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By | September 7, 2019

(intense music) – I’ve been here since
I was five years old. This is my home, this is all I have known. For most people, I’m not
considered a citizen here, and I’m not considered a
citizen in Mexico either, since I didn’t live in Mexico
for a long period of time. So I’m in between, I dunno what I am. – When I realized that I
was gonna sign some papers with my mom that said I
wasn’t legal in the U.S., that totally changed my life. – We just can’t lose our faith right now. It’s really powerful for me, for everyone, to sit with us and just
pray with us at this moment. – My dream is to become a pediatrician, to work with those kids
that really need that help. Going into University, it
makes me feel like yes, like I got accepted. And when I had the opportunity to go, I will never ever be afraid
to be there with them. I know that my community
will always be with me. My family, the people that I
work with here at the parish, I know they will always be with me. Especially the priest. Pray for me, I dunno what’s
gonna happen in the future. But you know, it’s better
for me to know that you guys are with me as well
as brothers and sisters. – We went to Washington, giving a message, saying that we a clean dream back. Saying that we’re no criminals,
we don’t harm anybody. And we told them hear me, and
listen to what we have to say. ’cause we’re young leaders,
and we’re making a change. And God has our back, and just
knowing that other churches have our back is just
something really powerful, and we thank everybody that supports us. – And I would prefer
for them to come and see and sit with us, and talk to us and they’re gonna change their minds.

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