Celebrating Excellence at the Ottawa Catholic School Board

By | September 5, 2019

Hello my name is Mary Donaghy
and tonight I am extremely proud to be the Superintendent of Special Education
and Student Services. The reason I am so proud is
we have this annual event called Celebrating Excellence
which is where we recognize the gifts of our exceptional students. All 81 of our schools recognizes and has
nominated one of their young people to receive this award. And the award is to recognize
a leader in each of our schools And this leader would receive
the services of the Special Education department in their school
and from the Board And it’s a very exciting evening and
family, friends, school staff, principals, vice-principals, teachers, educational assistants
all come to celebrate these young people. Yes, it’s very, you’re very proud?
Yes. Caitie works very hard on everything
that she does, and we’re really in good company up there.
Are you proud of yourself? Yeah!
Yeah, and everyone’s very proud of her. We strive not only for academic
excellence but also for the development of the whole person It’s a lovely opportunity to recognize
students from both the primary level and the high school level
and for their families to get a chance to publicly celebrate their child
and their accomplishments Well, my Mom, my Dad,
and everybody is here for me and I feel like I’m special to them. Whether it’s academic,
or a goal they’ve been working on, it’s a time to really reflect and look back
on how much they’ve grown, and for the students themselves
to see what a difference they make with their contributions,
and it’s a wonderful ceremony. At the school board, the Ottawa Catholic
School Board, our number one priority is student success. And that is success
for all students so regardless of who comes into our
doors, we want to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to
succeed to the best of their ability and this afternoon we’ll recognize
students who’ve come to us with a unique set of challenges but more
importantly they’ve risen to the call, they’ve met those challenges,
and they have been very successful, and will continue to be very successful.

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  1. Ted McDonald Post author

    Wonderful event and video capturing it!


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