Deacon charged with child sex abuse

By | September 6, 2019

now more breaking news at this hour this coming in from Troy where a local Catholic Deacon facing charges for alleged child sex abuse tamanna has long been a deacon at the local Chaldean Catholic Church there now specifically st. Joseph Chaldean near Big Beaver into Quinn’s er he was in court this afternoon only local 4 News was there rod Moloney live in Troy tonight with what we know so far about this case rod well Devon what we get is that we have heard so often that the Catholic Church allegedly covered up a lot of these kinds of problems but it was not the case here it was the church officials who actually turned in their own detail 63 year old hermes risco Ishika frazier appeared in 54 – for district court this afternoon though he speak some English he needed a translator Troy police arrested him earlier in the day after its investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a young boy at the st. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church on big beaver and Troy the abuse allegations first reported Detroit police in mid-october Mike church officials who have since suspended his shock from any duties in the church his shock told the magistrate he’s been a deacon for 21 years Troy police saying his alleged assaults on that boy at the church started in May of last year and concluded with a final assault on October 2nd police also told the judge another child is an apparent witness mashek faces three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct on a child the judge noting the deacon uses authoritative position of power over that child as a way to get him to submit Troy police asked for a high cash bond for Ishaaq saying that he was born in Iraq and has family there they also asked that he not have any contact with the victim his family or the witness the judge granted that wish giving his shock a three hundred thousand dollar bond with no ten percent mean he needs to come up with the full amount to get out of jail Ishaq said in court that he doesn’t have enough money to cover that bond should he come up with that money he would still have to wear a tether and live under house arrest until his trial in the meantime he also has to undergo testing for sexually transmitted disease reporting live in Troy Rod melona locals

18 thoughts on “Deacon charged with child sex abuse

  1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown Post author

    Man. Churches and schools. Kids aren't safe.

  2. Maryam Youno Post author

    He deserve more then this he’s also a thief!!! He stole from us at church few times

  3. Jessica Dowda Post author

    ugh i can't even look at his face without getting nauseous. i recognize him from church.

  4. Fortniteyourclip 67 Post author

    I go to that church man I feel bad he so nice to everyone

  5. Karam Kathawa Post author

    If the house of God is not safe, where should we go!! Smh

  6. Yikes It’s me. Post author

    I go to that church and I took communion there and EVERYONE at school was talking about it I am so DISGUSTED by what he did!

  7. James Anglin Post author

    I've played poker with him numerous times he was at The poker room every time I've been there. Ive never heard him speak

  8. Yousif Hermez Post author

    I thought he was a good person. (Almost everyone) But I/we thought wrong.

  9. Lilian Arbo Post author

    Man it’s sad that I toke communion there and my mom sew this and said that you are not going to that church again and everyone is saying that if it the god house and it supposed to be the safety’s thing because it’s the god house then were should we sand our kids it’s heartbreaking btw I’m Chaldean ugh people thos days 😑😐

  10. xanh01 Post author

    We need to speak up, get these evils out of the church. Start from the top down.

  11. Stan Mann Post author

    Parents need to be held accountable. Scumbag mothers care more about their reputation than stopping abuse.

  12. Mariam Abed Post author

    Following up, the deacon was proven innocent… please disregard the comments below & God bless! 🙏🏼


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