Community Service Initiative Awareness Video

By | September 11, 2019

child abuse and orphanage children are two factors that unfortunately go hand-in-hand it’s a grim reality, but it’s reality nonetheless to help put this into respective, 90% of children orphanages aren’t even necessarily orphans to further drive this point home there are over 64,000 children under child care institutions in Malaysia alone as such, while these children may receive food and shelter they may lack sufficient parental love this leads to become a perception that adopted children are unruly or undisciplined however, I believe people are pointing their fingers in the wrong direction instead of labelling these children as problematic, people from more fortunate backgrounds should at the very least try to help and aid these poor unfortunate souls my future is to be a football player before the Shield of Faith came into the orphanage, handled by the Persatuan Rumah Kids the facts given by the Internet and also other people gave us a stereotypical perception that the neglected or abused children could have a tendency towards violence and also such an undisciplined behaviour but that’s the breaking point here and this home here, has been a corner stone of changing our whole stereotypical perception on neglected children as we entered the home we saw they were divided into groups and working under a token system they work in a very organisational manner and a very disciplined manner itself frankly, they were more disciplined and more responsible than any other kids which has been raised in this metropolitan city example of the things I’ve learned so far among them firstly, is that the kids are very receptive to learning new things especially the things that are quite foreign to them whether it be about religious beliefs, or whether it’s about learning new cultures I think adults have a lot to learn from these kids they are some of the most open and some of the brightest kids I’ve seen so far at the age of 11, some of these kids know economic theory some of these kids know about race relations they have opinions on the politics of the country there really is no difference between the children here and people born in supposedly normal circumstances being the manager, for the care home what do you think is the society’s perspective towards the children from the care home? I really want the society to come forward and lend hands to the children because these children face difficulty times especially in school when the other students are aware that they are from a care home, they put them down the other students? Ya, they complain and even cry that they are bullied and called as orphan they are well disciplined and well mannered but when the other students repay it with such acts, the parents of those kids should advice their kids as managing the care home, what do you think is the basic necessities or the help that you will acknowledge the people to give or or something that will be very useful? what the society can do? first of all, any care home we visit, the prime need is money because the Rumah Kids here are 100% public funded we do not get any other source of funding so, for the children here, groceries are being donated by some people but as to fulfil their personal needs, there is where I need more public support. if you are given an opportunity, to bring up suggestions or matters to the government what do you think you are going to bring up about the kids? ok, for this question before going to the government, we should put the blame over the parents of this spurned children the children are here because of them so, I would like to say something to them it all starts from the marriage, when our parents advise us from small, we should listen and when we against such morals, thus, get married the is how the child will end up another suggestion is they must be strict over marriage laws in our nation, especially in order to eradicate unregistered marriage from the system

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