Community Service Award

By | September 6, 2019

The IronDames have just benefited Wellsprings
so much a lot of our patients actually come from the Burlington area and they’ve done
fundraisers, they do Lace Up for Love every Mother’s Day and it supports our program and
so many people. Just this year alone we’ve seen 2650 people at Wellsprings in our exercise
program and all of that is just through funding from the IronDames and we appreciate them
so much. And they’re rock stars. What they do, how fit they are, how hard they work and
that all of their hard work is just embodied and transferred over to people who really
need that and aspire to be active again and gain the strength. it’s pretty incredible
what they’re doing. There is 15 women behind the IronDames. they are the IronDames. It
started with one of their friends Kim Pace and Kim was actually a cancer patient and
participated in our program at Wellsprings and just found so many benefits. So they started
this need to support us. They girls have been doing that ever since.
Christine is an amazing person. She is very generous with her time but is such a pleasure
to be around. She’s one of those people that is so easy to be around and friendly. She’s
a natural connection for teens so we asked if she would help us with our teen program
as the kids come in for help for their community service on the weekend and in the summer camp
program so she interviews, with them, finds the best fit and even takes time out of her
weekends to come in and train them so they feel comfortable in their new role. She is
a real mentor and a role model for our volunteers.Christine’s commitment to community is heartfelt and she
likes to be an example and so its in everything she does whether she is an example as a parent
to her own children or an example to the young people of the community.Everything she does
is because she loves to give back and I think her idea of the sense of family extends to
the community. She comes to the gallery, she says “what can I do for you today?” She’ll
spend hours at the computer doing data entry and things that everyone else thinks is menial.
Oh my goodness we can’t get around to getting that done and by doing that, she’s given so
much back because now everything is organized and people are happier in their jobs and the
volunteers are feeling very supported. So we get the feedback we get from the rest of
the volunteers. Wow, this place has really changed, I really love coming to volunteer
here, is because of her. It’s because of her face, because of her commitment to everything
we do and she just likes to meet people. Paul and I joined on this nomination because
of our work with Mary both in sport and in general with the Burlington Sport Alliance,
she exemplifies what community is all about she makes sure that sport is available for
all athletes. every level of play, children who just want to experience grass roots participation.
And her work has just been invaluable in ensuring those opportunities. She’s a volunteer who
knows how to get a job done. And she exemplifies volunteerism in Burlington in any aspect of
sporting life. As a result of her volunteerism, BurlingtonGymnastics club is 47 years old.
She created the spring cup competition which is 27 years old. These are all of her initiatives
and provide an opportunity not only for work but play and recreation and that’s what Burlington
is all about. She does not sit at the sidelines and direct traffic, she gets in there and
gets her hands dirty and gets the work done. She, on the BSA she fills many boards, positions
on the board, from vice president to president to past president.
Bob was one of the best volunteers we’ve ever had in Burlington. First got to know him when
our daughters were in the Burlington Teen Tour Band. And Bob helped them out by cooking
burgers for their fundraisers using activities. During the sound of music he was set up on
a corner in downtown Burlington and wherever the band went to raise money, the band boosters,
he would set up his stand and with the help of other boosters raise money for the band
and for their trips around the world. I estimate he’s cooked about 60,000 burgers since I got
to know Bob about 10 years ago. And for probably about 30,000, he’s used this. You can see
how clean he keeps his equipment. It’s really amazing. Burlington’s a better place because
of Bob because of all the help he’s been to organizations that deserve it. For example
the TeenTour Band is a great institution in Burlington as Bob has helped them immensely.
He still helps them out once a year the band members have a spaghetti dinner at the Royal
Canadian Legion. Their last one was just a couple of weeks ago and he was there cooking
spaghetti for them.

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