Community service: Enhancing the quality of life in the areas we serve

By | August 29, 2019

What drew me to community service was actually,
I grew up in poverty. And knew what it was like to have…to worry
about where our next meal was gonna’ come from. My name is Edward Figueroa, and I’m the CEO
of St. Mary’s Dining Room. When I came to Stockton, I really wanted to
get involved here in the community, and I knew this was one way that we could give back. Cal Water has been a tremendous partner of
ours over the years, at least 10 to 15 years. This particular facility serves over a thousand
meals a day. And I’m proud that we can be able to help. We really are thankful to Cal Water for allowing
their employees the opportunity to give back to the community in which they work. I hear our employees come and say thank you. It was so rewarding for them to come and help. I want to take this opportunity to encourage
other businesses to support their employees because there are a lot of non-profit organizations
like ours who rely on volunteers to make all of our services possible. It’s important for California Water Service
to pay the employees, it’s their time, they’re working. There’s employees who say hey, I want to come
back. Sometimes they may come back and they’re own
their own time. I hope that all the customers out there who
hear this realize that Cal Water is more than just their water company, it’s the company
about giving back and making the lives of others better.

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