8 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2019-08-21 – Fr. Mark

  1. Marjorie Thomas Post author

    LORD GOD HEAVENLY FATHER, AND TRUE KING…help me to be a better foolwer of #CHRIST. Help me to be a better #CHRISTIAN. Help me to stay away from sin.
    Thank you so much for the Daily Mass. God bless you all.

  2. Mary Callahan Post author

    People seem to forget being a lay person is a vocation too. Great talk!

  3. Collins Anosike Post author

    It the 1800s the Catholic church embarked on massive evangelization to far ends of the world, after many centuries of staying in Europe and many Middle east countries. The catholic church came to Africa in the mid 1800 and Asia and Australia in the 1800s…Am glad the Church has reinvigorated the evangelism in the 21st century. May God bless the God works of Catholic evangelist world wide in Jesus name.

  4. Mike Jesus Post author

    Amen Father Mark. Thank you god and ewtn for learning a lot about church and jesus ways.


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