Community Service Award 2012 – Cindy Kruckenberg

By | September 4, 2019

McFarland Clinic’s Trusted Choice Community
Service Award is given to an individual who impacts and influences his or her community
through volunteer services. The 2012 recipient of this award is Cindy Kruckenberg, a Lab
coordinator. Cindy was chosen from four nominees to represent our philanthropic McFarland staff
members and was nominated by the Oncology department. Pam Luna shares with us why they
chose to nominate Cindy for this award. We talked about nominating Cindy; several people
said that there wasn’t anybody that was more deserving than she was of this community service
award. Cindy describes what she felt when she was being recognized with the Trusted
Choice Community Service Award and what it means to her. My initial reaction to winning
that Trusted Choice Community Service Award was one of being overwhelmed and shocked.
I know so many people here at McFarland that do so many good things and volunteer in their
communities that it was just overwhelming to realize I had been selected. Project Joy
started in 2004. One of the members of our Fabricators Quilt Guild was diagnosed with
colon cancer. She was coming to the Bliss Cancer Center for her treatments, and she
complained that she was always cold. And wouldn’t it be nice if she could have a blanket? So,
being part of the quilt group, we made her a quilt, and it was very comforting. She indicated
it was warm; it was comforting to know that others cared about her. And wouldn’t it be
nice if everybody going through there could have a blanket? We usually offer them the
day of their first treatment, when they’re kind of apprehensive, and it’s just a real
comfort thing. They just love receiving them and bringing them with them to all of their
treatments. I’m very proud to work for an organization like McFarland Clinic that realizes
and understands the importance of community service. Please join us in congratulating
Cindy for her recognition as a 2012 Trusted Choice Award recipient and thanking her for
her time devoted to volunteer service.

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