Christus vivit: sanctity is a young flower

By | November 19, 2019

Hello. I am Chiara van Voorst, from the Netherlands. And as you see it is very rainy here,
very typical weather. And sometimes I feel like my faith feels like this weather.
It feels rainy and grey. But, in Christus Vivit the Pope writes beautifully
about young sainthood. And, sometimes I forget that I am called to sainthood as well. Sometimes sainthood feels like something
so far away away and something which I cannot even reach.
But in Christus Vivit it really touches me how Pope Francis writes about how we as young people
are called to be saints. He gives me examples of beautiful saints. One of those beautiful examples is
Chiara Badano Luce. A young girl who loves life,
who loves hanging out with her friends. And she became a saint. And that is exactly how I want to live,
and how we can all live. Well, God bless!

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