Community Service and Firm Values

By | September 7, 2019

The thing that strikes me about our firm – we’ve got this great rich tradition of decades of customer service and client service and community participation as much as anything and, that’s a wonderful tradition to lean upon and to grow off of a platform to springboard off of yeah the question to us, the challenge for us, is is how do we continue to project that into the future. And, the number one place that that I see us being able to do that is attracting, retaining and developing great talent and being the kind of place that other great people want to be part of. We work together to service a client and more here than anyplace else, I think I’ve worked, you see that as a team. We see practice areas that are meant really to support clients and I feel like we all support each other in that way. Part of what we strive for is excellence and accountability, and those two mesh when we provide the best possible service to our clients and at all times we are always keeping the clients goals in mind and looking for ways to advance their goals in the most efficient way as possible and that of course includes open and honest communication. Communicating often, in addition, at Bean, Kinney & Korman were also very aware of our surrounding community and ways that our knowledge of the community can help aid our clients, even in ways they may not be looking for. And our values are very much wired into the DNA of the firm. For us, community service has been something that we’ve been about for decades and it’s not that we do this to get attention. It’s that we care about our community. We’re embedded and involved in things, and our lawyers have always been like that. And that’s part of why I came to this firm. I had my own shop before I came over here. Part of the reason I came here was because this is a firm that let the lawyers not just bill time and sit in the box But actually get out and do things and then it ends up ultimately a benefit to the firm by allowing lawyers to become more well-rounded folks and better well-rounded people and to be able to make a difference in the community with what we’re doing every day.

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