Community Safety System Needs – Chief Heppel

By | October 20, 2019

so in the law-enforcement community we
see programs such as the community service officer that can go out and
manage those lower calls that maybe you don’t need a fully qualified police
officer to go out and manage and we’re gonna do the same type of thing on the
fire and emergency services side with a community response unit we actually have
experience in the past with dealing with alternative delivery models for
example in 2016 we added our basic life support program which augmented our
advanced life support program this allowed for a much less expensive
delivery model to provide care to folks that aren’t necessarily experienced in
acute medical emergency but still need transportation to the hospital we’ve
shown that program to be very successful not from only a cost delivery model but
also opportunities for folks to enter the fire service earlier in their life
and move up through our department as a career you

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