8 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2019-02-20 – Fr. Mitch

  1. Lena Romero Post author

    Father, 66.6 miles per hour, many don't buy it ANYMORE NASA can't be trusted, it's NASA and the red T over it, it spells SATAN. PARSONS a self proclaimed luciferian.

  2. Marlene garcia Post author

    God blessed you Father. God love all of us. The Golpel everyday it helps me to be more stronger in my faith. I pray for all Priest and for more Vocatios. God Bless all of you.

  3. Allen Enriquez Post author

    I'm visiting the Philippines now & follow EWTN programming. Here, they broadcast the Fatima Chaplet of Adoration & Reparation (led by Fr. Patrick Mary) right after your live broadcast of the Daily Mass. Where can I view this when I return to the States? I like the EWTN version of this devotion, but, it is not available on YouTube nor on your website. Is it available in your Religious Catalogue? I would buy it. You should include this devotion in your program schedule. It could strengthen one's prayer life.

  4. Dr.Mordecai Cassius Marcellus Jones Post author

    Since the Church can’t police itself, it’s up to Catholics to force their hand by walking out and taking their money with them. It’s the only way the harm against children will ever be taken seriously.

  5. Andrew Kinyanjui Post author

    -Thank you, Father Mitch! I was enlightened by the fact that in the ancient world, the Great Flood is mentioned and that the gods of various peoples, behaved very much like Humans! God, however is always behaving at the highest level of Morality possible, and provided a way out of Sin, through the Lord Jesus Christ and Calvary! Everyone should know this!

  6. Apsco Radiales Post author

    Thank you and God bless you Father Mitch.
    You are special, no doubt, in the eyes of Our Lord.

    I will never forget the trip to the Holy Land you took me on.


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