Debate about the catholic church, abuses, coverups (2)

By | October 19, 2019

Well I think there are structural problems in the church, that it’s inward-looking, aging,
completely cut from the day-to-day life also protecting, as my colleague said, their own and there’s also a problem with this pope in particular. I think that there’s nothing to wait from him
he was elected as a conservative force and he has shown to be very conservative, for instance in France
he sided with part of the clergy which was close to
being revisionist and antisemitic in order to put them back into the fold. He has made very conservative predicaments on sexuality
even on contraception. I think we’ll have to wait for the next one hoping that…
this one is hopeless. I don’t think we would say that about anyone else
involved in a conspiracy to cover up child rape I don’t think we’d say well, what can we do? We would be talking
about a criminal prosecution now, the moment it is regarded by some people that the Pope
has sovereign immunity ’cause the Vatican is a state. True; bear in mind firstly, the Vatican has only been a state
since 1929 when Mussolini made it a state I don’t think we should particularly respect
Mussolini’s political decisions but more importantly as Jeffrey Robertson, the great human rights lawyer
said today sovereign immunity does not cover
crimes against humanity this is a crime against humanity and it’s about
the rape of tens of thousand of children People watching this who are believing catholics
will say ‘here’s four secular journalists talking about you know…’ – Some of the best people
exposing this have been believing catholics I profoundly disagree with the ideas
of catholicism and all religion but to be fair there have been some people within the catholic church
who have spoken very bravely and they’ve been expelled from the catholic church.
it’s really important that people bear this in mind the catholic hierarchy it’s nor that they’ve just failed to deal with it they have deliberately persecuted and handed out
the people who wanted to deal with this in order to protect these people now Ratzinger- it’s really important people know this Ratzinger when he was the prefect of the sacred
congregation for the doctrine of the faith for twenty years, at the height of this crisis said: every one of these cases should be referred
to his desk, he’s a famous micro-manager he was in charge, the paper trail goes to him of course you’re right but we should go back
to this idea of celibacy because I have the impression that might be wrong
that in faiths which authorize marriage to the clerics you have less cases of pedophilia
I mean this is deeply ingrained in the catholic church because you have celibacy
– I’ve heard from catholic friends ‘look it’s not the priests become pedophiles,
some pedophiles become priests because there’s clearly
an opportunity because their position of power and of course the
church does very good work with children which we should we shouldn’t forget, so it’s
not- you know the celibacy issue has been raised here but it’s not simply about that
– Let’s face it, celibacy- it’s not going to happen at least not under this pope, it’s not it’s not going to change the doctrine of celibacy.
you’re not going to see women become priests either which other people think might be a good idea to
deal with the issues inside of this church but this pope was elected as you said because of his conservative credentials and none of that is going to happen so as Michael
said the decision is for the catholic faithful
is this a church that reflects their values? I have to disagree with you I mean I think that just as your religion you and I probably share a view on it but religion as a force in society even in modern times has a vaguely political side to it
whether it’s … well look I mean with whether you want to talk about Israel
and Palestine on this program is often a vague area between what judaism and…
being a Jew and being an Israeli is similarly I think you really do have to
look back and and accept that nothing’s going to happen and you can you can catch your flag in your column
and say arrest the Pope! and it’s just not going to happen the deeper question I think and I think it’s
a really important historical question is what’s going to happen in the catholic church with the catholic faithful in the catholic faith I know because I spent a lot of time working
in Boston in the earlier part of this decade when that scandal was at its height I know that it has deeply affected the very people that that the church needs to survive the wealthy, the middle class and the educated
Irish catholics of Boston have turned away. now they may come back in their seventies and say Well my immortal soul is in question again that’s their religious belief in the first world people are turning away
from the catholic church, the faithful are turning away and they can’t possibly make up numbers in
Africa and Latin America that will contribute money and allow the church
to sustain its… – Bear in mind that people said Pinochet would never face the court for what he did and he was eventually indicted for it.
– He was arrested and he was sent back… Well ’cause he was said to be senile,
not ’cause he was not… Laura, do you think that is any chance that this pope would either resign
or in some way be forced… No it will not happen and that that is why
what they are risking by continuing on the path that they’re on -and
I’ve heard now the Vatican compared to Toyota in its response to the crisis- is that they are
going to disillusion so many catholics who want a reason to believe in their church and they’re going
to fall away from the congregations and the only place where
the catholic church will still be relevant is in the third world

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  1. notuber Post author

    Intendi su Mussolini? Si' la Citta' del Vaticano come "stato" nasce nel '29 coi patti lateranensi. Puoi verificarlo su Wikipedia.

  2. Gnappo25 Post author

    L'ultima frase del video: "L'unico luogo dove la chiesa conterà ancora qualcosa sarà il terzo mondo"… e l'italia…

  3. God Spanker Post author

    Ricordatevi che in Aprile 2010 il papa ha dichiarato che le voci non erano veri, che erano "chiacchheri". Ha perfino censurato le notizie in alcuni siti internet in italia.

  4. centinel20 Post author

    This isnt a debate. this is a one sided slaughter. not one person defending on this pannel. shame on the bbc for doing something like this.


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