Detroit firefighters honored for community service

By | September 5, 2019

they will tell you they were just doing their job but it was so much more than that a group of Detroit firefighters honored for going well beyond the call of duty you know every month the Detroit Fire Department takes the time to recognize those who have gone above and beyond like to paramedics who spent their own money to buy a family winter coats there are always so many heroic stories to share but there was one story that really stood out firefighters who saved not one but three people from a burning apartment and as Nick Monacelli reports they did so without the gear they normally have good evening by looking at this apartment complex here on the northwest side you would have no idea there was a fire here but of course the three people that are alive because those firefighters absolutely remember it and when you hear in their own words what happened it’s a really interesting story someone needed me someone needed me you need me I’m coming we’re going three months after the fact these Detroit firefighters tell the story so nonchalantly but when all this happened it was a very big deal on Thanksgiving Day around 10:30 at night a fire broke out in this North West Side apartment complex fire federal national Webster was the first one out of the engine it’s a crazy scene you pull up and you see that and now you had people screaming at you it’s someone’s trapped without a fire hose with no water to fight the flames back Webster and others ran in finding a severely burned woman in a stairwell and the mother trapped got up the stairs we found her we got her out and then we went around the corner to where the actual fire was and we assisted another lady getting out of her apartment trapped by the flames and while they were shielding those victims from flames sergeant Funches was downstairs we rescued one went down down below that was he was an elderly man who was in a wheelchair and he did it to get out as well all three people they rescued survived it’s the greatest feeling in the world that’s why you on the fire department to rescue and save people’s lives it’s the greatest film in the world it feels good afterwards you know in the moment you’re just not thinking about it you just like let’s get this person online listen let’s make this happen and when you sit on you think about you like man wow that that really happened Detroit’s Northwest Side Nick Monacelli local 4 know in all dozens of firefighters EMTs and arson investigators were awarded today including a civilian a Detroit woman who saved a man’s life and you’ll hear about that coming up on local 4 News at six

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