11 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2019-02-19 – Fr. Joseph

  1. Tom Francis Post author

    Read the diary of St.Faustina and the Divine Mercy .please Lord have mercy on us save us from the flood when your judgement comes.

  2. cloudsabove Post author

    He emphasizes words randomly rather than according to meaning and does not follow Dale Carnegie's observations about effective speaking. It is nearly impossible for me to focus on his speech.

  3. gordonjude dobson Post author

    Thanks fr for the wonderful sermon
    God bless our priests amen

  4. Allen Enriquez Post author

    I'm visiting the Philippines now & follow EWTN programming. Here, they broadcast the Fatima Chaplet of Adoration & Reparation (led by Fr. Patrick Mary) right after your live broadcast of the Daily Mass. Where can I view this when I return to the States? I like the EWTN version of this devotion, but, it is not available on YouTube nor on your website. Is it available in your Religious Catalogue? I would buy it. You should include this devotion in your program schedule. It could strengthen one's prayer life.

  5. Andre Newcomb Post author

    Planet Earth, the Ark and how no matter where you are on Earth in space you're on top of the world.  Bread of life and Veronica the cook.

  6. Thomas M Post author

    this is not a Catholic Mass. Pope St. Pius V promulgated the Latin Mass.

  7. Towergrl and James comics Post author

    TY Father Joseph for an enlightening and uplifting Homily. Ever since my conversion to Catholicism, I have never felt alone or so afraid even when faced with many scary things, since my faith is truly directed on to the straight and narrow path. Thank you for your constant guidance!


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