Dear LizzieAnswers, Yay You’re Becoming Catholic!

By | September 5, 2019

Dear Lizzie, Happy Thursday, it’s Ptony, your friendly
Catholic vlogger And I am so excited that you are becoming
Catholic On behalf of myself and everyone here on my
channel, I just want to welcome you to the Church I’m really bad at gooshy language but insert
a lot of that here I’m so excited! Your videos in these past two weeks HAVE BEEN
SO GOOD! I expect it’s been a whirlwind for you, perhaps Hopefully not too overwhelming I send prayers You’ve given me a lot to ponder in your last
videos Especially in your “Why I’m becoming Catholic”
video, you talked about how you didn’t like the vibe of Catholicism And I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant by
that But I began to ask myself, “Well what kind of vibe do I help create in
my circles of the Catholic world” And I began pondering that in some pretty
concrete ways Like I thought about how sometimes I’ll get
into arguments with other Catholics about “What’s the liturgy supposed to look like?” Or “How Catholic is the charismatic movement
really?” Or “What did Pope Francis mean by the last
thing that he said?” From there I began thinking how… well… I don’t think we should stop thinking about
these things They’re important questions but *how* do I
talk these things with other people? Do I corner people? Do I actually learn how to….? Do I have constructive conversations? And that gets into nuanced reflections about
dialogue versus fighting and things like that That particular line of thought, I don’t think
it actually had anything to do with what you meant by “Vibe of Catholicism” But it was a good tangent to think about and
you prompted that tangent So thank you for that, that was nice But that little phrase “vibe of Catholicism”
stuck with me and I began thinking about it in different ways And eventually I began wondering, “What do
Catholic look like to protestants?” And as part of that question, what kind of
vibe do we give off? And I went way down the rabbit hole thinking
about that I wrote like three pages of notes and was
getting warmed up to make a whole response video and ask you about some of these things Because I thought this was fascinating and
wanted to hear what you meant by “vibe of Catholicism” And then you uploaded a second video that
answered a lot of that already But holy cow, that was a fantastic video!! You’re “Coming Home” video, part 2 of coming
into the faith, your story Wow, I loved that You talked about a lot of different aspects
in your journey And one of those dynamics of course was your
perspective of Catholicism And that was just an amazing theme to hear And you wove it into your story throughout
the whole video Thank you, that was incredible In my pondering I remember thinking, When I talk to protestants – which honest
to goodness is not very often – but regardless When I talk to protestants if something in
faith and morals where we are going to disagree, I tend to have one of two reactions (1) Try to convince the protestant that they’re
wrong and (2) change the subject because I want
to avoid confrontation, it makes me uncomfortable But if that’s the case that means that whenever
we come to matters where we disagree the only thing that protestants will ever hear from
me Is me trying to prove them wrong And that seems kind of awful From there I got more cynical and I thought, You know if *all* Catholics act this way – and
I assumed that basically all Catholics do – That’s kind of an awful situation gone rampant But when I watched your video you talked about
you had wonderful experiences with the Catholics that reached out to you They sent prayers, they offered you encouragement And I also found it interesting that you talked
about how you were thankful for how they sent you articles to read For how they went toe to toe with you about
different things that you talked about They gave you arguments for Catholic doctrine They talked to you about things where y’all
weren’t on the same page And that was mind opening for me Because every instinct inside me screams that
if I don’t agree with someone they don’t want to hear my opinion And vice versa if someone doesn’t agree with
me, I don’t want to hear their opinion But obviously it doesn’t have to be that way So I just want to say thank you for your videos They gave me so much food for thought They also were a brilliant example of looking
deep into things and searching for truth And being brave enough to talk to people even
when we don’t agree with them Thank you also for building up such an amazing
community where that sort of conversation is possible And also thank you to your viewers for their
great example of having great conversations and living out charity You’ve built a beautiful YouTube channel and
I’m really excited to see what videos you make in the future And that’s what I wanted to say today Alright I’ll see you in your next video God bless and ciao! Everybody if you haven’t seen Lizzie’s YouTube
videos about why she’s becoming Catholic and her whole journey, I highly recommend them I’m putting links down in the description
cuz those were some of the most amazing videos that I’ve seen in a long time And I have high standards, thank you very
much, so you know they’re good The first one is only fifteen minutes long That’s really easy, everybody has time for
that The second one is 45 minutes long and when
I saw that I was scared to watch it cuz… But it’s worth it! If 45 minutes seems really daunting to you
just click on the video and if at some point during the video you decide you want to click
away, go ahead click away But I kinda expect you won’t. Cuz wow She really carries you through the whole video And it’s fascinating Alright that’s all I got Bye!

4 thoughts on “Dear LizzieAnswers, Yay You’re Becoming Catholic!

  1. ShoelessJoe Christian Post author

    To many protestants we look–in a word–lame! Pro tip–when you come across a daunting 45-minute video, click the gear and increase the speed! This has been a game-changer for me 🙂

  2. LizziesAnswers Post author

    I'm finally watching this haha! THANK YOU for making it. I feel super welcomed home. By the "vibe of Catholicism" I meant the essence of Mass: as a Protestant it felt very focused on the death of Christ because of having a Crucifix/Stations of the Cross/ focusing on Christ's Sacrifice etc. but I'm happy you started analyzing yourself more and becoming super self aware with how you're coming across. But this made me laugh soooo much how you journaled a ton about the "vibe of Catholicism" thing.


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