Community Service Project

By | September 10, 2019

[Reporter] Baking to spread holiday cheer students
in the Youth and Government class at Beaufort High School are making and
selling tasty treats for their community service project. The students decided to
get cooking in the kitchen to raise money to purchase gifts for kids in need
during the holidays. [Nick Moser] We wanted to get together and make a community service
project that really meant something to the community as a whole and not just
our high school so my team came up with the idea that we wanted to buy presents
for kids who won’t get those presents by helping to go out and buy them in the
donated organizations like Kappa and Toys for Tots and people like that so to
raise money we got to do the bake sale and just get as much money as we can so
we can get more toys for more kids. [Reporter] All week Youth in Government students will
be selling brownies cookies and other sweets they have baked in school. The
students say they’re excited to give back to children in the community. [Lindsey Breaux] I feel like
there’s a lot of ways to better our community and if you could do something
that could benefit like where are you from and make people like in general
just happier why wouldn’t you. [Nick] This community is a very big deal to us and
growing up here is it’s it’s a big deal because there’s so much to do and they
give back to us in so many different ways not only with our education but
with fun activities that go on all the time so it it really feels good to get
back to the to the kids and the organization’s that want help make this
town a better place. [Reporter] The students plan on buying and donating the toys December 15. At Beaufort High School Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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