Community Service Club and the Fall Banger

By | August 29, 2019

>>Bri Feindt
This is the Fall Banger and you bring in a team of five and
pay five dollars to enter. The money that is raised tonight
goes to rebuilding a burnt down playground in the North Shore.>>Richelle Scypulski
They have five different events: tug of war, twister,
root beer pong, foursquare, and corn hole. Which we
suffered a loss at, but we’re going to make a comeback.>>Bernard Vincavage
Doing this event and being a member of the Community
Service club, it makes me feel inspired that I’m
actually extending my time to help another community
and help others who need it the most.>>Tim Allen
I think this club embodies a lot of what Point Park
is doing and trying to just spread the word that we
can make a difference. >>Jenni Bloodworth
Also, the Sophomore Experience did a blankets and
blockbusters, which was like, everyone sat and
watched a movie and while they did it the made
no-sew quilts for the homeless.>>Zoe Sadler
The Honors Program right now is having the pink feet
race, where they can purchase pink feet for a dollar.
All of that is the benefit for the Susan G. Komen
Foundation for breast cancer research. And they know there’s coat drives going on
with drop boxes everywhere.>>Keyen James
Point Park is awesome that it has events like this
where I get to have fun and I get to help others and
that’s the greatest thing ever. I love when kids come out and are not afraid to donate
a couple dollars and come and bring enthusiasm and
have a team that dresses up and is ready to play. It’s something we can do as friends, we can bond
and laugh about it, but we can also meet some new
people, make some new friends. Since I’m not from the area, going to these
events, I make friends, you know. It feels great; it’s a really nice way to give back.
Because you’re having fun, but at the same time in the back
of your head, you know that it’s all going to a good cause.

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