Did Pope Francis praise nation’s leading abortionist? | The John-Henry Westen Show Ep. 4

By | September 4, 2019

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first and foremost to watch the video commentaries. Pope Francis’s praise for Italy’s
leading abortion pusher herself an illegal abortionist. Hi I’m John Henry
Weston co-founder and editor-in-chief of LifeSite news. At LifeSite we are very
aware of the seriousness of criticizing the Pope
however canon law at number 212 number 3 speaks about this matter when it says
that the laity and I quote have the So let’s start
with a prayer in the name of the Father the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen.
On February 8 2016 one of Italy’s most prominent dailies Corriere della Sera
published an interview with Pope Francis in which he praised Italy’s leading
abortion proponent Emma Bonino as one of the nation’s forgotten greats, comparing
her to great historical figures such as Lonrad Adenauer and Robert Schumann. More than that the Pope is met with Benigno on several occasions and her close
association with the Pope has even led her to speaking at several Catholic
churches in Italy all the while being the chief promoter of abortion in the
country. Here is the poster of her presentation in 2017 at one Catholic
Church and the video of her talk there where pro-life protesters in the
audience were thrown out of the church. And here is the video of her still
promoting abortion in 2018. In order to understand the gravity of all this you’d
have to imagine the Pope called Hillary Clinton one of America’s forgotten
greats but that would only work if Hillary started out as an illegal
abortionist. That’s why the pro-life movement in
Italy was stunned and horrified at the Pope’s remarks. Responding to the Pope’s praise of Benigno pro-life leaders in Italy expressed disbelief and I quote commented Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro who
then was the head of the Roma of Human Life International. As I said before
pro-life and pro-family leaders would be rejoicing if the Holy Father was meeting
with abortionists and promoters of abortion if it was clear that he was
calling them to repentance without that we are left with grave confusion.
Suggestions that the Pope did not know about Bonina’s controversial stances are
dismissed by Italians since she was famously arrested for illegal abortions
and then became a politician who led the fight for the legalization of abortion
in the nation. Beyond that Pope Francis has been acquainted with Bonino and her
radical party leadership for years and then openly criticized for his warm
relations with them. In her capacity as Italian foreign minister Bonino along
with president Giorgio Napolitano and his key ministers was granted an
audience with the Pope on June 8 2013. In April 2014
Bonino called Pope Francis to help end the hunger strike of radical party
leader Marco Piniella. The Pope made the call and promised to join Piniella in
his bid to better conditions in Italian Prisons. In May 2015
Vatican insider reported that Pope Francis personally invited Bonino to an
audience in the Paul the sixth hall Bonino had herself an illegal abortion
as a young woman and then co-founded and worked with the Information Center on
Sterilization and Abortion which boasts over 10,000 abortions. There are famous
photos of Bonino herself performing illegal abortions using a homemade
device operated by a bicycle pump. Arrested for then illegal activity
she spent a few days in jail and was acquitted and entered politics. And as a
politician she championed abortion euthanasia, homosexual marriage,
legalization of recreational drugs, graphic sex education, and more.
She’s great friends with international abortion pusher and globalist George
Soros who actually as you’ll see in this video gave her an award for women’s
rights Pope Francis admires vanina’s work with
immigration however as Christian politicians increasingly struggled to
remain true to pro-life and pro-family stances in public office and endure much
criticism it was harmful for the Pope to openly praise without clear and
necessary qualifications of politicians such as Bonino. It undermines the
sacrifices many pro-life politicians had made and may even bring them to question
the need to remain solid in their voting patterns. It also undermines decades of
heroic efforts by Italian pro-life leaders would actively opposed Bonino
knows anti life and anti family actions. The US bishops highlight the problem
that all this causes in their 2004 document called Catholics in Political
Life and I quote from it it says They said later in the document that
they must warn and counsel politicians that by supporting abortion they are
cooperating and evil. Moreover they said that persistently proportion politicians
should not be honored by the Catholic community and by Catholic institutions.
The bishops document directed that such politicians that I quote Remember at LifeSite were all about
Caritas in Veritate, the truth and love and that is what we are after. For LifeSiteNews, I’m John Henry Weston. And may God bless you

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  1. Carol Hanson Post author

    As the Pope's namesake St. Francis of Assissi said, "Evangelise always!"
    I wonder why Bergoglio picked the name "Francis," since he hasn't been doing anything to "fix" the church but instead has been systematically ripping it apart!


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