Community Service Learning at JMU

By | September 4, 2019

Indeed students value service learning. They
value what we offer here primarily because JMUs done a good job at
establishing a culture of services – what I would call it. We really bridge the
university with the community. Trying to create situations where the students can
have opportunities to apply what they learning in the classroom, and imply it to the
community and really meet the needs of the community. We place approximately
thousand-plus students every year into the local community through the classroom. We
work with eighty nonprofit community agencies in the Shenandoah Valley and
connect their needs with what is being taught in the classroom from roughly
fifty to sixty courses a year. So Explore More is a hands-on museum for
children. We have a lot of exhibits ranging from a theater to art room. We
have an ambulance, a kitchen, farmers market and many more. I help them
throughout the day with their tasks, I run the floor, I do office tasks, administrative work. Mike’s role here at the museum, he is our work-study student and so he’s here about 10 hours a week he’s actually been here for four
semesters, and so he’s really gotten to be an integral part here at the museum. We see
him as like our fellow staff member – co-worker. Outside of the classroom I
learned a lot coming here. I’ve learned a lot of professional experience and I’ve
learned to be relied on. We rely on JMUs student a lot. We have them here
pretty much every single day when JMUs in session. I’ve definitely notice
now how essential JMU is to the community and how essential the
community is to JMU. New Bridges is as a resource center that specifically serves persons who
are immigrants in their own definition of immigrant. We provide broad spectrum
information on anything from legal resources, to how to setup financial
transactions. We also provide a lot of information for people regarding educational opportunities for adults. I definitely feel more connected to the community. I mean I see people that I helped, for
instance if I go to a restaurant there’s several ladies that I’ve helped and they recognize me. We have only two people working that are paid through our own budget. It’s incredibly valuable to have the support of other staff people in essence that are
supported through the University. educational experience for me is really
just learning about other cultures and being involved in community have never
really done anything like that before so I do feel more part of the community and
do the MRC stands for a Virginia man and I
retirement community organizations such as ours is often considered a continuing
care retirement community I work in the Wellness Center and I work
one-on-one with the residents I help them with exercises and I’m just get
them moving and make sure that they’re doing them right I think it’s really
cool how JMU has the service learning program because it has given me the
opportunity to work in something that i’m gonna be working in the future the Wellness Center meteorology major
really puts me in that position and I’m also able to just apply when I’m
learning and classes 11 on one here MRC with the residents and just see how
it all everything comes together I do I actually giving their hands and my subject of the same doing something
that’s meaningful real leaves lasting memories that you can’t get by reading a
book listening to lecture community service learning is one of the best ways
to accomplish that goal during what you’re learning alive in a way because you are
connecting the real world to what’s going on in your classroom and you’re
also you’re doing it with your peers so processing and reflecting to me that’s really what I knew it was
something I felt really important and and just really resonated with me one of
the important aspects of what we do to the CSL regarding service is reflection
and the reason why we do it is because reflection is the difference between
voluntary and academic and/or service 35 community service learning is not not
just what you do but also the opportunity to come back to your own
classroom and talk with other students about the experience reflection is a structured way has tunes
and critically bank and ask questions about why they’re doing what they have
done and that reflection kind of help solidify the value of community service
learning the best parts of my job is watching my student becomes smaller than
myself so you know you give them the foundation experience the training education just watch what they do with
that you see so many stories about their have any impact on the communities they
live in make them a better place it has this
real life impact in the communities we all have a vested interest I think
whatever your career path is whatever your ultimate profession is that we’re
all we’re all citizens are all part of a community and we all have a role to play
in improving the world around us

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