Christianity declining in America at ‘rapid pace’

By | October 20, 2019

Hey, everybody, I’m Just A Dude and
thanks for spending your time with me here today today we’re gonna look at
this article from the blaze calm it came out about a day or two ago Christianity
declining in America at a rapid pace yeah well I think if you’re a Christian
you’re kind of already well aware of the fact that you know when we were kids
growing up there was a lot of people that had to go to Sunday School
catechism is all that kind of stuff any kid that you talked to now they don’t
even go to church they don’t know what church is for they don’t understand
church parents school they’re not introducing them to God to Christ what
it stands for why it’s important none of it is getting passed down to
younger generations let’s start the article Christianity in America is
declining at a rapid pace according to a startling new analysis from the Pew
Research Center the report found that the majority of Americans 65 percent
still described themselves as Christians though the proportion has significantly
fallen by 12 percentage points over the past decade Wow now we all know everyone
says they claim they’re you know Christians 65% of Americans claim this
great fantastic but are they actually acting like they’re Christians are they
you know acting out the Word of God are they following the rules of the Lord are
they learning his wisdom are they accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and
Savior really since seriously are they really doing this because evidence to
the contrary would say no it’s easy to say you are something it’s a whole other
thing to actually enact or to act on it let’s continue at the same time 26% of
Americans now call themselves atheists agnostics or no religion in particular a
collective group known as the nones up to 9 percentage points since up nine
percentage points since 2000 and nine so nine percent more people
since 2009 have now said very not affiliated with any kind of religious
organization or belief system whatsoever they’re atheists agnostics are no
religion in particular that’s a huge drop in ten years folks huge in the US
smaller share of adults identify as Christians all while religious knowns
have grown let’s see here so I think this one they said was done in 2009 and
the religious landscape studies was done in 2007 so we’re seventy eight percent
and seventy seven percent in ten years time seventy one percent for the
landscape one and down sixty five percent which is ten years to sixty five
percent Wow Wow
that’s insane that’s huge guys so what’s wrong what’s going on here is it the
school’s fault is that our parents fault is that the pastor’s fault I would say
it’s all the above I’ll be quite honest with you and here we have religious
unaffiliated increase it was 16 percent and 17 percent in 2007 and 2009 look at
this 2014 jumped up to 23 percent 2018 and nineteen twenty six percent that’s
startling that’s insane so there are those you know 10 11
percent of people who normally have said 10 years ago that they would have been
associated with a religious organization or call themselves Christians are now
gone so who’s responsible for this visitt individuals like I said is it
pastors preachers parents schools I’d say it’s all because everything that
our society and culture is trying to push God out of everything not
recognizing the value that it holds because of own because of people’s own
selfish ambitions and desires that’s basically what it comes down to
while a theist account for just 4% of all Americans their representation is
also up significantly from 2% in 2009 so it doubled in 10 years now you would say
that you know that’s not a big deal what’s the big number that’s huge for
America a judeo-christian country in which it was founded upon doubling the
amount of people who are atheists in 10 years time that’s huge it’s important to note that atheists
agnostics and unaffiliated are generally lumped into the nones category but the
largest cohort under the this umbrella are people who have simply said they are
nothing in particular so means they have no faith in anything whatsoever at all
this latter group is up 12% from 2009 to 17% in the latest Pew report here we go
folks Protestants and Catholics shrieking as a share of u.s. population
all subsets of nones are growing so the presbyterian church the protestant
church there’s a couple of denominations on a protestant and the catholic church
are all falling away and they’re actually being taken over by nothing in
particular right here so what is it ask yourself that question it’s easy to
point fingers it’s it’s easy to say it’s the parents it’s easy to say it’s the
school system it’s easy to say it’s our government it’s easy to say it’s our
pastors and our preachers is it those things is that a combination of all
those things what is it look Protestants 51% 2009 down to 43%
that’s a huge loss 51% down to 47% between 2007 and 14
Catholics 24% all the way down here 20% not as bad of a loss as far as people
will call themselves Catholic not as much as the Protestant so like I said
there’s the Protestants actually have a lot more denominations
their belt and here we have 23 percent to 21
nothing’s in particular from 12 to 16 percent which is what we set up on top
there and 12 percent to 17 percent of 5 percent difference wow that’s crazy guys
that’s the same one of the one of the reports most telling findings is a
massive generational gap on the religious allegiance front one that is
intensifying while eighty-four percent of respondents in the Silent Generation
aged 74 to 91 and 76 percent of baby boomers age 55 to 71 are Christians just
49 percent of Millennials aged 23 to 30 eight agree I am actually in the
Generation X area which they don’t actually have here but it’s down on the
graph large generation gap in American religion Silent Generation 84 percent
nice baby boomer 76 Generation X that’s my generation 67 percent Millennials 49
percent if you really look at these numbers here the biggest gap is
obviously between Generation X and Millennials which is always my theory
actually I always tell people I’m the last you know male generation of you
know John Wayne lovin Rambo coming commando kind of kind of guys
you’re just men were men understood what God stood for and you know all that kind
of stuff and now Millennials I don’t know what the world’s going on there is
a gap obviously 84 percent to 76 76 to 67 but look at 67 to 49 wow that’s huge
non-christian fates four six six nine nine affiliate 10 17 25 40 40 that’s
insane and this gives you an idea I’m not gonna go through this whole thing
but this graph right here it basically tells you who goes to church and who
doesn’t roughly but as you can see Millennials the drop from Millennials
look at 50% 35% 32% to 22% as just like the graph was showing above the the
biggest gap is from Generation X to the Millennials that’s huge but it’s not
only self-described affiliation that is changing church
attendance is also on the decline with more Americans 54% now saying they
attend religious services only a few times each year or less forty-five
percent said they attend at least monthly that’s true – we all know that
in u.s. church attendance is declining and here we go net monthly or more net a
few times a year or less times more or less and the monthly or more
going down that this whole grab this thing actually can get pretty
discouraged but it’s actually just the symptom of the times you want to know
how you know our politicians are getting worse how our society is getting worse
housing civility is going out the window how there’s no more compassion in this
world here’s your graph that shows you exactly
here’s the article that explains to you at least not explains to you exactly why
but is a representation of the big picture as to why it may be happening
this data is sure to ignite further discussions about the future of faith in
America one additional point worth noting is that self-described allegiance
to faith and actual actually living our faith in practice can be very different
dynamics exactly you can say your Christian out the wazoo but if you’re
not actually living a life like a Christian if you’re not praying to God
reading the Bible spending time with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ
then what are they actually doing what are you how do you describe yourself as
a Christian these things aren’t supposed to be options
this is an issue that is or that is certain to get more attention in the
coming years as cultural transformation forges on you got that right
the latest Pew report is based on 88 surveys of 160,000 890 American adults
over the past decade and you can read more of the report here it’s actually at
Pew Forum dot-org Wow guys this is something before I let you go I want to
actually read this Bible verse its hebrews chapter 10 verses 24 through 25
and it has to do with going to church and why a church is important and let us
consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds one of the
reasons why we don’t have compassion we’re not doing as many good deeds why
there’s not as much good you know of God’s Word being followed and chosen to
to be you know upheld in our court systems and around our world and in our
workplaces in our homes is because we’re not going you have a bad day you’re a
human being you need encouragement from people who get it you’re not getting
that it’s going to go away not giving up meeting together as some
are in the habit of doing it’s very easy to get out of the habit of meeting
fellow Christians and talking them and building each other up but encouraging
one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching that means Christ
coming back we need each other now people say well I like going to
Catholic Church I don’t like going to Presbyterian Church I like going to this
church – church I always feel judged this thing the other fine our church is
not a building right a church is you know it could be 1 2 3 4 5 people guess
what that’s a church folks if you have a couple of people who you know are
sincere about their faith we want to get to their get together you wanna do Bible
study you want to pray for each other that’s the church people aren’t even
doing that with their closest relatives or friends that’s the problem that’s a huge problem all right guys listen I appreciate this
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