Community Service???

By | August 30, 2019

hey everybody this is Deb with Truthification chronicles and I think by now you’ve probably heard that Jessie
Smollett was freed totally his record was wiped clean it’s like oh you can’t
even believe this well there’s a lot to it and I’ve been watching the boards and
I see that the anons are coming up with all kinds of stuff about this and all
the connections and everything so I’m not going to do much on it right now I
just wanted to give you a word and show you a couple of websites that I came up
with and let you see what they say first of all he was told he had to do
community service well what did his community service end up being 18 hours
with Jesse Jackson’s organization I mean serious really seriously that’s your
penalty 16 felony charges he had 16 felony charges and what did they do yeah
they have 18 hours of community service over two days with Jesse Jackson’s
organization and that’s going to satisfy prosecutors well I’ve got news for you
even rahm emanuel was upset about this now imagine how bad does it have to be
to offend rahm emanuel sensibility of justice i mean serious this if this is
hitting him and he’s saying it’s unjust can you imagine how bad it really is
well anyway like I said there are a lot of connections coming out I’m not gonna
deal with them but I did want to share this one with you as well Jesse Smollett
sisters worked for who oh look who they worked for oh yeah so very interesting
and then there’s another one that I don’t have up right now but it was text
messages between Kim Fox and one of Jesse small let’s relatives now I happen
to wonder if it was one of his sisters there mmm interesting but anyway this
Kim Fox is married to Kelly Fox who works for World Business Chicago where
Jim Reynolds of loop capital sits on the board of directors now there’s some
other connections that like I said I’m going to go through and try to put
everything together as it comes out because there’s more that’s being found
all the time and this loop capital a very important player and you’re gonna
be hearing more about that later that’s like a whole video in itself so I’m not
gonna get into it right now but anyway I wanted to point those out to you I’ll
leave the links down below so you can look over them yourself but there’s so
much more that’s going to come out and that’s just the preliminary as of this
moment I haven’t even been able to really look into everything because so
much news happen today so it’s such a good day lots and lots of good stuff
going on that’s why I’m doing shorter videos so here we go this one’s going to
go out and you can look at these different links see for yourself what’s
starting to come out and I will put more together later and probably have a
longer video tomorrow or maybe the next day just because I’m trying to gather as
much information as I can and not get caught up in some of the preliminary
stuff that really doesn’t have to do with what the heart of it is so anyway
that’s what I got for you tonight on this one thank you for stopping by and
I’ll see you all later you

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