Christopher Hitchens – Hitler, Fascism and the Catholic Church (English/Greek subs)

By | September 5, 2019

I can only summarize it now and I’ll do so as very tersely as I can. First: Fascism, the original 20th century totalitarian movement, is really, historically, another name for the political activity of the Catholic right-wing. There is no other name for it. “Francoism”, “Salazarism”, what happened in Croatia, in Austria, and so on. The church keeps trying to apologize for it and can’t apologize for it enough. It’s the Catholic right! Mussolini. You can’t quite say that about Hitler and National Socialism because that’s also based on Nordic and pagan blood myths, leader worship and so on, though Hitler never repudiated his membership of the Church, and prayers where said for him on his birthday, every year to the very end, on the orders of the Vatican. All of these facts are well known and the church still hasn’t found any way to apologize enough. And whatever it is, you can call that, you can’t call it secular. You *may* not call it secular. By the way, Joseph Goebbles *was* excommunicated from the Catholic church. 50% -according to Paul Johnson, the Catholic historian- of the Waffen SS were confessing Catholics. None of them was ever threatened with excommunication. Not even threatened for it -with it- for taking part of the Final Solution. But Joseph Goebbles *was* excommunicated, for… marrying a protestant! You see?! We DO have our STANDARDS!!!

4 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens – Hitler, Fascism and the Catholic Church (English/Greek subs)

  1. Andreas Z. Post author

    Πραγματικός διανοούμενος. Όχι ψευτοδιανοούμενος παρανοϊκός τύπου Ζίζεκ.

  2. victor webster Post author

    Ever wondered why Bill O'Rielly, Tony Abbott (Australia's PM-in-waiting), Mel Gibson, the late G K Chesterton ("his name was Doctor Gluck, And his nose it had a hook, And his features they were anything but Aryean") and others of that ilk are invariably devout Catholics? – if so, just watch this vid.

    For more info on this, google "catholicism and fascism: a brief retrospective" – a must read for those interested in the link.

  3. Conservos Post author

    At 00:59, he says that according to historian Paul Johnson, 50% of the Waffen SS were Catholic. This is a lie. Paul Johnson wrote in his book The History of Christianity that 22.7% of the SS were practicing Catholics at the end of 1938.
        Hitchens was a cultural Marxist, and could not be trusted to tell the truth about Fascism. He deliberately misquoted Paul Johnson on purpose many times. You can tell he was a liar by his mannerisms. I made a video about it.


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