in the context, is clearly speaking of gentile expectations. The gentiles would judge converts for keeping new moons, Sabbath, etc, and the converts are being encouraged to not allow themselves to be so judged.

    Colossians 2 is the most poorly interpreted chapter in all of Scripture. Indeed the ceremonies etc are a shadow, but not "only" a shadow as if to say a shadow is unnecessary. Earlier in the same epistle Paul stated that the Church are the body of Christ. We know that any body in light necessarily casts a shadow, and that a shadow is so close to the body that the feet literally touch the shadow. Shall we be a body with no shadow, and so a body which is not in the light? Nothing about the prophetic symbolism of body and shadow implies we should not keep God's Instruction, but rather it clearly demonstrates that we are to keep these Instructions; and Paul even said to let no one judge us for doing so.

    Jesus also said that the conclusion of all things will be when sky and land pass by, so He did not yet conclude all of the events which the ceremonies point to. Rather, He is going to return, and about half of the ceremonies point to His return. It is good to celebrate His first coming, and good to celebrate His coming to come.

    "Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and in worshipping of angels" is actually stating not to let anyone decieve us away from our voluntary humility, nor to decieve us away from worshipping in the way God's messengers are called to worship. Next, he even says that those men who would beguile are puffed up and do not know anything about the topic.

    Paul then writes "if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why as though living in the world are ye subject to dogma?" The traditions of God's people are not the dogma of the world, but rather he is clearly speaking of the gentile world and how they think, what they consider "ordinant".

    Paul then insists to them: "Touch not, taste not, handle not; which all are to perish with the consuming, after the commandments and doctrines of men." He is saying that gentile ways are the ways of death, all who consume those things are in a state of perishing, don't do it. This is more clear when we understand how the New Testament Scriptures use the word perishing, which is to live a lifestyle of sin, which is actually death-alive.

    He then says, of that which we are to not be beguiled out of, "which things have indeed a show of wisdom in willful worship and humility" (the same exact word for "voluntary humility" which he earlier referenced, but based on the false interpretation he would be contradicting himself here) "and neglecting the body, not in any honor to indulging the flesh."

    The whole discussion of Colossians 2 is about dying out from the world, to not indulge flesh and sin and death as gentiles do, but rather to be born into God's ways, which we know is to be grafted into Israel; and Paul describes such ad voluntary humility and worshipping angelicly.

    The establishment of 1st day observance was instituted by Constantine as a tactic to unify Christianity and Paganism, at least in a broad cultural way, so the rhythm of the week would be the same for both. He achieved this by offering to end the persecutions, and those who were brave enough to refuse had already been killed, so the survivors were the cowards. The Church history clearly documents discussions as to whether or not the Church should accept the many men who had denied Christ in order to survive.

    "Blessed are you when men revile and persecute you for My name's sake"
    – Jesus Christ

    What blessings were lost when the persecutions ended? We are living today, almost 1700 years later, in that lack of blessing. Christianity is preached in every corner of the globe, yet we have rampant murder of children in the womb, rampant sexual lewdness, the high god of the globe is a false god of market forces. I assure you, if global christianity were true Christianity the world would not be this way.I

    This video is very well done, but unfortunately what it has done well is to express the very beguiling which Colossians warned against. Colossians itself has been twisted as if it warning against what it preaches, and as if it preaches what it warns against.

    Peter, who was given the keys, wrote this:

    "even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; as also in all epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction."

    That word "wrest" literally means to twist hard. This is exactly what has been done with Colossians chapter 2. Indeed, Peter knew what he was talking about, and wrote not in vain.

  83. * * Post author

    a sabbath is not The Sabbath. Dietary laws and The Sabbath are not simply binding but liberating to all mankind and should not be tied to circumcision. Unfortunately with the popularization of Christianity came many heathen practices into the body of Christ. The Catholic Church may not have changed the Sabbath considering that Constantine may have done that for them but they(the Catholic Church) uphold the change. I do not intend to argue with you since the body should never do so but make the Cross our primary focus. Blessings brother Akin. Rest in Jesus.

  84. mourningwarbler Post author

    Look up "Unlearn the Lies" on YouTube for some interesting considerations.

  85. Linda Duncan Post author

    Lords Day? Wow! That part were we are told not to be ignorant?… SOMEBODY WASN'T LISTENING!!!

  86. Marlene Holloway Post author

    What has this got to do with salvation, nothing.


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