Community Service Program – John Cabot University

By | August 29, 2019

JCU Community Service is a fulfilling experience, caring, and engaging. It is worthwile, committed, open-mindedness,
a moving experience, hopeful and sincere. The Community Service program is a very important
experience, inspiring, empowering, and gratifying. It helps students connect, passionate, very fulfilling, community, enjoyable. It is committment, outreach, giving back the opportunities
that we have that some people do not have. It is enriching and amazing. We do a lot of work with marginalized communities,
whether they be refugees, homeless and it is a really sweet experience. Not only at JCU do you see the world but you also
see the world that is immediately around you. It was a great experience. It was not my first time working with kids, but by first time working with engaged kids
that were so open to people coming and visiting them. They were so happy to see us. I feel that I’m sharing time that I have, even though
I can be stressed about school, or about other activities. I’m sharing a time that I know that for someone else is important, because for me it’s an hour of my time, for them it’s a meal they are receiving. We are helping them to have a really nice time,
but at the same time we are always learning from them. Helping other people it’s always something nice
and something that basically doesn’t cost you anything. It think it is really enriching, it helps students
connect with other students that have the same passion. Giving back the opportunities that we have that some people do not have. I’d really just like to encourage anybody to go out and try volunteering. Get involved as soon as you can because you might find after your first year, where you may be unsure of whether it is for you or not:
it is for you, there’s something for everybody.

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