Community Development

By | October 21, 2019

>>Well, just skills, major develope skills in analytical research, statistics, quantitative. Well, for the Community Development major, students would go into community planning, urban development. So there’re different tracks in it. For example, they may get into housing and development. Typically some places that work in that field are community development corporations, CDCs. Some people go into work the city or the government, State government in planning. They also go into transportation, environmental land use, zoning and policy. And some may even want to pursue a legal career and look into zoning and policies. This is four year program. It’s an undergraduate and soon as we graduate, we’re Bachelors. And students in the beginning would take Concept of Community, understanding theory. And they would build the foundation skills to get to the point where they can actually thought to become working in the communities. There’ll be an internship working in places. And then beyond, once they graduate, they may choose a career in the field or they may want to go into graduate school and urban planning and development. Well, Professor Richard Hung. He is the person in charge of the Community Development major and he’d be excellent person to talk to.

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