Community Service Makes Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

By | October 13, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING} BERT: Healthy Kids Healthy Families
began in 2011 as a three year program to impact a million kids.
It’s been so successful that now I’m really proud to tell you,
it’s part of our core programs. BRIAN: Lots of corporate groups including
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas come here to volunteer and so
any companies that can step out the way Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
did we very much appreciate it. EDWARD: There’s very few playgrounds
in the area and we found that there was a need to serve our community better
and especially our kids. We’ve enjoyed working with Blue Cross and Blue
Shield, again it’s been a great thing and without them it would
have not been possible. BERT: This year Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Texas worked with 29 community organizations and provided over 1.5
million dollars in funding, and the funding was spent on our four core
pillars, nutrition, disease prevention, physical activity, and safe environment.
This is new, we recruited 20 employees to help review the grants.
So they were actively involved in selecting where the money went,
and I just can’t say enough about our employees and the fact
that they’re so engaged in our community and want to improved
healthcare in Texas. KELLY: I got involved with the Healthy
Kids Healthy Families grant process because I have a passion for childhood
obesity and activity, and that’s just one of their cores that they work
on. I just think that this grant that we approved might be the only
opportunity that a child has to see that there is a different way of
eating fast food versus healthy food. It’s just an opportunity to make
a huge impact on a child’s life. KEN: I know for me, this is so different than
what I normally do from day to day. Working in ITG we’re responsible
for the applications and systems that respond to health events. This is, to me,
way more on the front end then what I normally do so when I first heard
about it, I jumped at the opportunity. ANGELA: One of the applications
that I reviewed it was actually for an organization that is literally
in my backyard. It’s right in the city I live in, and I had no
idea that it was even there. MELANIE: It gives you a sense of
pride almost when you walk away from the event you’re like “I did that
and I’m part of a company that does big things not just sign up
and purchase this insurance, but we’re going to get out there in
your face and help you do better.” You know you just can’t compare
that to anywhere else. EDWARD: I’m often proud to say I work for
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. I mean, I think this company is an
example of what a corporate citizen should be. They do the right things, they
work within the environment, they sell business they help those
communities. It’s just amazing that we as employees have an opportunity to
be a part of that organization and their impact. I put on my Facebook all the time
proud to be blue. Every one of my friends know I work for Blue Cross and Blue
Shield and I love my job and I love working here. This is just a great place to
be and the fact that we give back. It’s not something someone is forcing us to do,
it’s an opportunity for us to give back. And we all stand up for that
opportunity and it’s great. BERT: Our charitable contributions allow
us to connect with our communities, local leaders, policy makers, and improve
the state of the state of Texas health. [MUSIC ENDS]

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