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By | September 8, 2019

Hi! I’m Johnathon Lewis of DC Catholic. Starting July 15th we host our summer
TED-Talk-inspired Theology on Tap series, ToT Talks;
inspiring stories worth sharing. Today I’m downtown DC asking people
about the most inspirational part of the summer – World Cup soccer! So, who’s your team? Uh,Japan. Argentina. USA, obviously. Auf geht’s Deutschland! (Let’s go Germany!) So, what is it about the World cup that’s so captivating and inspiring? I don’t know, I think it’s a, it’s a common denominator, you know? It’s something everyone can follow. I think it’s that sense of camaraderie and bonding that I think everybody wants to be connected to something bigger and I think that’s part of it. Bringing everybody together to kind of just enjoy, uh, I don’t know, a universal game that, I guess,
a lot of people can understand. Why is it so inspiring? I think it’s cuz we’re just, we’re just
bringing together all these people all these cultures into something that they love to do! You know all these countries, we have so many disagreements over all this stuff, but the one uniting
thing is the World Cup. The World Cup is all about the flags, bringing different countries together. I’ve got a
flag here. What country’s flag is this? To be honest, I have no idea. Ecuador? Belgium? Portugal? Is it a European country? It’s not England, is it? Starts with a ‘V’. A ‘V’?
Venice. Cyprus, maybe. This is actually the flag of
Vatican City! That is literally what I was going to guess! Some people say that the World Cup and soccer is like a religion. Yeh, yeh, yeh.
What do you think about that? I, I, I totally, I agree with that. It’s like a very un-devout religion that you only
watch every four years but you can look forward to. I know that feeling when you get a championship down your belt that is a religious experience, that
unified feeling, and the faith you have in your team is similar to religion in itself as well. Soccer’s ‘religion’ because it’s powerful
enough in that it motivates everyone and
whenever you watch it you get chills and you just, and you love it, and you don’t
know why you love it but you just do. What can, maybe, we Catholics learn from the World Cup experience? Keep it simple? I don’t know if that’s
possible? You know, having a very big superstar is always a helpful thing. I think with the Pope now, so many people are re-looking at the Catholic Church. I think everyone can just unite and just become one. Awesome! In a way. Great! Jesus said that.
Yeh! Absolutely! It inspires people in a positive way and
it doesn’t divide people into Us vs Them but it gets everybody involved in the same,
in the same movement. As much passion as they put into religion, as somebody could put into religion, you could put into sports or vice versa. So, it sounds like we’re all supposed to be playing the game when it comes to religion. Correct! Exactly! Should! Join us Tuesday nights, downtown DC at The Rooftop of the Catholic Information
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