Community Service at BIS HCMC

By | September 7, 2019

The community service programme here at BIS is not simply about fundraising or ticking a box. At the heart of our programme is encouraging students parents and teachers to develop a respectful and
caring sense of social responsibility on both a local and global scale. My name is
Reem Mehanna and I’m the Community Service Manager at the British International
School Ho Chi Minh City. I’m a part of a wider team of dedicated staff members
that lead 20 individual community projects and clubs every single week
from F1 right through Year 13. Through long term sustainable community
partnerships our students experience the reality of using their knowledge and
skills to make a meaningful difference. It provides an opportunity for our
students to expand their educational experience beyond the classroom. Our
students quickly develop personal qualities such as kindness, compassion,
respect, critical thinking, social entrepreneurship, cultural understanding
and leadership ultimately transforming our students into responsible global
citizens. BIS; empowering students to make a difference.

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