Community Service – Reach Out Saint Rose 2017

By | September 1, 2019

This is the twenty second year for Reach out Saint
Rose and it is really a fabulous opportunity for the students and the faculty and the
staff of this institution to live our founding values which is serving thy neighbor and
welcoming all. Being an Albany local I feel like it gives me
the opportunity to come back to my community and to be able to help out. And to work together to build a better world
and a better Capital Region. Ever since I’ve come in as a freshman
I’ve been involved in it. We started with about 80 people in 1996
and it’s grown exponentially in the last maybe five years. Today we’re just moving lumber and doing little things, but any little thing that we do can make a big difference –
and that’s what I really want to do with the world. I am so grateful for these guys and their spirit.
Their energy is like a prize for me. Yeah, I definitely am going to do it next year,
I plan to do it all four years that I am here. When they get out there, they really represent us so well
and we are so proud of them and they come back and whets their appetite.
Many of them right now are signing up for more to give back into the community,
and add this aspect to their college career.

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