Community Development Work at Centennial College

By | September 10, 2019

♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ [Rachel Larabee – Lead Faculty] The Community Development Work program is two years long, four semesters, and upon successful completion students will graduate with a diploma
in Community Development Work. Community development work is basically about
working with marginalized groups of people. Any of the barriers that someone might face
preventing them from having a thriving quality of life in the place where they live or the
communities that they enjoy, we work with those groups of people and help them to empower
themselves. [Justin Bradshaw – Student] I didn’t have everything growing up. I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I don’t want any of the kids, especially like,
kids my sons age to experience anything that we had to experience as kids. Right now I’m facilitating a program in my
community for teaching kids music. I wouldn’t have gotten that if I didn’t come
here. [Asma Ragne – Recent Graduate] I never knew what community development work
was and I think this program put it into perspective. We learn about community engagement, so we
learn about how to inspire and motivate individuals and how to get them involved in community
and social change. We learn about how to organize and mobilize
community members. [Justin Bradshaw – Student] What really speaks to me is, actually, our teachers. You can tell just by every session we do that
they’re actually really passionate about this stuff. So it has no choice but to resonate with you
because it resonates a lot with them. [Nahid Sharif – Alumni] I love people. So this program gives me that aspect of loving people and how you can actually contribute to the society in that aspect. After my graduation I got a job at the member
of parliament, Bill Blair’s office. Everyday I need to interact different issues,
different social issues. Like they have problem with pension, they
have problem with immigration, CRA tax filing, and try to resolve their issues. I’m really happy that I went to Centennial,
it put me on the right path for a great career! [Asma Ragne – Recent Graduate] Being in this program is very transformative, especially if you don’t see yourself as part of a community or you don’t really connect
to your community, it gives you a sense of community. It helps you connect with locals who are going
through barriers and challenges and helping them really gives you better understanding
of what community development work is. That’s why I chose a college experience. [Rachel Larabee – Lead Faculty] In their third semester students begin their
work placement. So that’s two days a week with on the job
real life experience. Then students finish in their fourth semester
with almost a full-time placement. So it’s four days a week. We have students working in the community
development office for the city of Toronto. We have students internationally going all
over the planet. We have students placed in Costa Rica, in
Ghana, in Bangladesh working on restorative justice, on grassroots community development
on engaging various human rights issues. Really skies the limit and we really support
our students in developing what their strengths are, where their areas of interest are and
who is a good partner or organization to make it happen. [END]

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